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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Keravny, LynJira, Mavrio and Nicteris
Owner: nefelim99
Breed: Gelert, Usul, Aisha, Shoyru

About Keravny, LynJira, Mavrio and Nicteris:

"Quiet, you guys, I think it's in here!" I hushed the four squabbling pets whilst opening the door. Peering into the room, I spied a short, balding Lenny sitting at an extremely tidy desk, with a multitude of posh awards hanging from the walls around him. Not quite what I was expecting. "Sorry, we must be in the wrong place." I grinned, and turned to leave.

"Ah, you must be ze 3:00 appointment. Pleaze, take a sz.. a zss... Lie down. I am Doctor Lenishtein." The Lenny beckoned to the (rather comfy-looking) leather psychiatric couch.

I shuffled over and sat down, as my pets looked at each other, confused. "But, I really don't think-"

"Do not ztart negatively!" He interrupted with his annoying accent. "Let uz begin ze therapy. Tell me about yourzelf."

I sighed. "Well, I'm Nef, known around these places as nefelim99. I play Neopets, those four are my pets." I pointed to the Gelert, Usul, Aisha and Shoyru having a thumb war in the hall. Since none of them actually have thumbs, it was quite amusing. "And we were just looking for-"

"Neopetz? Yes of courze, zince you are here. Tell me about zese Neopetz you look after." The doctor started to scribble something in his notebook, and I wondered if he was actually listening or just doodling random things, like some psychiatrists do in the movies.

"To start with, there's Nicteris. He's a shadow Shoyru, the oldest of my pets. He uses the lab ray, and is quite strong.. he feels it's his responsibility to look after the others. Nic likes to battle, and fought in the Meridell-Darigan war. On Darigan's side, of course." I winked.

"I'm a Darigan zupporter myself." The doctor smirked, then at once returned to his sombre look, as to not ruin his proffesional attitude. "And, how do you zee this pet? Az in, general bee-haviour?"

"Well, he has his ups and downs, but I can't complain.. Once, he spray-painted 'Jello rules" on the hidden tower, barely escaped the chia police that time.. Hehe, anyways.. he's an easygoing type, but is very likely to beat you up if you get on his nerves." I glanced at the Shoyru outside the door, who was holding his little Aisha brother by the tail. "Nic, how many times do I have to tell you, your brother is not a frizbee!" I yelled.

The Lenny chucked nervously. "I zuppose I should arrange you a dizcount then." He joked, and then seeing my not-amused expression, coughed and returned to the subject. "What about your other petz?"

"The second oldest is Keravny, a fire Gelert who has purple flames. She's probably my most spoilt pet, with a bunch of beauty contest trophies and whatnot.."

"Iz she vain, then?"

I stared at the Lenny, rather insulted. "Of course not! Keravny's one of the sweetest pets you'll ever meet. She sets high standards for herself and always works hard to reach her goals. Up for a laugh, ready for adventure.. yep, that's my Kera. Nothing ever gets to that girl." I smiled, as the Gelert chewed on her own ear outside and smacked Nicteris upside the head. "She's usually calm and friendly, but... boy, if you make her mad, you'll wish you never crossed her path."

"Zo, she iz angered eazily?"

"Only at people who copy her and my art."

He raised a brow. "You're an artist then..." Jotting something again in his notebook, I imagined he immediately considered me insane or something because I draw. He'd be right to. "Any otherz?" He queried, as if he hadn't noticed the four pets waiting outside.

"Oh, Mavrio is my little Aisha. He's quite a little glutton, who loves gourmet foods and such, especially the gross ones. I don't know how he can stomach those wormy slushies... Anyway, Mav's a bit clumsy and naive, also rather timid. It ain't easy to communicate with the little guy... oh, and he's a ghost."

"A.. ghozt...?" The doctor blinked, seeming quite nervous.

"Yeah. He's died a few times actually. That aisha and electrical appliances do NOT mix." I paused, remembering 'the toaster incident'; I still don't get how in the name of Coltzan he managed to pull that one off...

Dr Lenishtein coughed, turning a full page of his notebook. "Are thoze all?"

"No, there's little LynJira as well. My darling island Usul, the youngest of my pets. She's a real sweetheart... once you get used to her attacking you with a stick." I beamed at the tiny Usul, who was clinging to Keravny's back, covering her eyes and refusing to let go, making Kera run around and slam into a wall.

"...She what?"

"Jin was raised by myncis on Mystery Island. She speaks little English, but is fluent in a couple of other languages, such as Mynci and Petpet... I suppose the way she was brought up must have been way different from our lifestyle, seeing as how to greet someone she clings to your face and bites your nose, then chases you around the room with her staff. Oh, and her favourite hobby is hanging by her tail from the ceiling fan while it's switched on."

The doctor's eye twitched. "Alright... zo... now that I am familiar with ze situation, I will prezcribe to you theze pillz." He tore a sheet from his notebook and handed it to me. "Zey are for nerve treatment."

"What?" I blinked. "But my pets are perfectly normal, they don't need pills!"

"Ze pillz are not for your petz, miss. They are for you."

"For ME? Wait a minute, buddy-" I stood up.

The doctor backed off, staggering to the door. "Don't you try anytzing!!"

"Try what? You're the mad one here, not me!" I threw my hands up in the air, and at that the doctor ran outside, looking quite terrified; he stepped on Keravny's tail, tripped over Mavrio, got whacked over the head with a stick by LynJira and had his tail set on fire by Nicteris. The Lenny scrambled to his feet and ran off, screaming.

"Pfft. Weirdo. And to think, I was only looking for the bathroom in this place, anyway." I cringed. "Which reminds me..." Tearing up the prescription, I rushed outside and ran down the hall, with my four adorable pets following.


...As for Dr Lenishtein, he went into early retirement and got a restraining order against Nef and all her pets.

LynJira pops out, smiling at you. "And we has lives happie-lee ever afters! Bless us every one." She then lunges at your face. Lights fade, credits roll.

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