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I am a star!

Pet Name: Tyler_Mane
Owner: miss_canada
Breed: Jubjub

About Tyler_Mane:

Hi, I'm Tyler_Mane the JubJub. I belong to miss_canada, who named me after the action star Tyler Mane (anyone seen X-men?) When she first joined she wanted to do the noble thing and adopt a pet, so she adopted two pets (then created 1 sister) then created me. My first brother was a neopet type that had to be 100% redone, and my owner thought it's new look was totally uncute, so she actually gave him to the pound. This frightened me because less then a month later all jubjubs underwent a transformation (the first of 2) making us look too detailed to be cute. But at that time my owner became obsessed with paint brushes and since it was around Halloween changed me in to a pumpkin. It was better then going to the pound. At first it felt a little weird, but then I realized that being a pumpkin made me unique, even though now my brother Joshua 121 wanted to roll me around like a beach ball. Later the second jubjub transformation made me a smoother, cuter pumpkin, so my sister (little_sister2003) was more willing to defend me.

miss_canada is just an average owner who doesn't get on the high score board that often, because she has the tendency to skip from goal to goal. First she had us reading all hours of the day (this was before books were programmed to vanish after 1 use.) I think if she had stuck to that goal my siblings and I would have made it to the book award, but I would have been so stressed from all that studying. She stopped when we were all up to the rank of regular geniuses. Then she realized we were very sad without any toys so she invested in that (I still long those 2 months.) Suddenly one day I awoke to find I wasn't the baby of the family anymore.

Miss_canada missed having 4 pets so she made Andy_Kenny_Sylvia (the ultimate in cuteness....grr....) He was one of the new (at the time) Bruces, who looked like little penguins. She made the rest of us go to the island school while she focused her attention on bringing the baby (I really hated him) up to par in intelligence and mood. So basically THAT LITTLE BRAT GOT TO PLAY ALL THE TIME WHILE I WORKED MY BUTT OFF! (deep breath.......)

Unfourtunatly I needed all the training I could get. I was slow and weak, and I got picked on every day by Joshua121 and my cousins 6AyAnAmI6 ,Li6Bo ,LiL6BaBiE6MoO , and fOrEvEr6YoUnG , who at the time were doing really well. When Andy_Kenny_sylvia was up to par all 4 of us attended classes on Mystery Island at the same time, and if one of us got finished first he or she would have to wait for the others so we could all go home together. Someday I hope to be good enough to go to the battledome (so far the only one of us to fight an opponent other then the punching bag was Joshua 121 and he got beat up pretty badly.) But If I ever want to be an action star I need to train my way up.

Miss_Canada has had big dreams for us neopets. She tried to enter little_sister2003 in the beauty pageant several times, but was always rejected (this was when the competition first started, she has since then given up on this dream, because the pageant is always too crowded.) I think this was because she never put in the effort needed to make a nice head-shot for her. She wanted Joshua121 to be the strongest fighter in the battledome (and she must be doing something right, because a few days ago someone e-mailed her asking to buy him for 5,000 neopoints -- she of course declined.) But over all she just wants us to be happy and experience every thing Neopia has to offer.

We've been in the Neopet Inn (on the most expensive level, with all the extra goodies) as a vacation, even though miss_canada was still at home. All 4 of us had loads of fun eating junk food, and jumping on the bed (so much nicer then what we have at home.) then we went to haunted forest, and the space station to play gormball. Then of course Mystery Island (sometimes I go there when I don't have classes.) The lost dessert is fun, especially when it's my turn to get a wish from Cortez shrine. I've been to farieland a couple of times for quests and (hopefully) free healing and powerups from the wheel of excitement. But my favorite place to visit is terror Mountain, at Christmas time! Miss_canada picks up every day to take us up to get our free gifts. Whenever something new comes we're the first to go see. Although she is pretty bad at Krawk Island games (so we don't get to go there as much), and none of us have joined the neopet army (remember that fad?), and we're not involved with the 'Gormet Club'. I like what I do have, and I know there are pets much worse off then me.

One day my owner came upon a lot of money and decided to start a petpet collection (it wasn't that much money, so she had to go for the cheapest one possible.) Joshua121 got a Spyder (I think it's a very dull pet, but he seems to like it.) I got a gribble that I named hugh_jackman (another X-men reference,) and he was my best friend for a long time, even though he was a boring as a math book. Andy_Kenny_sylva got a rock, when miss_canada won it from the wheel of mediocrity, and Little_sister got a mallard. I was really jealous when Andy_Kenny_sylvia got a doglfox for Christmas, and got to sell his rock. But when my owner finally got around to finishing a brain tree quest she won a Redtail (the coolest little pet ever!) And I got to keep it! I named it angelina_jolie, because it is a big help in the battle dome, but still very pretty and sweet.

A lot of our money goes to our education, so when we have a special treat miss_canada has to choose who to give it to. More often then not she chooses Joshua121, or little_sister, because they have the highest levels. Or to Andy_Kenny_sylvia because he's so little....so sometimes I feel like she doesn't belive in me as much......

Miss_Canada- "Awww, you know that's not true. Even if you don't become famous you'll always be my little star" (big hug.)

by miss_canada
Love and Hope, wraped up in a shell of grace.
My angel by my side
Here we ride
across the ocean
in to my life
though you have no arms,
a shoulder to cry on
with out a voice,
a friend to by my side
everything I know I learned from you
Strength, courage, wisdom,
peace of mind
in a ball of sweetness,
cuddly and cute,
and everything more-

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