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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

"Saving Neopia before bedtime!"

Pet Name: Mim1290
Owner: InvaderZim1417
Breed: Blumaroo

About Mim1290:

*A small baby Blumaroo stepped onto the stage, and looked around happily with her big sparkly black eyes before clearing her throat* "Aherm, Hewwo. My name is Mim1290. Before I begwin my wittle movie I am going to shwow, I wiw talk a wittle bit about myself.", she looked around, and finally laid down, while everyone 'Awwwww'ed. "Well, firstest of all, my nick-erm...", she looked over at her sister, Kameaa, reading her face looking for the word she needed. "Oh yes, name! My nickname ish Mim. Okway? My favwite food is baby food, duh! Beef and bwocoli favor :). My favwite toy is the bwue bwumawoo plushie. My favwite petpet is MeowMix, my Baby Blu. My favwite cowor green, favwite owner InvaderZim1417 (duh :)!), and..erm...Okay I guess I wiw show you my shwow now.", Mim crawled off-stage and brought a big TV with the help of her strong cybunny sister, Invader_Bunny. Mim then turned on the TV, and numbers started showing.......

The screen shows Mim as a christmas Blumaroo, with a blue cape and the letter "M" in pink on it, sitting down on a long table with other Blumaroos. They are in a very important meeting, with their leader-Count Von Roo- on the edge of the table where.. erm...leaders sit. The screen shows Count Von Roo clearing his throat, and say something. "Aherm, now, everyone.", he looked around, and cleared his throat again. "Aherm, erm...Blumaroos. I am known as veing an evil and dirty blood drinking vampire. Vut you all know dat is not true. Dat is vhy I have started this headquarters, for blumaroos vho vish to help me. Vut vhile you do help me, you are helping yourselves as well. In vhis community, ve help Neopia in many, many ways. First, by donating to thee money tree vegularly. Ve donate atleast five times a day, to help the poor. Of course, ten of you are guarding there, making sure only thee poor neopians get an item. Ve beat up the ghosts, and scare avay thee rich neopians. Vhen someone is in trouble, ve get called to help them. Now, you ask how this helps me? You all know vretty soon you will all vecome true heroes, vut what about me, eh? Ahh...well, neopians and pets everywhere vill hear about my good deeds, and vecome my friend. No one shall run at the sight of me anymore. Now.....Todays mission is fer three of you.", Count Von Roo got a paper from the table and read aloud. "Mim, Hannah, and Sneakers. You three shall be solving a mystery at the Rainbow Pool. You see, a veird problem has been happening. Vhen an owner throws in a paint brush, and says the magic vords, the pet comes out a different color. Vust yesterday, an Usul was supposed to be painted baby, and it came out mutant! I mean, mutant 'aint even a paint brush! Vell, Mim, Hannah, and Sneakers- You are all dismissed to your duties! And, remember our moto, Saving Neopia before bedtime!", Count Von Roo pointed at the door, and continued talking. Mim, Hannah, and Sneakers, all female Christmas Blumaroos, stood up and walked out the door. They all knew their nicknames, so no mistakes where made.

"Wow! Us, us three! On our own MISSION!", Hannah jumped and punched the air happily as she and the other two blumaroos reached the rainbow pool. "Yes, but now we have to go investigate!", Mim seriously said as she opened the gates and walked in. "Well, now! OVER THERE!", Sneakers pointed at a shadow in back of the pool. All three blumaroos amazingly hopped over the pool and grabbed the shadow. "WHY!! MY WORD! Its the dirty Pant Devil!", Hannah screamed at the pant Devil. "Sheesh, your evilness will go to the neopian jail!", Sneakers and Mim said together. As some Blumaroo police arrived, they hand-cuffed the Pant Devil and threw him in a huge car. They drove away and headed for the most horrible swamp in all of neopia.

"That was sooooo easy!", Hannah said as she drank a water bottle. Before anyone could say anything, one of the top Blumaroo agents arrived with a bag. "Count Von Roo has bought you each a reward. A Paint Brush. Put your paw in, and see what color you get. "Erm...o...k...", Hannah said with a confused look on her face. As she put her paw in, she moved it around in the bag, trying to make out a paint brush. She felt something spiky, and pulled it out. A Blue Electric Paint Brush! "Hey, cool!", Hannah jumped in delight, hugging her paint brush. "My turn my turn!", Sneakers quickly put her paw in the bag, and without thinking pulled out a spotted paint brush. "Woah, sweet!", she said, staring in awe at her paint brush. "Okay, MY TURN!!", Mim exitedly rammed her paw in the bag, almost making the Blumaroo let go of the bag himself. After a while of moving around the bag, Mim finally pulled out a paint brush. At that moment, she felt like the luckiest Blumaroo in the Neopia. "Oh...my..gosh...A FAERIE PAINT BRUSH!! EEEEEE!!!", She jumped up and down, hugging and kissing her paint brush. Being a Faerie Blumaroo, especially a heroe one, meant being able to fly and have superpowers! All three Blumaroos got in line, ready to jump in the pool.

Hannah slowly climbed up onto the edge of the pool, threw the paint brush in, and muttered a few words. She jumped in the air, made a loop-de-loop, and fell in. After a few moments, she jumped out. She raced around the pool like a bullet, and when she stopped...."WOW! YOUR ELECTRIC!", Mim and Sneakers gasped out in amazement. "Yep! Come on Sneakers, your turn!", Hannah motioned to Sneakers. Sneakers took one deep breath, threw the paint brush in, whispered some words, and jumped in. She yelled out a "WAAAAA-HOOOO!!", as she hit the water. Sneakers came out more quickly than Hannah, and jumped higher than any Blumaroo had ever done so before. When she landed, she was the most spotted neopet Mim and Hannah had ever seen. "So...many..spots...", they both pretended they were dizzy, and then started giggling. "Okay, thats enough! Your turn, Mim!", she pushed Mim towards the pool. Mim stood up straight, threw the paint brush in the pool, and whispered some words happily.

On the other side, there was a Kougra waiting to be painted baby. The Kougra threw the paint brush in, and murmured words. She was very un-happy about being a baby. But the Kougra jumped in too quickly. The baby paint brush did not take action yet, because the faerie paint brush had been inside first. When the Kougra came out, she was a Faerie. Her owner yelled at her, thinking she had planned this. But the Kougra just flew in the air, happy as rainbow.

Back on the other side, Mim wasn't so happy. "NO!!! WAHHH!!!!", she buried her face in her paws, crying. "HAHAHAHAHA!!", Hannah and Sneakers were laughing so hard, they didn't noticed Mim, well, just, fly off!!! "I cwannot bewieve what happened to me!", Mim said, blinded with tears. Suddenly, she looked down and screamed. "MEEEEP!! I-i-i-...IM FWYING!!", she flew around Neopia, with her long cape fluttering behind her. She looked towards the sun, and noticed it was going down. She smiled, and headed home. For the next day, she would show Hannah and Sneakers a piece of her cape..........

Movie ends and you all clap loudly, starring in awe at the adorable baby Blumaroo who is really a superhero. "SAVING NEOPIA BEFORE BEDTIME!", Mim flies off at the speed of light, making everyone just stay there amazed.

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