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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Grover07
Owner: purplepadfoot
Breed: Blumaroo

About Grover07:

"I'll bet you've never heard of D.O.N.D.S." dares a sharp-looking Blumaroo as he lowers himself into a cushy red armchair. "It stands for 'Defenders of Neopia - Detective Service'. Have a seat, I'll tell you all about it."

He motions to another red chair right across from him by the blazing fire. "I don't doubt that your curious... after all, we're not very well known!" He adjusted his black bow tie and leaned back in his chair. "The Detective Service is a special branch of the Defenders of Neopia. It was started a while ago, but kept under wraps during its trial stages. The Defenders were only trying it out until they could be sure the detectives would be dependable. Once we could prove ourselves - they'd sponsor us."

"Yes, I was one of their first recruits. They had heard of some of the cases I had solved in my private practice... missing petpets, stolen items, kidnappings... I won't deny that I've had my share of adventure." He winked. "Would like some tea? It's my favorite brew, honey and eucalyptus. Why are you looking at me like that? It's good, I promise! Fine, I'll just set a cup here in case you're thirsty later on." He took a sip from his own cup, sighed contentedly and continued.

"As I was saying, I was quite the experienced detective. They had heard my name... probably from a former client... and had asked me to be the leader of a possible Detective Team working for the Defenders of Neopia. It was a tough decision - I had grown quite fond of my little private practice and wasn't very willing to give it up so easily. But, after weighing my decision, I decided I should give it a shot. After all, I had always wanted my own Detective Team to manage!"

"So they gave me a small team and a case - A popular Gelert Star was having a problem with impersonation and fraud. We were put on his case to clear his name and find the imposter. Together, we had quite the team of specialists... I had an expert in forensics, an expert in bank fraud, and a professional who could translate and understand almost every language. And, of course there was me, the weapon specialist. Don't worry, though - we don't use real weapons, only guns filled with tranquilizing jelly. One hit and the target is out for several hours. Long enough for us to take them into custody and prepare them for questioning."

"My team and I set out at once to solve the mystery, interviewing the people closest to the Gelert Star, Lightpaws. After several dud leads, I heard from one of my sources that they had overheard a conversation between Lightpaws and his agent. Supposedly, the Gelert was to be meeting an old Neoschool friend (and former convict) Steele O'Brien. This tip was received late at night, so I had no option but to follow the lead on my own..."

"I set out with my favorite jelly gun, and left a note explaining my whereabouts to the rest of the team. When I arrived at the location given to me by my helper, I immediately heard voices and could tell the meeting between O'Brien and Lightpaws was taking place. I listened intently and pulled my tape recorder out of my pocket. Five minutes into taping their conversation, I was discovered - but not before I had learned the answer to my mystery. Lightpaws was paying his old friend O'Brien to pose as him and make it look like Lightpaws had an imposter. This way, Lightpaws could sabotage his rival Kool Kougro without consequence."

"Too bad I was discovered." He took another sip from his tea. "Are you sure you didn't want any? It's such a soothing flavor! What? You want to know how I escaped? How'd you know I escaped? Oh... I guess you're right... I AM here telling you the story, aren't I?" He looked embarrassed. "Yes... okay... I'll continue with the story."

"Some of O'Brien's thugs found me crouched around the corner listening to the conversation. They immediately tackled me and took me to where Lightpaws and O'Brien were meeting. Right then, I was really wishing I had spent more time training on Krawk Island I wasn't strong enough to fight them off! O'Brien and Lightpaws were impressed that I had found them and demanded to know who had disclosed their location. When I wouldn't talk, they threatened me with Chia Flour."

"Don't worry, though - as with any good detective story, the good guy always wins! The rest of my team showed up just in the nick of time and rescued me from the two imposters. I shot them both with my jelly gun - stunning them long enough for the Defenders to arrive and take them off to H.Q."

"You're right! That's how the Detective Service came to be! The Defenders were so impressed by our teamwork and performance that they agreed to support our group under theirs. Happy story isn't it? It gets better! I could tell you tons of my adventures with D.O.N.D.S., but I'll save them for later, okay?"


"Hey!! Are you sleeping??" He sets his cup of tea down and sighs. "Oh well. Until next time, I guess."

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