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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Calliio
Owner: _kotet_
Breed: Kyrii

About Calliio:

Calliio: My name is Calliio, but everybody's taken to calling me "Cal". I'm not a remarkable Kyrii. I haven't won any trophies, saved little Timmy from a well, and I'm not the last of the "fire faerie Kyriis". I'm your normal, average, run-of-the-mill Kyrii. You all need a break from fascinating pets, and are going to take a look at what the average Neopian lives like. :)

My owner, _kotet_, has another account called fiddelysquat. (Which is why we call her "Fiddy" sometimes, and "Ko" at other times!) Alot of people jump to some nasty conclusions about her having a "secondary account". She doesn't use it to cheat, and she certainly doesn't just have it for show! It is perfectly okay with the Terms and Conditions. She just had fallen in love with some other species, and decided that she would like to have more pets. My siblings and I are loved just as much as our cousins on her fiddelysquat account. Now that the whole "secondary account" thing is out of the way, on to my life!

I was adopted when I was a little skunk Kyrii, and taken to my new home. My siblings are pretty weird, but I learned to love them anyway. (Well, all except for Doomrah's petpet Cobrall, Apocotyl. I HATE snakes!!!) I have three siblings. Doomrah is a very unique looking Aisha. She is the epitome of all things anti-social. LittleAngel_666 is a complete anime/charity nurd, and Serenpai is one little Ixi who can kick bum at Shapeshifter! My owner, Ko-Fiddy, is a very weird human. She likes anime and mashed potatoes. Enough said. My owner thought it unfair that most of my other siblings had petpets and I didn't, so she bought me a Baby Vampire.

Sabriel (as I have come to call him) is very cute. He eats from my plate and sleeps on my pillow. If you can just get used to being bitten constantly and not being able to invite friends over unless they are vaccinated, Baby Vampires make the perfect petpets! He's shredded more than half of my wardrobe when going through his "teething" stage, but I love him anyway. I'm not complaining! I could've ended up with a Pet Rock. I'm glad I didn't end up with a stinker like THAT.

I have to admit, I'm a bit of a prankster. That is why I get along so well with my cousin, Zaffr. He's taught be so much, I call him my sensei (which, in essence, is Japanese for "trainer", or "one who teaches"). He is a bit cold and reserved, but a complete wacko when you get to know him! He has trained me well. In my school, we get a demerit grade. A demerit is a slip you get when you are caught being naughty. For every demerit you get, a point is taken off your demerit grade. If you're a saint, you get a hundred percent for not recieving any demerits. The highest grade I've ever gotten in that area is a nine. Ko threw a fit, and Zaffr got all emotional because I had broken his record. Sadly, he has mellowed out since he's found a girlfriend. She's a battledome addict, and probably the only person who can keep that boy in line and out of trouble.

Needless to say, I'm not exactly liked by my teachers. Zaffr is two grades ahead of me, so we can't be in the same classes. When my History teacher heard that, she cried with relief. Being a prankster isn't always great, though. If somebody does something bad, all they have to do is blame me or Zaffr and the teachers will believe them.

I try my best to be very unique. I make sure that I don't try and change who i am to fit in. I want people to remember be for being Calliio, but for being a "prep" or a "goth" or some other subsect of neopet. I do not care very much for my appearance, so I don't fit in well with my own species. It's all fine and good by me. I have my friends, and I'm happy being Cal.

Since I'm a bit... weird... I get picked on alot by the more popular pets. It doesn't bother me, though. I know who I am, who I'm not, and who I want to be. Nothing anybody can say changes that. It does get very depressing when people single you out and try to make your life miserable, but then I remember that I DO have friends. If people pick on you or laugh at you, just hold your head up high! You know that you're on the right path if the losers are trying to steer your off of it. Misery loves company! Peers are like crabs in a bucket. As soon as you are near the top, they drag you back down. You know that you're close to the top when the losers in your life are trying to make you fall.

If you find yourself teasing somebody, or talking about someone behind their back, remember that what goes around comes around. Think real hard on who you are and what role you play. Are you one of the carsb in the bucket who is dragging somebody down because they're doing better than you, or are you helping other people out of that bucket? Try not to pick on people. I know how it feels, and so does my owner. It may be funny to you and your friends, but it can get pretty hurtful. Not everybody has realized who they are yet like I have, and you could do some serious damage.

Now that I've departed some of my wisdom unto you, go and be merry! Remember that salt makes a great itching powder! If you want to know, I figured out how to re-wire a toilet seat so that it erupts when you flush! It worked in the Golden Dubloon! I've been banned from 30 different shop locations for flinging peanut butter at fellow customers, and-

_Kotet_: *puts her hand over Cal's mouth* Now wasn't that touching, ladies and gentlemen? COME ON, Calliio! We're going home to discuss that demerit grade...

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