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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Ozmodeus
Owner: LilVeraLynn
Breed: Korbat

About Ozmodeus:

The evening sun dips below the horizon, casting Neopia in a warm ruddy glow. The glow lasts only a few minutes before the cool tones of twilight take over. This is how our scene begins, along magical road in Neopia Central...

Street lamps flicker on, neohome windows illuminated by the light inside. In Vera Lynn's home, it in uncharacteristically quiet. There is not the normal bickering of siblings, no laughter or sounds of play with petpets and toys. The only room that seems to be alive at all is the family room. Vera Lynn lies upon a couch, dozing quietly, a tattered copy of Cybunny Down resting in her hands. Ozmodeus sits on the couch as well, cuddling with Loki his barbat. He gives a sigh, seeming quite at unrest, and prods Vera with a wing-tip.

"Mum...Mum..." He continues to prod her until she shifts, mumbling incoherently. She sits up, blinking and pulls off her glasses, rubbing her eyes, "Yes Oz, what's the matter?"

Oz reached up, scratching his ear, "I'm bored. The girls all get to go to their sleep overs, but I have nothing to do. No offence or anything Mom, but it's kind of boring here."

Vera chuckled softly and gave a glance to her watch, "Oh holy kau! I didn't realize it was this late! Hungry Oz?"

Oz just shook his head, "I'm not a baby, I made myself a sandwich earlier."

Vera smiled, leaning down to kiss his forhead and ruffle his headfur, "Nice to have someone who can make their own sandwiches. So you're bored huh? Well, it's a warm night, want to go out to the garden and hang out? Tell stories? Something?"

Oz nodded and shrugged lightly, "Works for me."

Vera gathered a blanket and a few peices of fruit in case they wanted to snack, and the three of them headed out into the garden. They spread out the blanket on the soft grass. The night was cozy, crisp, but not cold, and the plants were all cast in shades of blue of nightime. Oz and Vera sat down, looking up at the starry sky above, once again silent, until Vera spoke up, "Hmm, well, here we are. The garden is nice even at night. The girls are going to be gone tommorow too, want to help me plant some flowers?"

Oz crooked his head to the side, pointing to a flower by the gazebo, "Sounds good, but didn't you plant flowers today, that one looks new."

Vera looked as well, "Hey, I don't remember planting anything like that!" Together they wandered over to look at the strange plant.

The flower was vaguely like a lily, of deep royal puple, the bud all coiled up, and the leaves slightly crackled and dry. Oz touched the flower gingerly, "Mom! It's dying!"

Vera nodded, looking concerned, and went to the house to get a watering can. She handed it to Oz, "You could try it. Maybe it just needs some love and care."

Oz nodded, and took the water, pouring it at the base of the flower. With a sudden jerk, the stem of the flower went rigid, and the leaves started waving about wildly. The plant began to give off a sweet sweet scent, and the bud began to glow, and slowly open. Within it, a tiny glowing yellow faerie stood. She looked up with a bright smile on her face and flittered up, kissing him on the nose, blessing him. "Thank you, gentle child, for the care you have shown. By your care, I am free!" She flittered away, leaving glowing dust in her wake. Oz blinked and smiled, a blush reaching his cheeks, "Wow, that was certainly different."

Vera was equally astonished. She had a knack for stating the obvious, "Wow, it was a Faerie." Oz smiled and just watched the flower. By now, fire flies had smelled the lush scent of the rare lily and gathered round, dancing and cavorting as the are wont to do. Wordlessly, Vera and Oz watched their display very very late into the night, both feeling happy and content with the world.

The next morning, Oz wandered into the garden, but the flower had disappeared.

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