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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: gahennas_gatekeeper
Owner: magikfoxzero
Breed: Blumaroo

About gahennas_gatekeeper:

One day Gahenna, a red blumaroo, was hopping down a path in one of Roo Island's forests with a empty bag on his back that he used for collecting various rocks and gems. The air was nice and crisp and there was a cool breeze flowing through the trees and their leaves. "What a nice day it is today!" he said. As he bounced along some more he noticed a magician that was unconscious with various potion bottles broken around him with their contents seeping out onto the ground. "Oh dear, this can't be good." Gahenna said as he looked around. "Hmmm, I guess I should try to find a safe place for this fella before somfin else happens." he thought to himself. Gahenna put all of the potions that were still intact into his bag and tied it around his wrist then picked up the small magician and took him to a small hut that he lived in.

A few hours later the magician awoke with the question, "Where am I?" Gahenna replied, "You're in my home. I found you unconscious in the forest. I salvaged all the potions I could." He handed the bag to the magician and said, "I assume these are yours." The magician looked into the bag and began to nod his head. "Yes, these are mine. Thank you for picking them up for me, but I noticed some are missing. Were they broken when you found me?" the magician asked. "Yeah, they were. Ummm, what happened exactly and who are you?" Gahenna asked. "Well my name is Magik. I was attacked by the pant devil, but I didn't want to give up my potions to him so I tried to fight back. I'm afraid he took my one and only Kauvara's Potion." The magician answered. "So, Magik... Want any help getting some of your potions back?" Gahenna asked. "Yes I would, but how would we go about doing that." Magik asked. "Well, we can't get the exact potions back, but I can help you make them if you wish." Gahenna answered with a sparkle in his eye. "That would be very much appreciated." Magik said looking in the bag of potions that Gahenna saved. "It's nothing and its something I like to do. Here take this." Gahenna said handing Magik a Tagobo Potion from a shelf on the wall. "Thank you very much! So are you wanting to be my pet as well?" Magik asked. "Sure, why not?" Gahenna answered looking though a box almost falling in. "Then here let me mark you." Magik said and pulled Gahenna out of the box. He then took his staff and raised it. A colorful light was emitted and a skull mark was left on Gahenna's stomach. "Oooo! I like it." Gahenna said smiling and emptying the contents of the box into another bag. "Well gather your things and we will go to my home." Magik said. "Already did that." Gahenna said laughing.

When they arrived at Magik's house Gahenna noticed that there were hundreds of potions of various shelves around the place. The house was filled with Nova furniture. Even though the house had a dark and creepy mood on the outside, it was very pleasant on the inside. "First I will need to teach you how to make some potions..." Magik said as he placed the potions from the bag onto empty places on the shelves. "It's not really all that hard. All you have to do is find the ingredients and mix them together. The ingredients can be hard to find at times though." He continued. "Yeah, I figured." Gahenna said while playing with one of the Nova Lamps that lit the room. "Please don't break those, they cost a lot." Magik said as he glanced at Gahenna. "Okay, now let's go mix some potions." Magik said as he placed the last potion from the bag on the shelf.

From then on Gahenna was taught how to make various potions. Every now and then someone would want to buy one but not many because of the competition from Kauvara's Shop. Even if not many were sold, both of them were happy from that day on.

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