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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Nicole0929021
Owner: kattygirl89
Breed: ixi

About Nicole0929021:

"Oh sure. You've seen all those other pet spotlight winners. They have wonderful owners who take care of them correctly. They lead happy lives with their human companion by their side. Well...heh...not me."

*A small baby ixi is sitting infront of you with a disgusted look on her face. Beside her is a 14 year old girl whose sitting on the floor, playing with a metal spring*

Nicole: Whatever. I'm Nicole. I'm a baby ixi who is forced to live with my foster "parent". My parents were mysteriously taken away by the knights of Meridell. I never saw them again. *A tear wells up in her eye. She hates thinking about that* Then.....she came. *she gestures to Katty who is very amused by the spring.

Katty: Oooooh. Look at it spring back! I wonder how it works...

Nicole: This is my "owner", Katty. She likes shiny things, cheese, squishy things, and....cheese. *gives Katty a marshmallow*

Katty: MARSHMALLOW! Squishy! *she begins to play with the marshmallow instead*

Nicole: Now, you would think on appearance that she would be much more intellectually advanced than I. I mean...I'm a baby, shes 14. Well...you'd be surprised how many people think that. I've read over 100 books. She takes a month to read one. And she does it slowly. *hands katty "Ixi Pop Up Book"*

Katty: YAY! *opens book* AH! The pictures are alive!!!

Nicole: Anyway, now I shall ignore this person beside me and tell you alittle about my life. I'm a hardcore battledomer. I go there everyday and pick fights with people for my own amusement! I usually win, of course. I use my beautiful Sinsis Sword! *she pulls out a large shimmering sword from the sheath behind her* I received it from Sinsi herself when I was born!

Katty: *throws book behind her, transfixed by the sword* SHINY!!!

Nicole: AHH! *throws sword across the room* Go! Go katty! Go chase the shiny thing!

Katty: *runs after the sword, tripping over her own feet*

Nicole: You are an idiot. You know that?

Katty: *to you* Are you my friend?

Nicole: Bad katty! Bad! Go take a nap!

Katty: *whimpers* ok..ok....*instantly falls asleep snoring loudly*

Nicole: Anyway...my life. I eat so many different foods she buys. One day I'm eating snow, the next day I have apple juice in every course. She once tried to feed me pickled olives! *gags*

Katty: *dreaming* Yes...I do want the blue cheese in the marshmallow.....

Nicole: She loves doing Taelias Quests! She always runs home with a cheap weapon and a snowball. And I'm forced to pay the price. She tells me theres no more money to buy food with, so I have to go to the games room myself and earn neopoints! Sometimes I have to do the shopping because she knocks herself unconsious by "learning". She whacks her head with a book thinking it'll make her smarter! I always have to make sure I buy books for myself. I have to stay as far away from her mental capacities as possible!!! I give her the book when I'm done!

Katty: *still dreaming* What do you mean I need a spoon with that...I'm fine with the straw...

Nicole: Luckily, I have some refuge from this moron. My wonderful petpet, Sarotek, is always at the ready to take me wherever I need to go! He's kinda large for a horus, but I love him anyway! *hugs her Christmas Horus*

Katty: *wakes up* I have an idea! Lets all go to Mystery Island and help the natives with their stew! *runs out the door. A crash is heard*

Nicole: You see how annoying she is? See what I have to live with!? It gets hard to overlook it everyday!!!

Katty: *walks back soaked* Look! I got an ice cube! *falls over*

Nicole: This is sad. Really. Why am I here. This is all too embarrasing.

Katty: *pulls out a book* Must do homework! 2+2...........22! *scribbles it down on the book*

Nicole: Will you start acting your age!?


Nicole: *sigh* *whacks katty in the back of her head with her hoof*

Katty: Duuuuuuuuuuuh *falls over again, but jumps back up* I just forgot something!!! *runs out the door*

Nicole: *face buried in her hooves* Lock the door. Please.

Katty: *runs back in with cheese* CHEESE!!! *throws it at you*

Nicole: My apologies. Please. Control her. I can't do anything else.

Katty: Hey!......Where am I? *starts to wander around* Hey! You look like that annoying Ixi I know!

Nicole: *walks up to the screen* Please. Save me! HELP!!!!

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