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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Okirivao
Owner: galaxyguild
Breed: Grundo

About Okirivao:

Okirivao the starry Grundo plummeted towards the earth in his ship, a tremendously scary speed! The alien's ship was malfunctioning, lights flashing, speakers blaring, it was total confusion. Terror struck Okirivao's face as a large white mountain loomed up ahead, the ship was heading straight for it!!! BANG, fuew..... the cap was only snow what a narrow miss. He and his ship crash landed in a jungle, it was hot, and the last thing Okrivao heard before he blacked out was:

"What is it Sabre-X?"


When he awoke he stared up at a cave roof, with stone walls and crude paintings. Feeling extremely dizzy he sat up.
"Ah you're awake!" said a gruff but comforting voice. "That was some crash you had, but we have fixed you up... oh, how rude of me, I haven't introduced myself. I am Sabre-X, one of the council of Tyrannia, and we welcome you."
"Ainnaryt?" replied Okirivao. Luckily Sabre-X spoke Grundo.
"Yes, you must be an off-worlder, Tyrannia is a country in Neopia..."
Okirivao seemed very confused, after all, why wouldn't he be? He then noticed he wasn't alone with Sabre-X. Beside him was a very old and wise looking Kyrii. The Kyrii stepped up to Okirivao.
"Hello there young Grundo," he said with the kindest eyes. He turned to Sabre-X. "He must want to get home, I say we help him."
"Of course Kyruggi, he's obviously from his home planet, and not from Sloth's old army..." he trailed off. The pair looked at Okirivao, he had overheard their conversation, and was crying!
"What's the matter young one?" inquired the elder.
Okirivao let out a deep sob, and began his tale. "Gnihtemos, ew t'nod tahw, dekcatta ruo tenalp, Adit, ti saw yletelpmoc deyortsed! I saw eht ylno eno ot epacse, I t'nod wonk tahw deneppah ot eht tser..." Okirivao was curled up in a ball of misery, Sabre-X and Kyruggi we compelled by his tragic story.
"Tahw si ginog ot neppah ot em, tahw lliw I od?"
Sabre-X took Kyruggi aside, "He has a point, what will we do with him, he can't be happy in Tyrannia, it's too different..."
Just then two mynci children ran past. One said, "Hurry up Infid, we'll be late for the Guild Meeting !"
Kyruggi's old and watery eyes lit up. "A Guild!" he exclaimed, "lets take him to the Space Station, maybe he can meet some friends there, and join a guild, make a new home!"
Sabre-X rubbed his chin, "that could work."


Two days later, after Okirivao had recovered, the trio set off through a small trek through the jungle to the landing pad. Upon arriving, they were welcomed about a transport ship by some Space Station workers, two of whom introduced themselves as Kym and Sandee. Okirivao took an instant liking to the two humans, as there were very nice and generous!

Okirivao chuckled. Sabre-X and Kyruggi were pleased to see Okirivao was feeling happier, he had been very withdrawn since he woke up after his crash. In no time the shuttle had taken off and arrived at the Virtupets Space Station. Kym and Sandee had agreed to show Okirivao around, while the two Tyrannian's took up the task of searching for a guild.


"OK, lets start from the top, this guild has alot of members, according to the database." said sabre-X. they leaned inside the door. There were people on the floor, walls, even the ceiling, and talk about the noise! "AAAAHHHHH, shut the door, quick quick, you'll contaminate the corridor!" cried Kyruggi.
"Hehehe, maybe not..." said Sabre-X.
Kyruggi opened up another guild door, shut it straight away, and turned to Sabre-X, his face looking even more pale.
"What was in there?" the battle master inquired.
"Lets just say my eyes have been violated, and I never want to see it again!" he replied.
The third, forth and fifth guilds were all completely empty! "Helooooo hellooo helloooooo...." Their voices echoed throughout the empty halls. After many hours of searching they gave up.
"Out of the thousands of guilds here, we couldn't even find one decent one, that's just sad! I say we take a break in the cafe!" said Kyruggi, feeling exasperated.


The buzz of many species of Neopets and humans was in the air of the Grundo Cafe, mixed with the smell of roasting toe lint... YUCK!
"Uuuhhh, Kym, I'm having trouble eating my food." said Sandee.
"Why is that? Not hungry?" Kym replied, munching on a honey coated grub.
"Not exactly, I think it's trying to elope with that cantaloupe... GET BACK HERE!"
Kym giggled, "well he seems to enjoy it," she pointed to Okirivao who was guzzling down one spoon-load after another!
Okirivao looked up and saw Kyruggi and Sabre-X approached. He grinned widely as they flopped down on a chair.
"No luck, we couldn't find a single guild! what will we do?" exclaimed Kyruggi.
Sabre-X was about to take a gulp of a brownish drink when a passerby interjected:
"Uh, I wouldn't drink that if I were you! Hi, I'm Guildmaster_J, and I hear your looking for a guild!"
"Oh, not for me, for the young Grundo here, his name is Okirivao," said Kyruggi. The he whispered, "he's lost his home, he needs somewhere to live."
"Well, you're in luck. I happen to own a Guild, The Guild Of Galaxies, and its totally awesome, well, it was made by me! Swing by if you want, we can always take on any new members. Sorry, I have to leave you now, I have an appointment with my hair stylist." He grinned and took off.
The party looked at eachother. "He was a little vain, but really nice..." said Sandee.
"I say we give it a try," replied Sabre-X. "What do you think Oki.."
But he was already at the door.


"This is it then, The Guild Of Galaxies," Kyruggi said.
He slowly opened the door to find a bright room, nicely decorated, and full of buzzing and friendly people. As soon as they walked in, they were greeted by kind looking man, dressed in black and blue.
"Welcome, welcome. I am galaxyguild, I'm in charge of donations here at our guild," he grinned at Okirivao, and took his hand. "Guildmaster_J told me all about you."
"So, where is he, I need to talk to him about..." Kyruggi glanced down at Okirivao, who was pre-occupied with looking around.
"Uhh, I think he's in the Mystery Pic room... or maybe he's out buying raffle tickets... oh I don't know he's always so busy, and he has 3 pets of his own..."
"I think we need someone with a little more time for Okirivao, I am sorry, but I think we should look someplace else," said Kyruggi.
"I understand, you could t..." Okirivao was hugging Galaxyguild's leg.
"Hold on," Kyruggi said, getting an idea, " do you have any pets?"
'No, I haven't yet," Galaxyguild replied, catching on. And before Kyruggi could say anymore Galaxyguild said, "I'd be delighted to!"


It was settled. Okirivao was officially adopted by Galaxyguild, and became the Guild Pet. He never forgot his friends that helped him, Kyruggi, Sabre-X, Kym and Sandee, even when he became a strong and famous pet. He swore one day to return to Tida, his homeworld, and find out what happened, but until then, he was happy again, with his new Guild!

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