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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Zavaboy
Owner: Cassieleigh4242
Breed: Mynci

About Zavaboy:

I live in a tree.
Now many people say, "Why would you ever want to live in a tree?"
Well I'll tell you all how my mynci, Zavaboy, and I came to live in a tree...

Zavaboy was hopping impatiently from one foot to another.
"Come on Mom! We're going to be late!"
I looked at him amused. Don't you want to make sure that your brothers are going to be ok while we are gone?,"
I said as I took out my neopoints to pay the receptionist of the Neolodge.
Zavaboy watched as the bellboy lead his three brothers up to their room. They were all fighting with each other.
"Zavaboy!" I gave him a accusing look.
Zavaboy shuffles his feet and looked ashamed, "Sorry Mom, I just want to go. I need this vacation!"
"All right, off we go."
I thanked the receptionist and leave for the harbor. There is a little red boat waiting for us, piloted by a gruff Jetsam sailor.
"Sit down and don't move!" the jetsam yelled as the excited mynci rocks the boat with his jumping around.
Finally 4 hours later we arrive at the harbor of Mystery Island

I was very tired after our journey but Zavaboy wanted to see everything right away! I finally agreed to go see a few places. We stood at the foot of Techo Mountain and whispered to each other about the caves and secrets and the wonderful fire faerie inside the mountain, then we went and visited the Trading post and watched the busy bustle as Jhudiah helped everyone with their trades. Finally we decided to go back to our hut, but on the way we passed the Tropical Food hut.
"Mom! I'm hungry! Let's get something to eat here," Zavaboy said as he pulled me towards the entrance.
We went inside and were greeted by an excited techo all dressed up in native garb and holding a huge jar.
"Heelllo! What can I do for you?" said the strange Techo.
Apparently, Zavaboy's curiosity was more important then his hunger, because he blurted out, "What is in that Jar?"
The Techo smiled and motioned to his almost empty shelves, "My stock of fruit is running very low so I am going to plant the seeds that are in this jar so I can grow more tropical fruit. I am going to plant them now. Do you want to help?"
"Oh yes!", Exclaimed the excited mynci.
We all went outside behind the shop.
"Be careful of all the cracks," said the cautious Techo, "Sometimes we have earthquakes that leave big cracks in the land."
We finally arrived to the place where the future fruit tree grove would be.
The Techo handed Zavaboy the jar of seeds and picked up a shovel, "Here, hold this while I dig some holes to plant the seeds in."
Zavaboy carefully held the jar as the tropical shopkeeper dig.
"Bring the jar over now," says the techo.
The excited Zavaboy started to run to the techo but suddenly he tripped!
I gasped as I watched all the seeds in the jar fall down into one of the deep cracks in the ground.
"NOOOOOOO!", screamed the upset shopkeeper.

We finally get to bed after much apologizing and tears. I was sad that the trip Zavaboy has so looked forward to, had turned out so badly. He would be spending the rest of his vacation working for the techo to try to repay for the seeds.
The next morning we woke up early so Zavaboy could start working off his debt.
Zavaboy looked out the window, "Sigh...even the sun is sad. It isn't as bright outside as it was yesterday."
That puzzled me, since there are never clouds over Mystery Island. I went outside to take a look.
"Zavaboy come see!", I yelled at the top of my lungs.
Zavaboy came outside and gasped, "What is that!"
We both look in awe at a gigantic tree that was so tall it even blocked the sun.
Zavaboy and I ran as fast as we could to the spot behind the tropical food hut and we saw all the Mystery Island dwellers there looking at the amazing tree. On every branch were huge amounts of fruit and every branch had a different type of fruit.
We both watched as a handsome Kougra stepped in front of the tree and raised his paws.
"As ruler of Mystery Island I want to thank the Fire Faerie of the volcano for blessing us with this wonderful fruit tree so that nobody on the island will ever go hungry!"
The crowd cheered at his words and leaned forward in anticipation as the Kougra reached for a delicious looking chokato. Everyone gasped in surprise as the tree branch rose so that he couldn't reach the fruit.
"Let me try!" said the Techo shopkeeper as he strode towards the tree. He hurriedly jumped on the tree trunk and started climbing but with a tremendous shudder and shake, the tree shook the Techo off.
Everyone in the huge crowd tried to get a piece of fruit but nobody could get a single piece.

I felt a tug on my shirt.
"Mom, can I try?" said Zavaboy hopefully.
"I don't see why not,"I shrugged.
The Techo looked at Zavaboy skeptically as the little Mynci made his way towards the giant tree.
"Hmmmph. None of us could get any fruit, why would you?"
Zavaboy approached the tree and put his paw on the trunk.
Suddenly all the branches lowered so that he could reach the fruit!
Zavaboy picked a huge Zeenana and looked at it in amazement. Then he started to pick fruit and hand it to all the waiting pets.
The Kougra hurried towards Zavaboy, "This is amazing! Something connects that tree to you!"
Zavaboy beamed.
"Will you stay and watch over the tree for us and supply the whole island with the wonderful fruit?" asked the excited Kougra.
Zavaboy looked up at me hopefully.
"sigh...ok,"I said as Zavaboy grinned and ran over to climb up the tree,"I think your brothers will enjoy living on the island too."
"But where will we live?"
Zavaboy poked his head out of the tree, "In the tree of course!"

And that is how I came to live in a tree.

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