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Pet Name: Light_boi
Owner: x_teen_angel_x
Breed: Kau

About Light_boi:

"Gather round neopian children," A story teller speaks, "I have a story to tell..."

"There once was a kau, small and spotty, his sisters and friends though him quite an adventurous one, and that he was children, that he was." The teller smiled and looked around at the young and eager faces.

"His fate, it seemed, needed him to do something, anything for Neopia. He needed to succeed in making neopia a better place for all of you. You may have heard of Edna the Witch? Well how about her new change of look? Did you think it was just an accident on her part? Well there you would be wrong."

"You see, this little kau of ours, well lets call him Lighty. Was just passing through the haunted woods one day, when he heard hushed voices. Yes children, I know you shouldn't listen to someone else's conversations, but this is an exception..."

" 'This plan' A strange echoing voice said, 'Is very strange, are you sure Edna will be able to pull it off?' The voice paused, sounding exasperated. 'I understand your worries Lord, but she has proved reliable in the past..." A little squeaky voice spoke. Lighty peered round a wide oak tree and saw, to his surprise, the Brain Tree deep in conversation with a Yullie. Lighty was confused, what on earth could this plan possibly be? "

"He ran towards the Witches Tower and knocked on the door, it creaked open by itself ever so slowly... He walked down a long dark corridor until he reached the entrance to Edna's cauldron room. He open the door as slowly and as silently as possible and peeked through a small gap, in side the room he could see Edna throwing strange items into her cauldron and he could here her chants, loud and shrill, in the small chamber. "

The little children shivered, the story teller smiled, he loved telling them stories, and it always made him laugh when they took them to heart, "What was Edna doing?" A small baby usul asks, as she wraps her tail tightly around her.

"That I will tell you now. So, as he leaned in for a closer look. Lighty fell through the door, and landed crash, bang and right on Edna's feet. She looked down at him and cackled, then grabbed him by the ruff of his neck and dragged him to the center of the room. 'What do you want, kau child?' She spoke in a piercingly high voice. Our hero was lost for words, she sneered at him and then chuckled, 'I can read your mind boy...' she stared at him, straight into his eyes, into his soul... 'So you know about the plan, hmmm well you might as well be told the full story before I sacrifice you to the potion' She stood up straight and then chained Lighty to the wall, 'Me, the brain tree and the esophagor are all involved in a simple plan, which if it succeeds should allow us to take over Neopia.' She walked over to the cauldron, 'this potion you see before you will change all the neopets who drink it into Zafara's' She cackled again, then walked over and un-chained Lighty from the wall."

A little girl grundo screamed, "What is going to happen to Lighty?" All of the other neopets nodded, wondering the same themselves. They were all terrified now, looks of fear were painted across their faces.

"Well, as Edna dragged Lighty towards the cauldron, Lighty realised he had to stop her and save neopia from being transformed into Zafara's. He grabbed tightly on to Edna, and began pulling her towards the cauldron. He threw her in, with a surge of power, she sank to the bottom of the cauldron. Lighty, being kind like all heroes are, dragged her out. But she had changed, her body had mutated and she was a twisted Zafara, she cried out in anger as Lighty tipped the cauldron onto the grass below the window of the chamber. Then sat on the floor sobbing and pulling out her fur. Lighty looked on at her with pity, and then turned and left the tower."

"Not only that, but he discovered no Neopet can perform the spell, so, as long as Edna is a Zafara, Neopia is safe."

It was silent around the campfire for a second, then it broke into loud applause and the story teller shyly took a bow. "What happened to Lighty?" A little Tonu shouted. "Well, lets just say he lived a long and happy life..." The story teller laughed and walked towards his tent, where he took of his cloak and looked in the mirror. He had been careful when telling this story, he had painted himself blue, as an extra disguise as well as the cloak. He poured some water over himself and began to scrub, off peeled the blue, and underneath was a black and white spotty skin, "Yes, Lighty still lives..." muttered Lighty to himself, after hanging up his long black cloak, and in the distance a howl was heard as Edna mourned for her loss...

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