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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Pinndrop
Owner: Edieth
Breed: Mynci

About Pinndrop:

A little red mynci walks up to you and flashes a cheeky smile, you smile back and the little Mynci takes a deep breath.
"Hi, I am Pinny! Do you want to hear my story?" You nod cautiously, you smile to yourself thinking that Pinny can't have that good a story, she must only be a few days old!

Pinny sits down on a chair and starts her story...

"Well, my owner, Edieth really wanted another pet. She looked thorugh all the pets she could have and sighed, how could she choose? Then she saw a cheeky red mynci grinning at her. She just had to have it so she went in and adopted me! As we were walking home my owner remembered she had to run to the shop, so she told me the directions home and asked me to carry on without her." The mynci tries to do a dramatic pause, but then falls off the chair, she scrambles back onto it and carries on with her story.

"On the way home I saw a bottle in the road, I picked it up and opened it to see what was inside. As I opened it a bright blue shape shot out and fluttered next to me. At first I thought it was a flosset, but when I looked closer I could see it was a little faerie. I heard a strange popping noise, and the faerie suddenly grew to its normal size! It shook its wings and then smiled gratefully at me.
'Thankyou for freeing me from that bottle, for the help have this... it will bring you great rewards' I looked at it and then thanked the faerie just before it flew off." Pinny felt around in her pocket and then held out some scraps of paper. She hands them to you, and you open them and read the letters in amazement.

"This was an easy clue, faeries come from faerieland! But the next part was confusing... what has that got to do with faerieland? Then I remembered that game my owner made me play to help with my maths... 'count to twenty' I murmered to myself... I thought and thought but I couldn't remember the name. Then it came to me! Maths Nightmare! That was in Faerieland and you had to count in it! I raced over and found the next clue..."

"Another easy one! There are loads of krawks at Krawk Island! And that game, the one where you pull out flags! I am sure its called Buried Treasure. I ran to the harbour and borrowed a boat from a fisherman. I finally reached the shore and jumped off and ran into Buried Treasure. There I found another clue..."

"I didn't like that clue, I didn't know a thing about chias with red cars... I grabbed the latest news page and scanned it for information. I couldn't find a thing then I looked up chias in the local library and there was one name that stood out... Nigel the chia. I looked him up specifically and I saw a picture of him driving a red car! I knew that this was the chia I was looking for so I found out where he worked and raced over. There I saw a line of items and a final note..."

"I looked at the line of items and thought about how much each were worth. Then I saw a sock, I was confused. Why would a sock be in with all these rare items? I poked it and it squirmed slightly. I realised it wasn't a sock! It was a plushie slorg! I grabbed it off the table and the table dissapeared but the slorg remained in my arms!"

Pinny grins at you, you smile but you start panicking. Didn't that thing on the chair you sat on look a bit like a sock?

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