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Pet Name: Arnexx
Owner: ArkAngel1115
Breed: Lupe

About Arnexx:

This is the story of the legendary Lupe Warrior, Arnexx. Hello, I am Arnexx. I was born in a village called Temple Mountain, it is south of the capital, The Lost Desert. Temple Mountain was a village of all pets, but also a home of lowlifes. I was the son of the alpha male in one of the many lupe packs that inhabit the village. A lot was expected of me, since of course my father was a strong warrior. My mother was very wise, and she guided me in learning the ways of the pack. When I became older and stronger I was ready to go on my Journey, the Journey is a test all young lupes in the pack have to go through. If you completed the test then you are ready to begin training to become a defender for the pack. If you fail you must try again. On my Journey I had to go to the ancient temple, and retrieve a treasure from the sister of Coltzan, Colanna. I was making my way up the mountain, when suddenly the weather changed, it began to get colder. And as I tried to make my way up I could not shake off a feeling of something bad happening. I felt I must turn back, when I heard my father say, You Must Keep Going, For The Pack! With that I began running through the blizzard, till finally I could see the Temple. As I trotted up to it the blizzard cleared, and it became sunny. I went through the temple window, when I seen a gold lupe statue. I pounced on it and held it in my mouth. As I was making my way out a strong voice said. "Who steals from my tomb"?
I replied, "I am Arnexx, and I must take this artifact back to my pack."
"Well Destined One, your heart is true, but your pack is in peril. I suggest you get back to them as quickly as you can."

My heart sank, with that I leaped out the window. I believe Colanna made me stronger that day because I ran down that mountain with the statue still in my mouth like lightning. I ran through the market, till I finally came to our stream. Our huts were burning, and all I saw was a young man standing next to my mother, accompanied by a gelert. I dropped the statue, and I became furious. I pounced on the boy, and his gelert clawed me. The gelert and I both were in battle stance, both ready to pounce when my mother spoke, "no, this man saved me and the pack cubs, and others. But, the warriors are gone."
"Father too?"
"Yes." I held back my tears, as a wept in my heart.
"Who did this?" the boy asked.
"It was the rogue lupes," said Akkaya.

That was when the boy helped us find the rogues. We confronted them, "What did you do to our pack?"
"We just taught 'em a lesson, just 'cuz we didn't pass our Journey doesn't mean we aren't strong!" said their leader. Suddenly he pounced on me. I clawed him in the eye, and then kicked him in the stomach. Then I sunk my teeth into his tail and didn't let go till he gave up. "Now, your rogues will never attack our pack again, understand?!" I said.
"Yes, yes please don't!" their leader said. Then I roared, and they ran off never to be seen again. Akkaya said, "Why didn't you do what they did to our old warriors?" "What you mean kill them," I replied. "Yeah, because then we would be as bad as them." That was the day I first met arkangel1115, he asked me if I liked adventure. I said of course. And that was all he had to say to me, I have been with him ever since. After that we went on many adventures. He also trains me a lot too. We still occasionally visit Temple Mountain, where Akkaya leads now. But I still love the life of adventure with arkangel1115. Maybe when I grow old I will go back to living with the pack, but for now I am content living with angel, his gelert nidomace, stag the draik, and the pup Guhlaith_jr.

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