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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Darcy270
Owner: jarmad270
Breed: Kau

About Darcy270:

A girl pulls a spotted Kau wearing a cowboy hat into view. The Kauboy tries to resist, complaining all the way and still managing to keep a long stem of grass in his mouth.

"Aw, no, I'm not interested in no city-slickin' competition - the only competition I like is one to find gold!" The Kaus eyes take on a distant gleam at the word 'gold'.

"You're on!" The girl says quickly, smiling to herself. She quickly walks out of view.

The Kau awkwardly faces you, tilting his hat down so as not to show embarrassment.

"Aw shucks. I dunno.." He coughs nervously. "Well, alright...

"My names Darcy270. I don't like the digits thought, sounds too modern. Just call me Darcy, or Darc'. I'm what you city-slickin' folks call a 'Kauboy'... except I don't round up Kaus. Mainly because I am a Kau.

No, what I specialise in - there, I used a fancy long city word, specialise - is GOLD. That beautiful shiny metal. I love it - can't get enough of it." Darcy pauses, seemingly unused to talking so much.

"Now, I'm not a Kau of words... believe me, I'd say less than this in a week - "

From out of view the girl laughs, "It's true! He communicates through grunts!"

" - but I'm goin' to tell ya a story, and it's all to do with GOLD," Darcy continues, ignoring the girl - his owner, jarmad270.

"When I was young, and just getting used to me cowboy hat, I saw me first gold nugget. Ol' Samuel the Smelly found it - he went off after that to live in some fancy place in Neopia central, but out of habit still said he didn't have enough money for deodorent. But while he still lived with us, he let us all see it - and I loved it! I loved it's smooth, cold surface, it's shininess, it's value... that's when I vowed to be a gold hunter one day. 'Course everyone told me I was bonkers.

When I grew up, I couldn't wait to get started. But the problem was, I didn't know where to start... I scavenged around abandoned gold mines, old gold sites, even round the back of the jewellers, but I never found anythin'.

Until one day...

I was walking along, thinking glorious thoughts about gold, when CRASH! I fell right through the ground!

I think I'd stepped on an old hole, see. When the dust cleared, I found myself in an old mine shaft, with cobwebs hanging low from the ceiling and very stuffy air.

At first I was a little dazed - I'd fell on my head see. At least I didn't fall on my back - you know us Kaus can't get back up if that happens. But I soon realised something - it was an old GOLD mine! I'd thought I'd visited them all, but this one had caved in a long time ago.

I only had one thought in my mind - gold! I didn't think about the dangers. I mean, I'd been in plenty of old mines before and nothing happened.

I explored the mine for hours, looking everywhere for a glimpse of shiny, golden metal, when I decided I'd better go home and get meself some real gold-findin equipment. I started off - then realised I was lost!

It was real pitch black down there, and I would have loved a torch. I started yelling for help, but obviously no one head. I felt my way along the tunnel, when my hoof rested on something cold and smooth... I lifted it up, closer to my eyes... and guess what I saw? Yep, gold!

The tunnel was filled with it! I picked up as much as I could, and then started to run to find my way through the mine maze, when I hit something hard - a pole used to keep the roof from fallin'!

Immediately my surroundings started rumbling, and small boulders fell from the walls and ceiling! Luckily I have a thick enough skull to withstand such beatings. I started to try and run again, but the gold was weighing me down. This was one thing I would never believe I would do - I let half of it go!

That's when I saw a beam of light. I raced to the exit (the hole where I fell through) and was preparing for a giant leap up onto land, when suddenly I felt a burst of pain up my right foreleg. I let the gold go out of reflex, and it went flying everywhere, and my leg was stuck under a pole. But I wasn't going to leave without some gold. I could easily have wriggled out, but I needed to reach the shiny gold nugget just in front of me.

The cave started rumbling so bad though I knew I wouldn't make it in time. I had to make my decision... gold a risk being crushed, or escape without any injuries at all... but while I was considering this, the trembling a rumbling became so strong, I knew what my decision was. Luckily I managed to wrench myself free and leap out of the mine just in time - there was mighty wreck." Darcy finishes, seeming thankful that he could stop talking soon.

"And that's pretty much all there is," He says after a deep breath, his eyes glittering.

As he strolls away, you can't help but notice something shiny, with a faint golden colour, concealed under his hat...

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