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Pet Name: Kashmir_Azadi2000
Owner: bkstbanana
Breed: Chomby

About Kashmir_Azadi2000 :

As I sit here playing yet another game of Scarab 21, I've been thinking how lucky I am! My owner, my sisters and brother, and I have a really cool time together. Just think 10 months ago, my life was nothing like this. I wasn't saved from evil Sloth or anything but I was saved from a torture all of it's own ... the pound.

Now everything's great, life's relaxing, I spend most of my time playing with my pet khnum, Cleopatra, who I LOVE!! I also like playing games with my sister I3utterfIy, my favorite is definitely PTERATTACK! But my life wasn't always this great...

When I was first adopted, I was happy to have a home, but my brother never stopped reminding me that me being adopted was an accident and my owner just didn't have the heart to put me back. As if my self esteem wasn't low enough... I just didn't feel like I fit in, I mean here I was this fat green thing (I was originally a skeith), trying to fit in with two beautiful unis and an elephante. See my sisters were originally twins and were very close, but they seldom let others into their conversations.

So I began playing games just to get away from it all, that's how come I'm so much better at Destruct-O-Match and Kacheekers than my siblings I suppose, but I still didn't feel part of the family. One day I was really hungry and I ate my brother's basketball. He was so mad at me and he ratted on me so fast! My owner seemed a little shocked that I had eaten a basketball, but I mean I was hungry! The next morning she came up to me though and asked, "Kashmir, how would you like to become a pteri?" I jumped at the opportunity, the rest of the pets were changing, why couldn't I? Plus Tyrannian pets rock!

I started messing around as a pteri for a little bit, and hence my obsession with PTERATTACK began. I'm not an all star but, hey, I'm a master at it, I'm working on being a grand master! I'm actually only a grand master at like three games, but I'm VERY competitive. I was bragging to the other pets how great I was at this game Meerca Chase I had just started playing. My sister, I3utterfIy, just laughed at me. She was like "yeah Tweety, I bet I could beat you by at least 200 points." Yeah right, I thought to myself, what could a uni possibly do right? Well, she kicked my butt ... bad... Actually she did so well she got a magical meerca plushie! I was so jealous, here I am playing games all day and little miss perfect gets a plushie on her first try, then I really felt like a reject.

That magical meerca plushie changed everything though. One day she was showing it off to everyone and she just started changing! Right before our eyes l3utterfIy changed into a meerca! I3utterfIy was depressed for weeks, it seemed her ego died out with her uni wings. My other siblings wanted nothing to do with her, and although she had picked on me so many times, I felt I should talk to her. Thus the start of our friendship.

Things turned around from there, I3utterfIy would stand up for me whenever the other two picked on me. I remember one day we all went to Maraqua together, we wanted to battle, and had picked the Water Dome the place to go! Through some twists and turns we found each other all helping each other prepare for battles, giving each other elixirs when we were hurt, and just having a great time. My siblings, I3utterfIy, I3anana, and CherryCoIa were great, fun, pets after all, I guess they just weren't ready for a new addition to the family, to share the love, and books, and OMELETTE! YUM! As long as I live I will love omelette!!! Er... um anyway...

The next week was wonderful! My owner announced it was officially my turn to go to the training school! I was ecstatic, all this time I had thought she didn't take me because she hated me, it never occurred to me we were just taking turns. (Give me a break I was young!) That week I also became a CHOMBY!! I was so happy, I mean out of all the pets, I was chosen to be the coolest Tyrannian pet! I was starting to feel a little better about myself, but I still had low self esteem.

Then there was the arrival of a new world in Neopia. The Lost Desert. We were all sad to see Maraqua go, but I3utterfIy and I were fascinated by the new wonders to be seen in the Lost Desert. I3utterfIy and I curiously walked around, when we arrived at the Paintbrush Stall. That's when I saw the image of a desert chomby! I3utterfIy agreed, I would look great in desert. So I came up with a whole plan on how to convince my owner she should paint me desert, but in the middle of Reason #46 she stopped me. "Kashmir, actually I was reading that in Faerieland for a limited time, if you meet some sponsors, you can get painted for free, I was going to have you all check it out later today."

I was so excited! But when we got there, a problem arose. You had to get two sponsor coupons to be painted, and there were only four sponsors, so only two of us could get painted. I wanted this desperately! So we played Scarab 21, highest two scores get painted, that was me and I3anana! I was so happy! So here I am many months later a desert chomby! I've been a changed pet since then; you would not believe what a boost of confidence you can get from being painted!

In fact, I convinced my grundo friend lrvy to get painted, and he's a lot happier now too! I would highly recommend it. Things are great now! lrvy and I are starting to read a lot more now. CherryCoIa and I like doing jobs at the employment agency. Now I3utterfIy's trying to beat ME at PTERATTACK, haha good luck! I really, really feel part of a family now. I don't fight with any of my siblings, although CherryCoIa and I3anana are in a bit of an argument right now.

But things are great, Chomby Carnival is great, we have sooo many plans! And if any owners are reading this ... adopt from the pound, you could turn a pet's life around! I was a level 1 skeith with all below average stats, and look at me now! And to Chombys everywhere, thanks for reading, and don't get run over by any fungus balls!

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