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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Articonn
Owner: Cybunnymist
Breed: Poogle

About Articonn:

Hey. I'm Articonn, Arti for short. I am a purple poogle, and I live in a little house in Neopia Central with my brother and two sisters. There is a picture of the whole dysfunctional crowd in the photo above. I'm the chubby guy in the middle.

Before I start rambling on about my family, let me give you a little background on myself. * Ahem *... My life started on October 5, 2000 in less than perfect conditions. I, along with 12 brothers and sisters, was born in a cardboard box behind a 7-11 somewhere in the slums of Neopia to a professional duct tape salesman and a sock model. Sooner or later, the PPS (Poogle Protection Services) guy came along, picked me and a few of the siblings up and sped off to a Poogle Shelter in Neopia Central. It wasn't a huge improvement from my previous cardboard domicile, but it was four walls and three meals a day, so I didn't complain.

The next week, a wonderful thing happened. An Angel came and adopted me! Well, maybe not an angel. More like a pimply, gangly teenager with braces and a warm heart, but she was like an angel to me. Her name was Cybunnymist. (Cybunny, as I called her, always had intense trouble picking out decent names.) A sister joined me soon. She was a pretty blue cybunny by the name of Tarae_. She had serious attitude problems, but I loved her from the second she belched the entire alphabet. A couple more siblings, a brother, _Ember__, and a sister, Hyzenthlay, soon followed. We got along great, and I figured this was the best time of my life.

In the next few years, we became infamous among the owners of some shops, scrounging around for food and haggling until we were kicked out. Needless to say, with four pets, Cybunny didn't have a whole lot of money, but she somehow managed to keep us fed. Somehow, through intense budgeting and lots of luck, she also gave us all pets of our own! That's how I came across Tusker, the Gruslen in the picture having a spaz-attack.

A little something about Tusker: he has serious identity problems. The guy thinks he's a korbat! He has made numerous attempts to fly (they didn't blow over too well. I still have vivid memories of my gruslen in a neck brace and a full body cast after lunging out of a third story window. I laugh to this day!) and even wears little paper wings on occasion. He also has attention issues. (Please note the sign he's holding, and the funky arm movements. Try living with that for weeks. See how sane YOU stay.) He's a great pet though. His teeth make wonderful coat racks, too. I love him very much.

To my left in the picture is _Ember__. He's a wee bit on the odd side. Despite the gothic garb, he is a shameless momma's boy. He'll probably pound me into the ground for saying so, but he does sleep with a teddy bear (named Pookums, no less) at his side. He got into the whole "dark and mysterious" thing to impress this girl kougra he has a slight infatuation with. He even tried to pierce his own ear! Despite our obvious differences, Ember is probably the best friend I ever had. We do everything together. We drive Cybunny nuts sometimes because this inseparability sometimes leads to problems. For example, we both refused to be potty trained. (This was the period where the entire house had to be re-carpeted. I'll leave you to put two and two together.)

As for me, I am the oldest, prettiest, smartest, and most modest out of all of Cybunny's pets. I like to eat, sleep, and play gormball. I'm also single, so if you know any girls that are looking for a handsome, fun loving poogle that likes long walks on beaches and cuddling, tell them that I am their man.

Anyway, that is my life. Hope you enjoyed reading. Remember: "When life is good, smile and don't apologize for things that aren't your fault."

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