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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: _Vardaephel_
Owner: xan_and_tawanii
Breed: Kougra

About _Vardaephel_:

presented by _Ember__
The spotlight council waits, their uneasy silence hanging over the room like a winter fog. The applicant was late. 10 minutes and 43 seconds late, to be exact. Such an occurance was unusual; it was considered the highest honor among neopets to even be considered for a pet spotlight, and such an honor was never ever taken lightly. Just as the group was about to disband for the evening (they all had things to do, you see. Christmas was on its way and everybody had halls to deck and chestnuts to roast) a massive fire kougra squeezed his way through the doors and grabbed onto the microphone onstage for dear life, gasping for air.

"Ladies and gentlemen!" He shouts, announcing his presence. The council turns back around, annoyed, and deposits themselves in their chairs once again. "I'm terribly sorry to keep you waiting, but I couldn't pry myself away from my friend, Vardae," He holds up a portrait of a little chubby black kougra with a mischevious grin and a green wadjet wrapped around his neck for the crowd to see. "He's actually who I'm here to speak to you about today."

A slight murmur arises from the audience. The kougra can be seen shuffling notecards around in his large paws. This is not a good public speaker, here.

"Okay. I'm Ember, and I've got this friend. Vardaephel. He's a great guy, and he's always, always been there for me. And seeing as it's the Christmas season, I thought I'd nominate him for an honor he really deserves. See, I've racked myself for a gift that would really truly express how I feel about this guy, and this was the only thing I could come up with. So here's why I think my buddy, Vardae, deserves the highest honor a neopet can receive."

"So I'm not the easiest guy to get along with, as any one of my friends (or enemies) could tell you. I'm kind of oblivious sometimes...or so I'm told...and honestly, I've got an ego the size of this room. But Vardae, he's put up with that. He's my oldest friend, and he's stuck with me through everything. But that's not all. He's also the most selfless, supportive kougra you could ever meet. Why, right now, he's probably out working the soup kitchen or handing out some of his precious Von Kougra plushies to pets who probably wouldn't get anything this Christmas. Yeah, I know they might be kind of freaked by a Von Kougra, but it's the thought that counts, really.

He's got the purest heart of anybody I've ever met; he'll be a friend to those who don't have any others. And he takes care of his family and friends like only the noblest of kougras can. He even gave his greatest treasure in the world, a wadjet named Nepharato, to his little sister when she didn't have a petpet. He named his new wadjet, the one in the picture, Nephi II to commemorate his first.

When I met Vardae (cliff jumping, you know) I never suspected what a wonderful and lasting friendship we would forge. So here's to the bestest buddy a guy could ever have. And with all the wonderful, honorable pets you all commemorate here, I think that Vardae should have a place amongst them. He might not be a superhero (Well, besides the Vulk, but that's another story entirely) and he might not have rescued a princess. But if this is an award for outstanding neopets, well, he might not look much different from any other kougra out there, but what really counts is in here." He points to his heart. "I thank you all for listening, and I hope...I hope that you see my friend worthy in title as a champion among neopets. He already is in my mind. Thank you again." Ember bows, exiting the stage with a wave to the judges and considerable strain squeezing through the doorframe, hoping that his one holiday wish would come through. Awed by the power of the holidays to make pets selfless, the audience sits, deliberating.

Vardae Vardae Vardae,
The kougra man supreme,
He's super fun n' chubby n'
All the girl-kougrinas deem
He's the fuzzy chubby funfun buddy,
The coolest cat around!

So let's hear it for friend Vardaephel
He's black and round and cool,
He'll eat or dance or walk n' prance
Or cliff dive in the pool!

Vardaephel, Vardaephel,
You're my best buddy koug!

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