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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

MMMMM... Strawberries!!!

Pet Name: Kulakick
Owner: zapkula
Breed: Tuskaninny

About Kulakick:

Kulakick is a Strawberry Tuskaninny. She wasn't always this way. In fact, she used to be a beautiful Faerie Blumaroo. You may be wondering why I changed her to a Strawberry Tuskaninny after wasting that much effort to make her a Faerie. You might even be wondering if Kulakick herself took the effort of stealing some of my NP and buying the potion herself. Well, my reasons are really quite simple. Kulakick had an addiction, and that was the only way to cure her of it.

Kulakick and my other Neopets were usually fed Omelettes and other free foods I discover while wandering around the site. You might consider this cruel to neglect my Neopet in such a way; but when you think of how all three of my Neopets are painted, have Petpets, and tons of toys, a home, and plenty of books; you might reconsider my reasons for not wasting NP on foods. However, I wanted to let my Neopets try some of my culture, having lived ten minutes away from the Louisiana Strawberry Festival's location. I looked up the prices for various strawberry items on Neopets, and finally decided that a Strawberry Milkshake at only 100NP would be an effective and inexpensive sample of my past.

I bought three Strawberry Milkshakes and took them home to my Neopets. Kulakick was flying around outside and was the first to try it. "I LOVE IT!!!" she exclaimed and immediately chugged the other two down as well, leaving nothing for my other two Neopets to try. Im_the_frog_man and Kulaboo weren't very angry. They admitted to not being very fond of milkshakes any way; though I suspected they were just lying to keep Kulakick from being punished. They were very fond of her. I punished her any way by not playing with her that day. She needed to learn her lesson.

The next day I bought Strawberry Ice Cream, remembering im_the_frog_man and Kulaboo's comment on milkshakes. It was twice as expensive, but we could spare it. I really wanted to surprise them with a Baby Paint Brush soon, but I only had half the needed Neopoints any way so I figured an extra day's work would be okay. Yet I didn't even leave the shop when Kulakick came looking for me. She saw the Strawberry Ice Cream and grabbed the bag from me, flying out of my reach as she contently settled down on a cloud and ate it. I never knew a Neopet with such an appetite! Im_the_frog_man and Kulaboo once again said they didn't mind though, and they added that ice cream was just as bad as milkshakes.

Frustrated immensely with this, I went to the Hidden Tower and asked the Faerie Queen what I should do to help Kulakick. She asked me for 600NP and went to get two Strawberry Blend Slushies. She used her powers to set a Chia Clown on Kulakick so I could slip by and let im_the_frog_man and Kulaboo have a taste. Kulakick finished the battle quickly and threw a fit when she learned she had missed the strawberry treat.

That night the Faerie Queen woke me up to warn me. Kulakick was running away! She asked me for nearly 15000NP this time. Bewildered, I gave her access to my bank account, trusting her integrity. She came back and gave me a pack of Strawberry Neodrops and a bottle of Strawberry Tuskaninny Morphing Potion. She told me to dip the Neodrops into the Strawberry Tuskaninny Morphing Potion and then put them back into the bag. As I did I caught on to her idea. I thanked her tremendously before she left, but she begged me to hasten.

I went to Kulakick's room just in time to see her climbing out the window. Kulakick looked back in surprise at the Strawberry Neodrops I offered to her in my hand. She glared at me suspiciously, but only for a moment. She quickly fluttered over and grabbed them from me, tossing them into her mouth. Sure enough, the moment the Neodrops touched her lips she turned into a Strawberry Tuskaninny. Not to mention that she had still been flying at the moment and fell to the floor with a huge bang. She looked at herself in horror and started crying and apologizing, begging me to change her back. I told her I eventually would but I wouldn't be able to if she were to continue her strawberry foods habit. She nodded eagerly and never touched a strawberry item again. Now blueberries on the other hand...

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