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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: DriftingDarkness
Owner: flowerybabee
Breed: Draik

About DriftingDarkness:

In a dark cave deep within the Haunted Woods, a young, red-headed girl is poking buttons on a camcorder.

"WHICH ONE TURNS THE BLASTED THING ON?!" she yells out. A young ghost draik puts down his book on Fyora and walks over to the girl.

"That one," he said, casually. He looked at himself in the small, cracked mirror and then peered out of the mouth of the cave. "We better hurry," he said, looking at the dark cloud formations. "It looks like it is going to rain soon."

"No problem, a bit of wind flickering the candle and some deafening thunder would be great!" said the girl, who was now trying to figure out how to zoom.

"Someone who knew how to use the camcorder would be great too," the draik grumbled, going back to his book.

"Oh shut up," she said, pushing her hair out of her face. She picked up the camcorder and motioned towards the dark nova chair in the corner. "Sit," she said, uncapping the lense. The draik walked over to the chair and plopped down, carefully placing his tail on the arm of the chair.

"Ooh, should Blueblee be in this too?" asked the draik, gesturing to the sleeping Goulblee lying in the corner.

"Fine," the girl sighed, rolling her eyes. She put down the camcorder and picked up Blueblee and stuck him on the draik's tail. "Are you ready yet?" she said, picking up the camcorder.

"Yep!" the draik said, smiling.

"One...two...THREE!" the girl said, turning on the camcorder.

"Hello, I am DriftingDarkness, a ghost draik. Videotaping me is my wonderful owner, Flaura. This is Blueblee, my blue goulblee. My aunt painted him blue for me." DriftingDarkness put Blueblee on the ground and stood up. "I was once a red ixi," he said, looking at the ground. He began pacing back and forth. "Laura kept on trying to get me a ghost draik transmogrification potion but all of these people kept scamming her. She finally found one and (painfully) spent 370000 neopoints on it." DriftingDarkness looked up at the ceiling and clapped his hands together. "I was so happy when she brought it home to me! I quickly gulped it up and watched myself change. It didn't taste to good, now that I think about it." DriftingDarkness shook his head and sat back down in his chair.

"Anyway, watching my red fur fall off and seeing pale blue "flesh" appearing was so cool! I stood up and watched my hooves break apart and saw yellow claws appear. The skin on my back stretched and I looked behind me and saw two wings. I felt my eyes widen and my snout get longer and wider. With one final shudder my skin went transparent and I ran over to the mirror to look at myself."

"WAIT! You're a ghost and ghosts aren't supposed to see themselves in mirrors!" Laura said indignantly.

"Oh please," the draik scoffed at his owner. "You actually BELIEVE that?" he said, rolling his red eyes.

"Well, it is what everyone says..." she grumbled, focusing in on the draik.

"If everyone said to jump off a bridge, would you?" he said, rolling his eyes again.

"LISTEN MR. SMARTY-PANTS, UNLESS YOU WANNA BE A RED IXI AGAIN YOU BETTER SHUT YOUR-" the girl looked at the camcorder lying on the ground, its lense staring right up at her. "Heh heh," she giggled nervously while flattening her hair with her hands. "Um, hi!" she said, grinning sheepishly.

"Ah-EM," the draik said, looking at his [pathetic] owner. The girl looked at the draik and then back at the camcorder.

Making a slight pointing gesture she says, "Imma leave now..." and runs to the other side of the camera. She quickly picked it up and put it to face, trying to focus on the draik. "Hey, where'd ya go?" she asked, looking each way. She heard a stifled giggle and then with a look of horror pulled the camera away from her face.

"That's my owner, Laura!" the draik called out, laughing hysterically. The girl glared at the draik and looked at the camera.

"The end!" she said, with a painful smile on her face. She threw the camera down and stormed over to the draik....

The TV clicked off and the scorchio holding the remote looked at the judges. A skeith looked over at the scorchio and said, "I think we have a winner!"

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