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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: wattooneo
Owner: negrek
Breed: Buzz

About wattooneo:

As you are walking casually through Neopia Central, you notice a very odd sight. A green buzz is hiding behind the Giving Tree, peering out from her hiding place to survey the passing Neopians. She wears a Buzz Blaster in a holster strapped around her waist, and she is holding something in her left hand that you can't quite make out. Beside her is a large, overfilled duffel bag. A warf is rooting through bag, only his hindquarters and tail visible as he digs through the contents. Apparently, he discovers what he is searching for, because he resurfaces with a pair of objects clasped in his front paws. He turns and places them on the ground, and then straightens the Viking helmet that he is wearing. Intrigued, you approach the pair and yell out a greeting.

"Hello, there," you call to the buzz, who whips around and draws her buzz blaster with a snarl. The warf also turns and growls at you menacingly.

"Um...good day to you..." you finish uncertainly. The buzz, taking a good look at you, relaxes and returns her Blaster to its holster.

"Just a civilian," she mutters to the warf, who relaxes visibly and dives back into the duffel bag. The buzz turns to address you. "Yes...good day, indeed. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm rather busy now..."

Curious, you press on. "What are you doing?"

The buzz stares at you as though you're crazy. "What do you think I'm doing," she asks, indicating the overflowing duffel bag. As you just stand there dumbly, she sighs and explains. "I'm playing Random Event." As you still don't seem to understand the concept, she rolls her eyes and clarifies. "It's where you pretend to give random events to people. Now, if you'll excuse me, I think that I see a prime vic--er, candidate coming this way." The warf pops back out of the bag and tosses a pair of spears to the ground on top of the objects it pulled out before. They are apparently quite functional, with sharp tips and ceremonial tassels, probably genuinely from Mystery Island. The buzz, who is again eagerly staring out at the passing crowds, doesn't notice. "Okay, Rocks, here it comes. What'll it be this time?" she whispers without even turning around to face the Warf. The warf walks up beside her and holds up one of the objects that it first pulled out of the duffel bag. It is an Official Coconut Mask. The buzz giggles madly and slips it on over her head. The warf passes her a spear as well before donning a mask himself. The buzz raises the object that she has been holding in her hand, and you can now see that it is a megaphone. She seems to have forgotten that you are there. Her eyes are trained on a red Kacheek, humming merrily as she strolls past the Giving Tree. Once she is passing directly in front of the buzz's hiding place, the buzz speaks over the megaphone in a false announcer voice. "Something has happened!" She booms importantly. The Kacheek freezes and stares up at the sky expectantly, under the impression that she has been singled out to receive a rare random event from the powerful and mysterious neopets staff. The buzz continues. "You hear mysterious chanting not so far away." She throws down the megaphone and leaps out from behind the tree, the warf at her heels. The two dance wildly in a circle around the perplexed Kacheek, chanting wildly.

"Oom-wah-dah-nah, Oom-wah-dah-nah..." They dance more and more rapidly around the very nervous neopet, their chant crescendoing to a roar.

"OOM-WAH-DAH-NAH, OOM-WAH-DAH-NAH, OOM-WAH-DAH-NAH-OOM!!!" With the final "Oom", they stop and bow to the Kacheek, and then regally disappear back behind the tree. The stunned Kacheek simply stands and stares at the place where the two disappeared, then shakes her head as if to clear it and makes off very quickly in the other direction.

Behind the tree, the buzz and warf remove the masks and dissolve into a gale of laughter. The buzz pounds the tree beside her, tears streaming down her face, and the warf rolls about on the ground. After calming down sufficiently, the buzz begins to wipe tears from her face and, still breaking out into random giggles, addresses the warf. "Hee hee...did you see her face? Oh, that was a good one!" The warf laughs again and they relapse into a fit of hilarity. Their merriment is short-lived, however.

"Wattooneo! There you are!" An angry voice shouts. The buzz turns to see an irate owner stalking in her direction, followed closely by a green scorchio. She storms right up to the buzz and glares down at her. "What did I tell you about playing Random Event?!"

The buzz pastes a look of innocence on her face. "Gosh, you know, I can't seem to remember..."

The owner is apparently too outraged to reply, so the scorchio chimes in dryly. "Apparently, you dropped this," she holds out a codestone that she was carrying, "back there. Someone happened to find it "lying on the ground" and was about to go off to the training school." Turning to you, she holds it out for inspection. "It's made out of clay," she explains, "you can tell that it's fake because it doesn't shake like real codestones." The buzz seems to notice you for the first time.

"Are you still here?" she asks.

"The Techo master warned you what would happen if he got another one of these as payment" the scorchio reminded her, obviously not done with her scolding. The buzz just brushed the warning off.

"Eh, I just train over there at Krawk Island. Me and Captain Threelegs, we're real chums."

"Not since you gave that leg of his a termite infestation," the scorchio mutters, but doesn't press the issue. The owner has collected herself sufficiently to launch into her tirade.

"You remember perfectly well what I told you about Random Event! I said that you were never, ever to play it again. Do you know how much trouble I got into after you started throwing those snowballs at people last time?"

"What's the big deal? The neopets staff is always chucking them at people!" the buzz cries indignantly.

"Those are snowballs that you can use in the battledome," the her owner points out, "and they aren't filled with Noxious Nectar. You remember that one Uni you hit? He spent a week trying to get the smell out of his hair..."

"We'd better get moving, mum," the scorchio interjects, glancing at the sun nervously.

"Oh, that's right!" The owner whacks herself on the head. "Wattoo, I told you to be extra good today! You're in the Pet Spotlight contest, remember?" You drift away as the trio continue to argue, the warf sitting nearby and watching the crowds with a practiced eye. No one appears to notice your departure. As you walk away, you laugh to yourself. A pet like that win Pet Spotlight? Hah!

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