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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

I am the spotlight pet!!!

Pet Name: Ryochianna
Owner: Garnetwyvern
Breed: Grundo

About Ryochianna:

Hi, I'm Garnetwyvern. I'm here to tell you a little bit about my purple Grundo, Ryochianna, and why I think she deserves the Spotlight ^_^ Ryochianna was born on the Fourteenth of the Month of Eating, on the Virtupets Space Station, like most Grundos. I went to pick her up after school, with the name and color in mind. "Ryo" means "distant", "chi" means "friend", and the "anna" is added because it sounds nice ^^;

I looked through the rows and rows of newborn Grundos, trying to choose the right one. Most were small and grubby, sucking their thumbs or pacifiers. Most were in diapers, and quite a few were sobbing loudly. To see such tiny beings so sad in a place where no one would take care of them tore my heart up. I wanted so much to take all of them to my Neohome and let each one live a full and happy life.

Finally I stopped at a small purple Grundo. Tiny she was, and it was obvious that she had just been born. She looked simply charming with her adorable orange spots. My Shoyru, Cymysis, was also staring at the same little one. "I like that one," he told me, hovering a few feet in the air to get a better look at her. "Me, too," I answered.

There was something about that one. She watched us with a sense of wonder. No fear, but no arrogance either. She had never seen anything but Grundos before, and was entranced by the sight of these new beings. I'm not sure why that made me want to choose her. I think its because that quiet, shy wonder reminded her of, well, me.

We walked back to our house in Neopia Central slowly, as though we were trying to embed the moment in our minds. Cymysis flew solemnly overhead, and Ryochianna clutched my hand with her bulbous paws, wobbling slightly as she walked. When I showed her our room, the first thing she did was feel around with the pair of antenna on her head. It seemed that Grundos had a a sort of "sixth sense". I offered her four plushies, and she selected the one she liked best-a humming Poogle she calls Bleu- by use of these "feelers". Ryochianna liked to be alone at first. She played alone in her room, sitting on her straw bed and playing with the plushies and her new Floud, Chou Chou. I watched my new little girl sometimes. She had enough imagination to compose her own soap opera - Finnison the Flotsam plushie thought Mrs. Quinn the Quiggle toy was being mean to him; Bleu and Chou Chou were best friends until Bleu got a new Usuki doll; and other such childhood dramas that always had a happy ending. I thought it amazing that this young Neopet, so new to the world, already had such boundless imagination and understanding of human nature.

The young Grundo was awfully antisocial. She refused to play games, and all she did most of the time was play quietly or go to Grundo's for a snack. I was worried about Ryochianna, and wondered if she would ever allow herself to shine.

All my pets have their individual talents, and were proud of them. Cymysis loves to read and has an incredible determination to go to school, Usaginio is a talented artist and a whiz at cards, and Jurokke is literally obsessed with the Battledome. But Ryochianna seems to love to keep her gift to herself, even though we all know she could definately become someone special with it. She could be writer, like Cymysis aims to be, or maybe a toy designer.

I am hoping that if she wins the Pet Spotlight, my Ryochianna's confidence will boost, because if anything, that's all she needs. Maybe if she can be in the Spotlight for a week, she will see that people believe in her and think she is someone special, because I hope you know now that she certaintly is.

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