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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Seaseel_2000
Owner: davidsnowflake
Breed: Tuskaninny

About Seaseel_2000:

Hello, I'm Seaseel_2000. (Or just plain Seaseel) I'm a happy blue Tuskaninny living on the wonderful shores of Mystery Island with my owner, davidsnowflake. Being born and raised on Mystery Island, I know the jungle natives very well. Also, the beach is great! I love to go surfing with my petpet, Snowy. (As seen in the picture above.) I'm called Seaseel because Tuskaninnys love the ocean water. (Sea) and 'seel' sounds like seal. (Which I most resemble.) I love my name, it sounds cool!

Myself, I'm very athletic. I may not look like it, but not even the fastest of Meercas (my brother, Partypuppy, included!) can beat me. I'm fast! Davidsnowflake, my owner, even made an obstacle course for me to do daily. I may be fast, but don't challenge me in the Battledome. That's for my other brother, Razzledragon, to do. I can beat the Chia Clown, and the Pant Devil easily, but that's really itoh, well! I guess I'll just go to Coltzan's Shrine a lot more. Also, I LOVE to read. I'm currently clever, and will be getting smarter and smarter. I read every day with my other brother, Rottenshark. It's great fun! Since Rottenshark is really into scientific stuff, he reads books like

This is the story of how I became davidsnowflake's neopet
17 months agoJanuary 27, 2001
Davidsnowflake had just entered the world of Neopia only a few mere hours ago. He was amazed at the shops, places to visit, great games, and all of Neopia! His just-born neopet, Razzledragon, was slowly flying at his side. Walking around the shores of Mystery Island, we noticed a strange egg floating in the water. It was bright blue, with an outline of what I thought was a mermaid's tail. Razzledragon cried out. "That's a Tuskaninny Egg! I wonder what it's doing out here? It's really rare for one to just appear on the ocean. Maybe it doesn't have a home." "I think it needs to be sat on." I said. I picked it up out of the water, setting it on the beach. "Don't even THINK about it." Razzledragon warned him, but in a flash, he was sitting on the egg. He'd been promised he would get a big dinner if he did. After a few minutes of egg-sitting, Razzledragon started to complain. "I'm a Scorchio!" Razzledragon moaned. "Why am I, of all pets, sitting on a Tuskaninny-" he was cut off by a loud cracking noise from inside the egg. "It's hatching!" Razzledragon said, while my new dad just stood there, amazed. Razzledragon jumped off the egg immediately. After lots of hard work, I came out of my shell with my big brown eyes opened big in wonder. I looked at Razzledragon. "Are you my daddy?" I asked. Razzledragon pointed a clawed finger at dad. "Are you my dad?" I asked again, this time to davidsnowflake. "Yes, I'm your new father now," he said with a grin. "I hope he'll grow up to be a great brother," Razzledragon said, as we quickly walked home. "He sure will. But" dad trailed off. "He needs a name!" Razzledragon said. "He was in the sea when he found him," davidsnowflake said, "and he reminds me of a seal from Earth. I know! I'll call him Seaseel_2000." "Nice name, dad!" I said happily. And, together, we all walked home.

Now you know my story. I have to say, I love my brothers and my dad. I want you to know that they all love me too. They all said I should be in the Spotlight!

And now, a word from my owner and his pets about why I should win the Spotlight.

Davidsnowflake says: I think Seaseel is a very talented pet. I love him like a brother. We play every day, and have lots of fun! I think I was amazingly lucky to find him on the beach like that, but I'm really glad I did.

Razzledragon the Christmas Scorchio says: Seaseel is a great brother. I really think I know the most about him, since we were born on the same day. He is a wonderful person to be around with, and he always shares his plushies and other toys with you! He is always encouraging, and never once have I heard him say a bad thing about anyone! To make a long story short, Seaseel is friendly, loyal, and generous, all in one great Tuskaninny.

Rottenshark the Striped Jetsam says: Seaseel is a really good reading buddy. He gives you good ideas, and always listens to yours. I appreciate the guy, because he's always willing to try something new and adventurous. Seaseel is a great big brother.

And, finally, Partypuppy, the red Meerca, would like to say: Seaseel's a good opponent for races! YAHOO!!!! (Zips off)

Well, those are the comments from me, my dad, and my brothers! We're all one big, happy family. I really want to win an award, all of my brothers included! And that is the reason I would like to be chosen for the pet spotlight. Thank you. Goodbye! I'm off to go surfing!

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