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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

I love my family!!!

Pet Name: Lollipop_242, Lollipop_2, Quatre_2222, and Kari_297
Owner: archer400
Breed: Poogle, Chomby, and Uni

About Lollipop_242, Lollipop_2, Quatre_2222 and Kari_297 :

Lollipop_242: Hiya there!! Just for future reference I'm the green Poogle buried in my fave book ever All about Faeries. As I'm sure you're already well aware of, there are two poogles in the pic. Of course I'm the older one however the smaller pink one is my younger twin bro. His name's Lollipop_2. Huh he's so immature it is untrue I mean.......
Lollipop_2: Me immature! Just cos I'm the youngest there's no need to pick on me. You know that you couldnt live without me.
Kari_297: Er yes we could.
Lollipop_242: Just to let you know Kari_297 is the Uni over there. She's a glamour......
Kari_297: I think I can talk about myself without any help ya know. Anyway I am by far the most gorge of our owner archer400's pets. I mean Uni's are just great aren't we. And now I'm a faerie Uni (smiles and flashes off her eye lashes)
Lollipop_2: (sticks his tongue out behind her back) You're big headed!!!
Quatre_2222: What has everyone forgotten me. Hello I'm the disco fever chomby over here???
Lollipop_242: No we haven't but I'm sure people don't want to read about us arguing, do they???
All: (heads down) No :(
Lollipop_242: O.K back to basics. Quatre_2222 is the eldest. He was a twin with Quatre_2 but my owner (archer400) didn't want two chomby's so she had to put one in the adoption centre.
Quatre_2222: Yeah back then I was a yellow chomby, then I played with a magical red chomby plushie and turned red. I stayed that for a while before my owner bought me a magical blue chomby plushie. So then I was blue.
Kari_297: Yeah that way you wouldn't look like a girl. I mean pink or red or whatever so doesn't suit a guy. It makes you look like a baby girl, just like Lollipop_2 (smirks).
Lollipop_2: Just cos I'm the youngest and I'm pink doesn't make me a baby. I'm tougher than all of you combined so there (sticks out his tongue)
Quatre_2222: Anyway like I was saying I was blue for a while but then with the aid of the rainbow fountain I was turned into a funky, hip dude.
Kari_297: So I used to be a red uni but then I was turned into a Faerie Uni by the rainbow fountain. It's no big deal (shrugs).
Lollipop_242: Can you all stop arguing for just five minutes, please. Anyway Kari_297's the second eldest and then it's me and Lollipop_2. (me being the eldest)
Quatre_2222: Fine. Anyway our stories are nothing next to Lollipop_2's. I mean he wouldn't even be here with us if he hadn't come down with Dachoo.
Kari_297: Why us. Why did we get lumbered with him. I mean aren't poogles supposed to be Limited edition or something.
Lollipop_242: Yeah well I'll explain why have an annoying twin brother with almost the same name as me. O.k my owner was creating another pet (she already had Kari_297 + Quatre_2222) anyway by accident she made two poogles. Me and my bro. She was going to put him in the adoption centre but just before she did, she had a go on the Wheel of Excitement.....
Lollipop_2: Yeah and I caught Dachoo, and then Neopkins cost around 6000 np. So by the time she'd saved up to get them for me, she couldn't bear to part with me.
Kari_297: Shame.
(Lollipop_2 growls at her but says nothing)
Lollipop_242: Now, now I said no arguing. You guys are always at it.
Lollipop_2: She's just jealous because I'm stronger than her.
Kari_297: Er no, you're just jealous cos I've been painted and you haven't.
Lollipop_242: WILL YOU TWO QUIT IT PLEASE!!!!!!!!!
Quatre_2222: Come on Lollipop_2 how about a quick training session in the battledome.
Lollipop_2: Yeah anything to get away from miss fashion guru over there. Oh yeah I nearly forgot, I need all the extra practice I can get.
Quatre_2222: Yeah, why?
Lollipop_2: Cos I'm determined to be the one who defeats Dr Sloth, once and for all.
Kari_297: (laughing hysterically) In your dreams Lollipop_2.
Lollipop_2: It's my dream so don't laugh.
Kari_297: So you'll succeed where everyone else, including the Faerie queen have failed.
Lollipop_242: Come on guys, we all have dreams, and we're the only one's who can fulfil our dreams no one else.
All: Yeah you're right.
Lollipop_242: You see. We may all be different, and we do argue but we all love each other. I just hope that if anyone could be bothered to read our story that you appreciate what we're saying. Dreams can come true at Neopets. Kari_297's came true, she finally became a faerie Uni. So hey who knows, maybe someday Lollipop_2's dream will come true. Bye for now :)
Lollipop_2: (whispering) Choo Choo. It will come true, I'll make sure off it ;)

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