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The Quest of Transformation!!!

Pet Name: Fusion_Nimmo
Owner: fusion_kid
Breed: Nimmo

About Fusion_Nimmo:

The Quest Of Transformation

As I turned the page in our photo book there was a picture of The Haunted Woods that reminded me of an adventure we once had.

There we were standing on the edge of civilization facing one-way darkness of The Haunted Woods the other fields of lighted land, I looked at my neopets and we all knew what had to be done.

We entered The Haunted Woods, my most trusting neopets Fusion_Nimmo, Fusion_Blumaroo, and I, on a quest to find the witch that stole my Jetsam Morphing Potion. Seconds, minutes, hours passed as we searched The Haunted Woods for this certain individual that has my gift of transformation. As we all looked around there was nothing, nothing but trees and darkness. We were walking on a path or what we thought was a path until we saw a faint light in near distance, it was a sort of light that had a mysterious look to it. As we neared we could see the out line of a strange looking tower, my Nimmo said, "It must be the Witches Tower."
"Yes," I replied, "we are here".

We approached the strange tower and as I walked up to it I touched it with my hand, I could feel all the coldness and evil that was in this single stone. I was startled by a wicked laughter that came from inside this tower. I turned around to face my pets as I did they were looking at each other with a look of terror in there eyes but they looked at me and they nodded. We walked around the tower and found a tall brown door, I told my Nimmo to "Use your Nimmo leap."
Nimmo hit the door with some force and the door sprang open, we all ran in and in a row there we were. I searched the room quickly with my eyes scanning every surface in the tower; I could see my potion on the desk opposite this mutated Korbat, which was obviously the witch's pet. Suddenly the witch sprang up in front of us I told my Nimmo "Get the potion quick!"
"On it!" he shouted while bouncing to it. My Blumaroo shouted to Nimmo "Over here!" as the potion flew through the air then not knowingly the Korbat woke up and found out what was going on. It flew at the potion like a arrow shot from a Evil Bow. As we all stared powerless to do anything the potion came out of the bottle all over my Blumaroo. Suddenly, Blumaroo started to mutate his long tail started to shrink and form a fin on the end, his head grew with his body, his mouth was now full of big strong white teeth and his eyes where big and glaring, he was a Jetsam. While this was going on the witch got her broom out and jumped on then started to fly at us. All of us scrambled for the door before my Nimmo jumped out the door he saw a paint brush on the table, he stopped thought for a while then grabbed it then came running after us.

As we were running as fast as we could out of The Haunted Woods we saw the witch gaining on us. I could see the light of the sun, my Jetsam and my Nimmo got out the woods but I was slower so I was still far back. The witch was really close now, she was about to zap me with her wand but I jumped and managed to get into the sun light. When the witch was hit by the sunlight she vanished into a grey cloud and a hideous laughter.

When I had got my breath back I looked up and there was a gang of Mutant Grundos looking down at me and my neopets, but that's another story to be told another time.

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