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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Chibiwolf72
Owner: chibiwolf72
Breed: Gelert

About Chibiwolf72:

It was a warm day in the end of June, 2002. Chibiwolf72 headed outside of her doggy-door to do her business when she came back in holding her leash. I, obviously, knew that she wanted to go for a walk. She's a smart Gelert and knows exactly how to signal what she wants and she isn't shy to show it. Right then, I put on her collar and attached her leash. She handed the end of it to me and we walked out the door. I guess she hadn't done her business out in the yard so we stopped off at a fire hydrant in the park. The leash got tangled around the hydrant when Chibiwolf72 chased her tail around a few times so I had to unravel her before she freaked out. When I went to grab the tennis ball form my pocket, I had to put the leash down for a minute but then when I put the leash under my foot to try and hold it down, Chibiwolf72 went running to the other end of the park! I tripped right over and landed on my back when she did so. My small and jumpy green Gelert headed straight for another Neopet. She ran into a Kau and began sniffing it. The Kau reacted quickly and jumped out of the way. The Kau was going to kick Chibiwolf72 with it's back legs but it didn't. The Kau was blue and belonged to another female owner named mini_buffy. I discovered that the Kau's name was Aralneost and was male. The Kau, now known as Aralneost, began to interact with Chibiwolf72 and they frolicked around once I noticed that I had left Chibiwolf72's leash on. I unhooked it and set it beside me on the bench. I sat beside mini_buffy and we talked for a pretty long while.

Just about an hour and a half later, mini_buffy had to leave for dinner because Aralneost's dinner time was very specific and picky. Mini_buffy arose from her seat and said goodbye and I said goodbye back. We planned to meet again in the park the next day but she told me she wouldn't have been able to make it so I asked if she wanted to come over. "Sure." She said, "But when?" I said I didn't know. I had all the free time in the world but I didn't want to sound that pathetic. I gave her my phone number and she said she'd call me later on. Then she left. Once she wasn't in sight anymore, Chibiwolf72 came and jumped onto the bench. She lay down beside me and fell asleep. Not too much longer later, I fell asleep, too. We slept on the bench and woke up at 9:32 pm. It was passed Chibiwolf72's bedtime! I thought that I'd best get her home to; number one: expect mini_buffy's phone call and number two: get little Chibiwolf72 to bed before she became cranky and had to sleep in the next morning.

The next morning, Chibiwolf72 woke up 10 minutes late. She woke up because of the ringing phone beside her bed. I picked up the phone. It was mini_buffy! She asked if I was currently free to go to the park to have some fun and let our pets have some free fun time. I agreed and we met each other there.

We talked and talked and talked and talked on the same bench until finally, we were completely out of breath. Aralneost and Chibiwolf72 were tired so Chibiwolf72 layed on my lap and fell asleep again. Aralneost fell asleep beside mini_buffy's feet and we sat there for, roughly, a half an hour until our pets woke up. It was mid-noon and mini_buffy went home again for lunch at a very specific time. Aralneost was hungry, too. I suggested to mini_buffy that she bring a little picnic lunch to the park if she came and knew she would be here for a while. She said okay and that she would do so next time. When she left, I saw a photographer photographing an absoloutely beautiful Lupe. The Lupe was in a cute position with her eyelashes fluttering. The light bulb flashed and the photographer yelled, "Next!" so I stepped up and requested a picture of my sweet, little Gelert. He said, "Okay! Get on the grass and be in a good position for a photo!" So Chibiwolf72 leapt onto the grass and lay down with one paw on her chin and the bulb flashed.

Aww, what an adorable picture! I thought as I looked at the picture. I framed it in a heart and put lace around it like a Valentine. That's how that picture was developed! (Actually, I drew it at school when I was bored and coloured it at home when I thought it was cute. Now that I've seen the Neopets Spotlight Contest, I decided to scan it in and enter it!)

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