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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Equuata
Owner: agent_vela
Breed: Peophin

About Equuata:

Equuata has just undergone a huge change recently. For most of her life in neopia, she was a faerie. Just recently she's decided to go...well, in a little different direction :).

Equuata looked in the mirror at her faerie self. "This...just isn't me." she said to her purple reflection. As she stared at herself, the bored frown on her face slowly became a sly grin. She and her pet leeble, Chaquita, then 'secretly borrowed' a large sum of np from Vela and swam down to the local market. They searched everywhere for what Equuata had in mind, but to no avail until, finally, as she was cutting her way down a dark alley, a mysterious salesman came out of the darkness. He was a scraggaly looking gray krawk with one eye that didn't really look in the same direction as the other. "Looking for sssomething?" he question them. Equuata was stunned at first, but then seeing how ragged he was and how easily she could defend herself if she needed to, turned and listened. "I have many trinketsss...perhapss you like thisss?" He pulled a small object out of his coat. But it was just a fish...on a stick... Equuata uneasily shook her head no. "No? Maybe thiss..." He showed her a pen that looked as if it had been run over by an elephante several times. Equuata now unimpressed and unamused said, "I don't think you have wha--"

"Ahh.." the unkempt krawk cut her off, "maybe you'd like thiss then...?" He took out a old wooden paintbrush from his tattered coat. Equuata cocked her head to one side and squinted to see what it was. As she looked, a small yellow glint flashed on the end of the paintbrush handle. Instantly Equuata knew what this was: a pirate paintbrush. She lunged for it, but then caught herself. "Ahhh, I ssee it sstrikess your fancy?" the krawk said. Equuata quickly looked up at the krawk then back at the paintbrush.

"Y-yes! YES! I-I'll take it!" she exclaimed.
"Now, letss disscusss the subject of paymen--" Equuata shoved all her np at him.
"Herehere! Take it! J-just...take it all!" Equuata was ecstatic as the bewildered krawk handed her the paintbrush. She and Chaquita took off out of the marketplace as fast as they could swim.
"Thanksss! WHAAHOOOO!!", the krawk yelled behind them as he scooped up the mass of np from the street.

So, Equuata and Chaquita swam down to the rainbow pool. "Goodbye faerie, hello pirate!!" She closed her eyes and painted herself as fast as she could. She slowly opened her eyes. She then saw that she was out of the water, lying in the grass. "What the.." she wondered how she got out there. She stood up and--wait... she stood up?! Equuata's eyes grew wide as she looked down to see a stunning red jacket. Equuata and Chaquita did a strange little jig dance. She ran to the side of the pool to look at her reflection. Her skin had turned from light purple to a stealth gray. Her white freckles were now the darkest of grays. Her hair: raven black! She looked closer. WITH PURPLE STREAKS!! Equuata joked, "Now I have to learn how to swim!"
Chaquita laughed. Equuata then stopped and thought out loud, "Hey wait..maybe I really can't!" Curious, she instantly dove into the pool. A few seconds later, Chiquita watched as her owner's smiling face popped up from out of the water. "Ha, I still got it!"

Later that night Equuata and Chaquita returned home. Equuata crept through the door only to meet a very unamused Vela waiting right inside.
"Okay," Vela said sternly, "where'd ya run off to this time?? Ya know, I spent all day lookin aournd here for you and some of your friends came over and I was all like, 'Sorry, I don't know where my own pet is' and they looked at me all weird and--" "Uhh..." Equuata interrupted. She made a HELLO?!?! YOU IDIOT! motion with her hands. Vela stopped. She just stood there, looking at Equuata with squinted eyes, which then slowly grew till they almost popped out of her head. There was a long pause.
AWESOME!!!" Vela was...goin' nuts. "Well you're just a sharp Sherlock aren't ya?" Equuata said as she rolled her eyes.
"So tell me all about it!! Was it like, a random faerie or an event or something??" Vela questioned her. Equuata's eyes nervously darted around. Vela's giant grin slowly melted away. They both looked at each other..then they both simultaneously darted off to where Vela kept her np.

Vela and Equuata both shoved each other. "WAIT!! Uhhhh.. LOOK it's the PANT DEVIL!!" Equuata pointed out the window but Vela shoved Equuata aside and reached the np stash first. Vela bent over and quickly counted her np. Then, she slowly stood up, turned around, and walked over to Equuata. She tapped her fingertips together. "...Equuata, there seems to be a large sum of my np missing.. ...it wasn't a random event..was it?" Equuata slowly shook her head no. "it wasn't free either.. was it?" again she squinted and shook her head no. There was a long pause.

Then, Vela reached behind her back. She pulled out a large leather hat..with huge fluffy feather sticking out of the rim and crossbones on the front. Vela lifted it, put it on her own head, and then a sly grin slowly grew across her face. "...that's my little pirate!!!" She lifted Equuata up of the floor and they both danced a strange little jig.

Chaquita sighed '...I'm surrounded by idiots...' She shook her head. Then Chaquita laughed, slapped an eye patch on, and joined in the festivites. ^_________^

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