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I am happy to have a family!!!

Pet Name: Acara3000
Owner: KayTayzee
Breed: Kougra

About Acara3000 :

As I opened my tiny eyes, all I saw was the brightness of the sun. As soon as my eyes had contrasted to it, I looked up and saw a cold face staring down at me. She had red hair and wrinkles on her face, and held the coldest stare in her eyes. I smiled at her and whispered my first words, "Mama?" She looked up at the Create-A-Pet Manager angrily and started yelling, "I didn't ask for this stupid Kougra! I wanted an ACARA!!! Can't you tell the difference between two horns and claws?!" The Manager shook his head and said calmly, "I'm afraid you must keep her, you pressed Kougra instead of Acara. Either you keep her, or abandon her." The redheaded lady raised an eyebrow and smiled deviously, "Where did you say the pound was?"

The woman hauled me off to the pound quickly. As we entered the building, a pretty pink Uni smiled at me, "Are you going to adopt a new brother or sister?" She asked. The rude lady pushed her aside and strode towards a mean looking Techo. I shuddered as he looked at me with his black beady eyes. The woman slammed a bag of 80NP onto his desk and shoved me into his arms. He nodded and smiled as he stood up and started towards a door that read, Abandon. The old lady looked a me and smiled as she waved before whirling around and disappearing..

As the old Techo opened the door, a strong odor wafted its way to my nose. I sniffed it and made a face of disgust. The Techo only smiled and laughed. As he walked slowly down aisles and aisles of crying Neopets thrown into old, filthy cages, tears stung my eyes as I thought to myself, is this how I will live my entire life? In a cold, old cage in a drafty and filthy room? Suddenly, the Techo stopped in front of an empty cage. He unlocked the cage door and tossed me in. I fell in face-first, crashing my chin against the icy cage floor, knocking myself unconscious. The last thing I remember was the sound of a slamming cage door and jingling keys locking me in..

I woke up the next morning, a throbbing pain pulsing through my veins. I looked around and my sight was slightly blurry. I shook my head, increasing the throbbing pain but clearing my distorted vision. I looked around again and saw crying Skeiths behind bars, Korbats locked to their tiny leg manacles, Kikos and Kois in sealed aquariums, all of whom were crying sadly.. I sniffed a little and looked over to the cage next to me where a snoring creature lay sleeping. I nudged him slightly and he stirred. I nudged him again and this time, his eyes flew open as he looked alertly around crying out, "Fire! where?!" I giggled slightly and smiled, " No.. There isn't a fire.." The creature relaxed a little before saying, "Hello, I am Kougra23k.. Who might you be?" I offered him my paw and he shook it, his grip firm and strong. "My name is.. Is.. Um.." I didn't know my own name! "Acara3000?" He finished for me. I looked at him curiously and he pointed to my name collar. "Oh.. Yes, I'm Acara3000.." This time he looked at me curiously, "But you're a Kougra?" I sighed, "That's what got me into this place.." He nodded his head. I turned to him, "You're not a Kougra though.." He chuckled, "Same thing! I'm an Acara.." I gasped, "So I was supposed to be like you.." ".. And you were supposed to be like me.." He finished for me. I nodded and sighed, "Well, looks like I'd better get comfortable, I'll be staying here for a looong time.."

After that day, I spent every night, crying myself to sleep thinking everything was my fault.. Then, one morning, after being in the pound for four moons, a visitor came. Everyone was excited, grooming themselves and being on their best behavior. I only curled myself up in the corner and stared into nothingness. As soon as she entered the Adoption Agency, the whole room grew silent. The only thing heard were the jingling of cage keys, the pads of bare, human feet, and the clunking of Uni hooves. The sound came closer and closer to the end, where my cage was. Suddenly, it stopped. I heard my cage door slide open and whirled my head around, to come face-to-face with a young human. She was like one I had never seen! She wore silver, white, and black clothing, almost like a Faerie's clothes, and she had black crescent moons and diamond stars on her face. She had medium sized Faerie ears and dark brown, almost like delicious chocolate, hair. She stared at me with her deep, crystal blue eyes and smiled. She carefully and gently picked me up out of my cage and caressed me. I rendered myself helpless against her warmth and love, just curling there in her arms. She looked up at the pretty pink Uni and smiled, mouthing, "She's the one..."

That day I came home to a large, beautiful mansion. I entered the luxurious hall of chocolate, breaking off a piece of the wall and nibbling it hungrily. She smiled and laughed, carrying me up the golden stares into my new room. I gasped. I was made completely of the clouds, as if it were the clouds from Heaven that everybody longs to fall asleep on. She laid me gently on a comfortable pink and told me to stay put. I obeyed her and didn't move an inch, only looking around at this beautiful room that was going to be mine. Suddenly, she entered the room with three other kinds like me in her arms. She set them down in front of me, and I noticed that one was Silver, one was White, and one was Black. I glanced at her and noticed they were her colors. She smiled, "Acara3000, meet your new siblings. Lunarazi," She said, pointing the White one, "Mignony," She said, pointing to the Black one, "and Gelert798.." She said, pointing to the Silver one. "Hi!" The trio cried out in unison. I smiled. "Hi.." I replied. I had a warm feeling in my heart, it started to tingle and my stomach felt like there were millions of butterflies fluttering around in it. My new mistress smiled at me and said, "I am Evazia Silver. Mostly known around here as KayTayzee." My smile grew, ear-to-ear. I had a feeling, life was going to be great....

Later on I was painted the most respectful color, Faerie. Now I fly around the mansion, occasionally giving rides to my brothers. Sometimes I even fly back to the pound to have nice little chats with Kougra23k through the barred windows of the Agency. Maybe someday he will be adopted, maybe changed.. I will never know, for my mistress has learnt to respect that names don't matter to a person, personality does...

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