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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Sacia
Owner: karo
Breed: Aisha

About Sacia:

The seedy underbelly of the Haunted Woods and the sheer sight of Sloth himself cannot compare to the horror of owning a Plushie Neopet. Then again, perhaps it is only my fussy feline, Sacia, that is the greatest problem plushie of all. Oh sure, she looks sweet and cute... and maybe even cuddly. But don't let that adorable face fool you: Sacia's a real hand full.

Take, for instance, her latest quest to have her fifteen minutes of fame in the Pet Spotlight... As always on a Sunday afternoon, I had been relaxing reading a copy of the Neopian Times when she had come purring to my feet. Oh that angelic face. I should have known then that she wanted something.

"Karo," she says to me, as sweet as honey, "Don't you think that this yellow and blue coat is a little boring?"

"No," I say.

She tugs at it for a moment and lets out a very long (and overdone) sigh. "Not even just a little? And these patches... Why, I look like an old dishrag!"

"Mmm hmm," I say.

"All the other Aishas are just glowing and beautiful. And look at me..." She let's out another very overdone sigh.

I lower my paper to admire her for just a moment and go back to reading.

"I bet all the other Aisha's owners let them change their look. I bet any other Aisha's owner would help their pet any way they could to win the Pet Spotlight," she whines.

"I'm sure they would."

"Please Karo! Will you let meeeeeee?"

"Let you what?!"

She bounces up and down excitedly now, as though I had just agreed to buy her a new Faerie Doll.

"Well, I was telling Issie about my dreams for fame..." she started. Issie is Sacia's very best friend, Isastar. As much as I adore her little friend, I can't help but be worried. Those two can get up to some awful mischief when they get their minds together. "And Issie thinks that a new look is just what I need. Something to give me an edge and makes the judges go 'OoooOOO'."

"It's the Pet Spotlight, Sacia, not the Beauty Contest. I think they judge on more than just cuteness at the Pet Spotlight."

"Hmph! You never let me have any fun," her bottom lip quivers.

"Okay, okay. Go ahead. You and Issie can make you cuter to your heart's content." She jumps for joy and dashes off to meet Isastar in the kitchen. Wonderful. I am at last left to my reading. It is when I have read my way through the last of the comics that I begin to worry. It is awfully quiet. There is not a sound. And when a cheeky Aisha and a fun-loving Korbat get together, you don't expect dead silence. Curious now, I tiptoe to the kitchen. I strain my ear to hear at the door. There is only the faint sound of giggling and rustling. Hrm. I swing open the door.

The kitchen was a mess. Pans everywhere. Flour across the room. Every cupboard open and their contents spilled upon the floors. In the very centre of it all is Sacia, covered head-to-toe in what I guess to be the Sugarbunny Surprise paste that was left from making her birthday cake. I gasp.

"Isn't it great?" She squeals. "Issie and I decided that pink is definitely more my colour! We remembered that the paste turned the rug pink when I dropped it, so look at me now!" She giggles and turns to admire herself as best she can.

I clap my hand over my eyes and leave the kitchen. I try to block the thought of the mess out of my mind. Instead, I try to imagine Sacia winning the Pet Spotlight. Perhaps some of the fame will pay to have the kitchen replaced.... and maybe even the drycleaning bill for my Plushie Neopet to be restored to her natural colours!

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