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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Indairu
Owner: Triple_h137
Breed: Aisha

About Indairu:

Under the spotlight in Neopia's Arts and Literature Theater, a graceful, solitary figure in black and white entranced thousands of pets with her silent eloquence. She is a Skunk Aisha that, for some inexplicable reason doesn't talk. (Oh, she's not mute by the way. She can talk offstage.) On the stage, she grins; she grimaces, she ducks under imaginary tables and feigns exaggerated horror at imagined Monoceraptor... She had (the) audience laughing, sighing and crying, cheering at the close, while she creates entire worlds with the shake of a tail or the stretch of a paw, with a stare or a smile and captivating the audiences with her astounding mime performances.

Dressed in an oversized striped sailors shirt, Indairu's face was a thick mask of white pancake makeup and charcoal-lined eyes. She prances about under spotlights, with thousands of eyes fixed upon her, and only her. It was truly a one-man (or Aisha) show. Her impeccable wickedly weird and original sense of humor tickled everyone's funny bone. From an early age, the theater seemed Indairu's destiny. Created as a Yellow Lupe and cruelly abandoned in the Meridell Rubbish Dump, she was picked up by a lively traveling circus troupe with acrobats, clowns, magicians, and more. By the level of 2, Indairu was already entertaining her circus friends with her comic talent. "I discovered I could make people laugh and cry without speaking," says Indairu, during an exclusive interview with The Neopian Times.

And yet, despite her talents, Indairu seems fated to swim against the current. Not everyone likes or understands the art of mime. In fact, when she first played at Neopia Central's Disney Theatre, Indairu was not well received by the crowds and was even booed off the stage. Then there's the irrefutable conflict between the Lupes and Chias, which didn't help to salvage her popularity either. (In case you didn't know, Lupes and Chias don't get along well) On the second night of performance, a pack of Lupe-despising Chias brandishing Chia Skunk Tails boycotted the show and Indairu spent two weeks of constant showers to rid the offensive odor off her Lupe furs. Needless to say, her career was put on hold indefinitely after that.

Despite the desperate times, Indairu continued entertaining fantasies of a future in the theater. "I wanted to be a star," she insists, with the unmistakably glint in her eyes as I interviewed her. You could see it on her face as she talks about her life on the stage. The smile said it all. Mime was her first love.

"Indairu is so upbeat, so positive, and that trickles down. She is not one to give up her dreams easily," says her long time circus troupe friend, Lyesin who is also a professional torch juggling and fire spitting Mutant Aisha.

So positive in fact, that the spunky undeterred pet took up a head-to-toe makeover and gamely invested in a full set of Secret Laboratory Maps. She spent 3 months undergoing tedious Lab Ray trainings, which turned her from a Yellow Lupe into a Yellow Aisha, then Christmas color before finally settling for Skunk, which ironically was what caused her to fall from grace in the first place. "Lupes might have a long standing feud with Chias. But definitely not Aishas." She replied simply when asked about her new specie choice. "Besides, having an extra pair of ears helps me to perform better..." *giggles*

With a new look and determined to win over the audience this time, she stepped up onto the theater stage once again. It was a huge success that night and catapulted her to fame instantly. The audience roared their approval and the performance earned a standing ovation. The rest was history.

With that, we also sum up our interview with Neopia's very own Pantomimist Aisha. "Thank you for taking the time to grant this special interview, Indairu. We hope your next performance is a success as well." I extended a paw shake to her before she was being whisked off for another performance elsewhere.

"Do you have any words to share with our readers before you go off?"

Indairu gazed at me and smiled, 'Always remember that the key to success in life is to focus on a positive outcome..." And with a mischievous wink, she bows and saunters out of the room.

The end.

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