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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Auranos
Owner: ssjessiechan
Breed: Zafara

About Auranos:

My name is Auranos. My mother and sister said I should be in the pet spotlight, and, well, I guess I don't see why. But I can tell you a little bit about my history and how I came to be in my wonderful family. *ahem*

When I was young I lived alone in the lost desert. I didn't have a family for as long as I can remember, and I lived by collecting fruit and doubloons in the hot sands. At that time I had yellow fur, which helped to keep me cool in the heat (could you imagine if I was blue? I'd melt!). One day I went to my favourite oasis to get a cool drink of water to drink with a burnt piece of ummagine. But when I looked in the water, I was met with a surprise. Two eyes looked out at me, and before I knew it a blue peophin had jumped out of the water and pinned me to the ground.

"Hi! My name is Kyprinia! Are you a treasure?" the unlikely neopet shrieked and laughed. Here I was in the middle of the biggest desert in neopia, and here was a sea creature in the only puddle of water for miles. Before I could answer her, though, there came a voice calling over the ridge.

"Kyp! We're back from the shrine! Where are you?"

"I'm over here, momma! Come see, I found some gold!" In response to her whinnying voice a human and an eyrie came walking over the dunes. I was a bit confused, seeing no gold anywhere. Had I missed some doubloons? This sea creature was quite confusing! The human, however, came over and looked into my eyes. Kyprinia was splashing at the eyrie (my big brother now, Jaydaron) and she addressed the human. "Momma, can we keep him? We could be best friends!"

"I don't know, doesn't he have somewhere else to live?" asked the human. "Don't you have a family?" It was too good to be true, of course. No, I answered, I lived alone in the desert. I wanted to follow them and have food and water and someone to play with. "We'll call you Auranos, then," she said with a smile. And so we all went home together.

Having a family was really great. We had a small house, and we saved most of our money to try to buy Kyp a faerie paint brush. She said it was expensive, but it was worth it since she'd be able to fly around to look for treasure instead of having to have mom carry her. I didn't mind, I had all the food, water, and toys I could need. Our neighbor brought us Kau milk sometimes, it's the best! Jaydaron stayed out with mom training almost all the time, so Kyp and I had lots of time to play and explore. One day, though, Kyprinia went with momma to the market. When they returned, Kyp was beaming with happiness and mom had a small brown box tied with a ribbon. "Kyp asked me to get this for you, out of her paintbrush savings. It's something special to bring out your true nature."

I was surprised, of course. A gift? I hoped it wasn't expensive. Mom took me back out to the market, where a huge rainbow shone from a pool of the tastiest looking water I had ever seen. She set me in the pool, and drew a paintbrush out of the little box. She stirred the water with it slowly. As I swam, the water started to glow, and my fur began to tingle. I was changing! In a moment it was over, and mom picked me up out of the pool in a hug. I had turned gold! Real gold, not yellow! And it was all because of my new sister's love.

"Now you really are my treasure," said mom in my ear. And off in the busy marketplace I thought I could see a plain blue peophin laughing with joy at the simple change her gift had brought about.

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