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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Aurlilia
Owner: starofdream
Breed: Peophin

About Aurlilia:

In the fair land of Meridell you do your daily things, counting potatoes, trying to solve Sensi's shapeshifters, then you look up, and a beekadoodle flies across the crisp morning sky.

As you continue along the way, you come across a tall stone tower, sparkling in the broad sunlight. Your courisity taking the better of you, you enter. When the door clanks shut behind you, you hear a mysterious voice.

"Who's there?" It said, floating down from the stairs. A moment later, a green krawk clad in black walks down the wooden stairs.

"A travelar." You answer, hoping that that was the right answer.

The krawk nodded. "That's good enought, my name is Evelyine. What do you want, and why are you here?"

You pause for a moment, "I was curious, and the tower..." Your voice trailed off.

Evelyine nodded, "So it was the tower, wasn't it? Aria isn't home, but you can stay for lunch. Aria Star is her full name, but everyone on neopets knows her as starofdream. I'll be right back."

As Evelyine disapeared, you wonder who else is home, or if the mysterious Evelyine is starofdream's only pet. You soon find out.

Evelyine soon appears again, and becons you to go up. She tells you that there are in total of 7 stories in the tower, with 5 rooms in a circular pattern on each story. The stair is in the direct middle. When you get to the sixth floor, there is a big, heavy wooden door gilded in gold. Evelyine pushes it open, and says, "It is all up to you now."

The room behind the door seems to be a study. Bookshelves are lined up on the walls, and several heavy books are on the long, transparent tables. Nobody seems to be in the room, so you seat yourself on a cushioned red sofa. Who lives here? you wonder.

After a while, a blue peophin with a wizards robe and hat glides in. Her eyes were pink (who had pink eyes?) and peircing, her delicate face in a smile. "Welcome, stranger," she speaks, her voice as sweet as bells, "I need not your name, but you want mine, no?" Not waiting for an answer, she continues. "Mine is Aurlilia, and I am a wizardess, or as you probably are more familiar with, a sorceress." She laughs, the sound ringing around the room, "The Sorceress of Star Song Mountain is my mistress, but she is not home at the moment. Make yourself comfortable as you please, I will be right back."

Suddenly the transparent tables and the heavy volumes on them disapear, followed by the rows and rows of books, to be replaced by a glass tea table and chairs. Aurlilia reapears right after that, carrying a tray with two cups of tea and little sandwiches on china plates. The tray is made of silver, and the handles of the tea cups are gold. This mysterious sorceress seemed to own a fortune.

The peophin wizardess notices you looking at the tray she is carrying, and smiles. "The sorceress and I can create anything we want, but we are not rich at all." She sets the tray down, and tea suddenly filled up the cups, and the sandwhiches on the plates floated down by themself. "You want to know about us, don't you? I cannot tell about Aria herself, but I can tell you a little about me."

You nod, waiting for Aurlilia to continue, while helping yourself to the tuna sandwiches.

"I was born in a faraway land, one that you will not know about, and one I will not speak of. Shortly after my birth my parents moved over to the noble land of Meridell, where the fields were always green and lush, where the sun shines warmly half of the year, and were flowers blossom overnight. But then the plague came." Aurlilia took a deep breath, as if the memory haunted her. "My parents died in that plague, and I was left, alone. A village hedgewitch took me in, teaching me the arts of healing and little curses and spells. The hedgewitch was old, and she died shortly after King Skarl obtained the orb... so I lived alone, until Aria picked me up. I have lived here ever since. I am now a wizardess, able to do virtually anything, even necromancy, although I have tried it only once, and I bought Evelyine back to life becuase of that.

"I have searched far and wide for a home, and even this is not enough. Never be satisfied with what you already have, always seak for more... Wisdom and knowledge is my key to success, and I will tell you this, I am not of this world."

You can't beleive this wizardess, how could someone be alive and in front of you and yet not be of the world around? "How?" You ask.

Aurlilia laughed, but instead of her soft sweet laughter as before, this time it was bone chilling. "Because I have three curses, for the three evils that I have done. The first one is for destroying the amulet valued above everything else to the fairy queen - her tear. For that I have been granted the power to see every death in this world. The second for casting a spell of the undead on my very best friend, and for that the dark faerie gave me a curse. A curse of every amount of damage I do, I feel it myself. And the last one is betrayal. I betrayed my past owner, so the faeries decided to give my soul to another body in another world, and grant me imortality. I am already older than most peophins. Today I am 159 years old. How many friends do you think I have left behind? Imortality is the worst of all of them."

After a few more hours, you leave the cold, grey tower to the outer world of Neopia, still wondering about the imortal peophin, her mysterious mistress, and the steel cold green krawk of worlds long gone.

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