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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

I love my family!!!

Pet Name: ZaraZei
Owner: RougeBat
Breed: Cybunny

About ZaraZei :

I guess I'm pretty lucky to have an owner like RougeBat, aka Vanessa. I know some owners would have adopted me just because I was a cybunny and wanted me to show off, and I would get neglected. Not Vanessa. She fought like a wild cat to get me, and she won.

I'm ZaraZei.

I was glad I had siblings when she brought me home from the pound. Three, Pinky_82930, the red poogle, Wockster_D12 the white wocky, and _CheeseWarrior_ the blue shoyru. She had adopted Wockster and Pinky. _CheeseWarrior_ was her first pet, but the youngest too.

As soon as she got me home, she had a present wrapped in green paper that matched my green fur collar and a pink ribbon on it that matched the hearts on my fur collar. Vanessa gave it to me and I opened it. My old owner never got me presents for no reason! I hardly opened the lid when I was asaulted by barking and was tackled by a green blurr. It made a little sound that sounded like "ishkabibble!" and tackled me down, licking me affectionately.

A christmas doglefox! I laughed as the little thing wagged its tail and bobbed up and down like one of those head bobblers on the cars you see driving down bread street. Cheese, pinky, and wockster laughed and rushed to get their petpets. They brought them into our neohome living room and they all played together. My brand new doglefox barked and made his little "Ishkabibble!" noises.
"So what are you gonna name him?" Vanessa asked me.
"mmmm..." I thought, watching it bounce around, barking it's funny notes.
"Ishkabibble!" I announced. My siblings agreed and dangled dog snacks above 'Bibble, watching him jump for them, grabbing them, and gobble them down making his funny little squeak noises. Wockster's angelpuss snuggled up in Wockster's collar. Ishkabibble growled at it and barked.
We all laughed.

You may have noticed I'm not a plain green cybunny anymore. There's a story behind that too!
One day Vanessa and I were exploring. We went to the Terror Mountain, the Mystery Island, and even investigated the Krawk Island's fungus cave. Vanessa was chatting about the retired paint brushes and how she wondered about the new Krawk neopet coming out of the caves when we stumbled upon the Fruit Machine. She shrugged and said "Why not?"
She gave it a spin...
Wowee! We won huge! 15,000 np, a jelly muffin, and...
"that paint brush is retired!" I exclaimed in shock. The speckled paint brush rested in her hands and she gazed at it with wonder. "WOW!"
We went home, our pockets jingling happily with our new neopoints. It was late and we had bought a new plushy for everyone to celebrate. Bibble bounded up our walkway to greet us. It barked it's little bark and wagged its tail furiously. He walked alongside me, panting with pleasure that we were home. Cheese's petpet, an Anubis named Hatshepsut, was laying on the porch. He raised his head, rang out a single bark to alert the others that we were coming, then rested his head back on his paws. That was a mistake. Bibble barked like a wild thing and ran circles around Vanessa and I, nearly knocking us over. The booming bark Hatshepsut emitted put the puppy on full scale alert. He barked and growled and howled at the moon.
"Paint me speckled!" Cheese said happily, flying around.
"You can't be!" Pinky pointed out. "I don't think any of us can."
"Well, Zara can be." Wockster said, "lucky!"
I was in shock. I didn't really want to be speckled. I had my heart set on becoming a faerie my whole life! I told Vanessa so and Vanessa grinned and patted my head in reasurance. "Dont worry," she said, "you don't have to be any color you dont want to be."

A couple days later, I decided. I wanted to be speckled. The "ping pong over grass" look became more and more appealing to me, so I sighed and said "What the heck."

So here I am. I am EXTREMELY pleased with the results of the speckled paint brush, and I never want to change. Now I curl up in my bed with Ishkabibble right next to me, who is learning to control his barks. I snuggle up with him and sigh.
"Goodnight, Bibble" I say.

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