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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: MyLilBabyJoel
Owner: spongebobdude1
Breed: Poogle

About MyLilBabyJoel:

"This path is never ending! Why won't it stop?" cried Joel, extremely frustrated. "I'm never going to find a petpet if it gets too dark! And if I'm out too late, I'll be in so much trouble!"

Joel, the red poogle, had been looking for just the right petpet since the day after Christmas. How she wanted a beautiful Ona, or a noble Gallion; but for some reason, neither one would ever show up when she went looking. She wondered if there were such pets in Neopia. But of course there had to be, many of the pets she knew had them.

"It's not fair!" exclaimed Joel to herself, "Sure, Benj can have a petpet, and so can Kioki and Dragonfly. But no, not me! Why?"

As her search continued, she had stumbled upon a small pine tree, which had reminded her of the wonderful Christmas she had had.

"Well, I don't think this small tree will mind if I just sit down and rest for a little while." Joel managed to yawn out.

A few minutes later, the sun was almost out of sight as Joel opened her eyes. She had looked at the dirt path she was walking on, and then she turned around and looked at the small tree. It was covered with snow! The only conclusion that Joel could come to was that it had snowed while she was resting, and she was in a deep enough sleep that it did not wake her. She stretched out and got up to venture on her journey home. Just as she got to her feet, she saw a rock. But not just any old rock, a big black and grey rock tied with a bright red ribbon tied around it. Joel went over to it in amazement.

"Was that there before I took a nap?" thought Joel, baffled at the moment. She tiptoed over to the rock very quietly. When she was right behind it, she tripped and screamed. The rock started to shake.

"Hello? Can you hear me?" whispered Joel, still on the ground.
The rock shook harder.
"Are you a no, you couldn't be. By any chance are you no, never mind. Say, are you a petpet?" Joel stuttered out.
The rock stopped shaking. It bounced and landed with a thud. Joel guessed it was some sort of way to say yes in, well, rock language.

"Are you, a Christmas present? No, wait! You're painted Christmas! Could I possibly um by any chance Could I take you home and keep you as a pet? PLEASE?! We'd have so much-" she stopped.
The rock started to shake harder than ever.
"Fun?" she squeaked in terror.
It had felt like an earthquake to Joel, being that she was standing right next to the rock. Then the shaking stopped. The rock bounced up onto Joel's tiny back. Joel smiled as she started to walk. "What should I name you? Hmmm How about Stone? No Jingle! No Roy? I know! I'll name you Wumpy!" Joel thought out. Just as she and Wumpy turned around a corner in the trail, she was relieved to she her older sister Benji, and her Baby Blu, Cash.

"We were so worried! Where have you been all of this time?" exclaimed Benji.
"Well, you see, I was on my daily search for a petpet when I found this new trail. I was walking and I got really tired so I-" she stopped, and then continued. "Long story short Benj, I found a petpet and my search is over."
"Oh really? Well, we can talk more about this when we get home. Speaking of home, are you ready to go?" questioned Benji.
"Yeah. I am. And so is Wumpy." said Joel proudly.
"Ok! Let's go! Wait what kind of name is 'Wumpy'?" Benji blurted out.
"I'll tell you all about it when we get home sis, when we get home," said Joel with a small chuckle.

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