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I love Ketchup!!!

Pet Name: heinzbirdy
Owner: heinz57babe
Breed: Lenny

About heinzbirdy:

Once upon a time there was a very lonely Lenny. His name was Heinzbirdy, and he loved ketchup! He ate it all day and all night. He was convinced that he couldn't live without it. He put it on ice cream, pizza, soup, and even chocolate! But all that was normal for him! But Heinzbirdy was always so lonely! He didn't have any friends at all. It was only him and his ketchup. He had had a hard life. And this was his life:

One morning Heinzbirdy woke up in his crib. When both of his parents were gone. He was only a little lenny. He was quite advanced for his age though. He could read, write, and walk. His parents felt very intimidated by this fact though. They were not very bright, if you get my drift. They always had wanted to become circus pets. But once they had Heinzbirdy they weren't able to do this. So one day his Mom decided to leave Heinzbirdy with his dad and accomplish her dreams. That wouldn't have been a real big problem if his dad hadn't done the same exact thing on the same exact day. So that left Heinzbirdy all alone at the age of 2. He had no other family that he could go stay with either.

So that begun Heinzbirdy's life, without any family and friends. Of course the nest that they lived in was taken from him because he couldn't pay any of his bills. So he was broke and homeless, but worst of all he was lonely. He never stayed anywhere very long. Because of that he never went to school. But more then anything he wanted a friend. So over the years he made up an imaginary friend. His name was Buddy. He was another Lenny just like himself. They became very close and for once in Heizbirdy's life he felt content.

Soon Heinzbirdy grew up just as all Lennys do. And soon he realized that Buddy wasn't real. He was deeply saddened by this. But he knew if he didn't keep on moving he would just die. So Lenny pushed on. Finally one morning he found this little town called Proudville. At this little town everyone was proud of themselves. A little too proud for Heinzbirdy though. But he decided to try it there for a while. He made a home for himself there and even got a job at a local restaurant, Light as a Feather. At this restaurant, only Lennys were allowed to work there. They had to deliver the food from table to table by flying. So Lenny made a home and got a job. But still had no friends. At this town everyone already had friends and were not willing to make new ones.

So this is were our story really begins. As I said earlier Heinzbirdy loved ketchup, remember? Well, one day he awoke and went to get the ketchup for his cereal but there was none left! He was shocked. He couldn't believe that the ketchup was actually gone! But all of a sudden a little blue blumaroo fairy popped up.

"Who are you?" asked Heinzbirdy.
"I am here to tell you were you can find some more ketchup," said the fairy.
"Oh, please tell me where. I'll do anything!"
"Well, it's quite a ways," said the fairy.
"Oh I'll go to the moon for ketchup," Said Heinzbirdy.
"Do you mean that?" asked the fairy.
"Of course, why?" replied Heinzbirdy.

"Because that's where you're going to have to go," and with that the fairy was gone with a little puff of smoke. In her place was a map. It was called the journey for ketchup. Heinzbirdy packed right away. He was so excited to go and get ketchup. And so Heinzbirdy was off on his journey to find ketchup.

He traveled for quite a while. He was supposed to be finding a bridge that would take him to the moon. He was getting quite tired and he really was thirsty. So before he entered the next forest he decided to stop at a nearby stream. There he ran into a lupe named Max.

"Who are you?" asked Max.
"I am Heinzbirdy on my way to find ketchup. I mean you no harm," said Heinzbirdy.
"Oh, well I'm Max. You're not going to go into this forest alone are you?" asked Max.
"Well, it's on my way so yes, why?" replied Heinzbirdy.
"Haven't you heard? This forest is haunted. The only animal that they even let through is lupes. They wouldn't even let you in. " said Max.
"Oh no! This is terrible how am I going to get through! I can't believe I'm never going to have ketchup again because of a stupid forest!" yelled Max.
"Wait a minute, calm down! I'll take you through the forest myself," said Max.
"You would do that for me?" asked Heinzbirdy.
"Yes, now lets go," said Max. They were on their way. They didn't talk much in the forest. But afterwards Heinzbirdy had a question for Max.
"Would you like to come the rest of the way with me, Max?" asked Heinzbirdy.
"I can't Heinzbirdy. My place is here. We will meet again someday," said Max. Heinzbirdy didn't understand what he meant by it but he would one day.

So Heinzbirdy moved on. By this time he was getting real tired. All he wanted to do was go home. But because of his love for ketchup he pushed on. He was just about to go over another hill when he heard a little cry for help. It sounded like a little animal. Heinzbirdy looked around and then he saw where it was coming from. It was a little Lenny who had fallen out of it's nest!

"Help, Help! Mommy!" cried the little bird.
"Oh, where is your nest?" asked Heinzbirdy.
"I don't know. I was just trying to fly and I fell. My mommy was out getting my dinner," replied the little bird.
"What's your name?" asked Heinzbirdy.
"I'm Billy, who are you?" he said.
"I'm Heinzbirdy and I'm on a quest to find ketchup," he said.
"Billy, oh Billy! Where are you? Honey?" said a voice from up above.
"Mommy I'm down here!" Cried Billy.
"Oh, she can't hear you. Here climb up on my back and I'll fly you up there," said Heinzbirdy. Billy did this and soon saw his mother. They were then reunited thanks to Heinzbirdy.
"Oh I can't thank you enough," said Billy's Mom over and over.
"It was my pleasure," Heinzbirdy. And then his journey continued.

He was walking along and he suddenly fell into a hole. It was a very deep hole. It looked like someone dug it on purpose. Then he heard a voice coming to the hole.

"I knew that I'd catch you eventually," it said, "wait your not the petpet I wanted! Hey who are you?" the poogle asked.
"I am Heinzbirdy. Would you mind helping me out of here?" said Heinzbirdy.
"Oh yeah, sorry about that. My name is Maggie. I was trying to catch myself a petpet, but you're not one," said the poggle.
"No, I'm certainly not. Hey you wouldn't know where to find the valley of sunshine would you?" asked Heinzbirdy.
"Of course I do. Why do you need to go there though?" asked Maggie.
"I'm on a quest for ketchup and I need to go through there to get to the bridge," he said.
"Sure, I'll take you there personally too! Lets go!" said the poogle. So they set out to the valley of sunshine. Heinzbirdy had almost completed his journey. After they reached the valley of sunshine they said good-bye. Heinzbirdy was there. He could see the bridge. He walked to the bridge and climbed over it. He was there! He made it. And there was plenty of ketchup just like the fairy had said! For once he was proud of himself. He packed up all the ketchup he could carry (which was enough to last a lifetime) and went home.

When he arrived he was greeted with a great surprise. All of the people he had met on the way were there! Billy and his mother, Maggie, and Max! Now he knew what Max had meant! He was finally happy! All of his new found friends stayed and had a ketchup party in honor of Heinzbirdy. And finally Heinzbirdy was not lonely anymore!

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