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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: AkiraBaby88
Owner: Bk_Caramel_Delight
Breed: Ixi

About AkiraBaby88:

"Ixi Day is days away and the well-known, obedient, lovable, and of course focused Faerie Ixi named AkiraBaby88 is slaving away trying to think of a good way to present herself in front the Pet Spotlight judges. What an honor it is to be the chosen pet on a day dedicated to her species. Why don't we quietly sneak up on Akira and see the hard work she's putting into this. Ahhhlook at her in her nice warm bed sleeping away all peaceful and quiSLEEPING!!!! AKIRA WAKE UP!!!! I THOUGHT YOU WERE WORKING ON YOUR PET SPOTLIGHT PRESENTATION!!!"

"Hey you woke me from my sleep. And I already told you I don't want to enter that because chances are I'm not going to win. I already entered a long time ago and I didn't get it so I give up besides I'm too busy trying to set up a fashion show between me and my friends to be concerned with winning Pet Spotlight."


*The next day in front of the judges*

"I guess you guys are all wondering why I'm entering this thing and what my story is about. Well I'm sorry to disappoint you but I was forced to enter this "competition". Ya see it all started 2 weeks ago when my "mommy", Caramel, told me that ixi day was coming up and I should enter. I already knew ixi day was coming seeing as I'm an ixi and I had no intention of joining the festivities until yesterday when Caramel wakes me from my sleep and yells at me saying if I don't do well I don't get to do the one thing that makes me happy which is fashion. I don't really know what to say up here but seeing as the only way I'm going to enjoy this is if I speak about what I like I'll start with how my passion for fashion came about.

When I was younger and still lived in the forest with my red ixi family the majority of my time was spent with the daughter of a tailor. She never adopted me because her father didn't like neopets very much but she adored them. Every day I saw her she would bring me the best of food and also the finest linen and fabrics she could sneak away from her father. At times she would also bring me a piece of clothing all the trendy neopets were wearing at the time. She taught me everything about style and showed me many magazines filled with all sorts of fashion. The world she spoke about started to become my dream and I dreamt of one day getting to be part of that world. But one day tragedy striked and the little girl I grew to love was taken away from me because her father was recruited by a major modeling agency to make clothes for the models. She had to move instantly but her last words to me were to never forget the world I was shown by her.

Craving the world of fashion and missing my dear friend more than ever I moped all day watching my family be content with their lives. They knew nothing of the world beyond and at a yound age I decided to part with my family to pursue the life I dreamed of and hoping to find my beloved friend. I had never been out of the forest and once I got into the mainstream of Neopia I was flustered but I was a survivor on a mission and eventually found shelter in a nearby soup kitchen with a rather nice faerie. I asked her how I could get into the fashion world and she looked at me and smiled and told me to go to Neopets Fashion Inc. which was the largest neopet fashion industry in all Neopia. So off I went only to find that the fashion people were all stuck up and conceited. One of the heads told me that a young red ixi without an owner could never make it big and sent me on my way. I was devastated and saw an old magazine on the floor and looked through it and saw that most of the ixis like the guy said weren't of normal colors but were painted and belonged to somebody and were stunningly beautiful. I cried and wandered off and that's when I bumped into Caramel who was a little on the lonely side. We talked and shared each other's stories and decided not only were we made for each other but we could help each other out. She had no neopets but badly wanted one and I needed an owner to take care of me and help me make it in the fashion world.

Caramel also had a lot of fashion experience and knew a lot about the industry. She reminded me of my old friend and we quickly grew on each other. She bought me the latest styles and also inspired me to one day pursue my dream career as a neopet model and hopefully find my old friend. She even painted me faerie which is a great ixi modeling color just to help me along.

::HEAVY SIGH:: But that all changed now. Yes I'm still trying to find my old friend and pursue a fashion career but as time went on Caramel and I made friends and even additions to our family. Family life is stressful but fantastic and all the traveling I'd have to do for modeling would make me homesick. Now I'm just your average trendy faerie ixi doing local neopet fashion shows and helping neopets along with their fashion needs. All I ask now is to my fashion shows and Caramel is even threatening to take those away because I won't enter some "competition"::Sigh:: Things sure have changed."

*A teary eyed Neopet owner enters the stage*

"Akira I love you and I would never do what isn't best for you. I only told you to enter because I felt you needed the exposure to the world and I don't like when you give up. When you didn't win the Spotlight the first time you were soooo disappointed and just gave up. I took this as an opportunity to get you back in it because you're not a quitter. You're an amazing neopet and you need to show the world if you wish to ever accomplish anything.

Judges, audience members, and everyone elsethis is Akira and she deserves to win because she is a hard worker and an inspiration to many especially to me. Oh and Akira you made me proud today and I know you will continue to do so."

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