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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

I AM Strawberry!!!

Pet Name: Razypu
Owner: Seel24
Breed: Zafara

About Razypu:

Hoy hoy all!! I bet'cha can't guess what my name iz!!! *Hears you call her name* Oh drat....*Loox up* OH, that's because it's up there!! You cheaterz!! *Sticks out her tongue*

Anyway, I'm here in Pet Spotlight, as you know. I'm just going to tell you a bit about myself:

My name is Razypu! (As we've been over for the umpteenth time) I was born a cute lil yellow Zafara. Back when Zafaras resembles that cute lil ferret, with very little deltail. Life was good then, I loved to play Kacheek Seek!! Alot of time went by when I was in that form, then, we evolved into a more sophisticated form. It looked pretty much the same, cept with more detail. I loved that form! It was so easy to move around, and get places with my slender body. THEN, mayhem hit. Zafaras evolved into a more dragon bunny form (The pressent Zafara). I could feel my bones grinding in my body as I changed shape and size XP Boy, I dont ever want to go thru that again...

Shorty after the change, a new game called Meerca Chase arrived. Everyone went mad on getting a Magical Meerca Plushie, to see what it would do (At this point in time, they didnt have the warning that it would alter your pet...) So Seel slaved over the computer for weeks trying to get one (She's not that good at playing!! ^^ *Sees Seel's evil glare* ok, I'll shut up..) So after she got it, she decided to give it to me... that was the worst thing that ever happened to me...I turned into a blue Meerca!!!! AAHHH!!! The horror!!! I hated my new body, it was so round, and the legs...*tsk* they couldn't do a thing! I could only wave them around, I was like a bloated blueberry!!...but that tail, man! Could I zoom! As the few months went by, I grew used to my Meerca shape, but I stilled longed for the day when Kauvara would make a Zafara Morphing Potion.

That day finally came, right when we were about to give up hope. It took us a while to get the money to afford one, and by the time we got the money, the prices for a Yellow XMP had dropped to about 7,000 np. So we bought one, and I was changed back into a yellow Zafara! It took me a while to get used to my Zafara body again, and I'm sure I'll always miss the Meerca one in some way.

Seel said to make up for what had happened, she would buy me a p/b!! Any one I wanted! I had always wanted to be gold, so she used the last of her money to buy a gold paint brush.

But the side effects to that were even more amazing!! I turned into Neopias first strawberry Zafara!! I loved that even more than the gold coat! Digitaly, I AM a gold Zafara, but physically, I'm Strawberry, so ignore what my pet look up says :P

We probobly have the largest family in Neopia. I have a mate named Ruffzy, whome I addore more than anyone, and so does Riyuku and Perela. So if you went into Plommy88's family (Riyuku's mate) then theres a lot there, and then for Ruffzy's family, and then for Tenchi476 *pant wheez* THEN we have all these cousins, I could go on FOREVER naming them all, so I'll just stop there. *Whispers* And did'ja know that CHinchirorin and Aralagadoo broke up? It's sad, she told me not to tell anyone...*Sees Aralagadoo's evil glare* ok, I'll shut up now...

Naturally, me and Riyuku are the worlds biggest trouble makers! We paint stripes down other pets backs (Plommy should know how that feels!! ^~) *Sees Plommy's evil glare* Okeee...... ANYWAY, me and Riyuku love causing trouble no matter where we are... I don't think I'll go into deltail.

Im also a pretty flexible person. I love all sorts of music, movies, games, blah blah blah, etc. etc. etc. Some people say im a funky Zafara.... HEY, I think I'll make a web page for that and enter it for Site Spotlight!!! *Runs off, forgetting she was already in Pet Spotlight*

Seel: *sigh* That Razypu! Well, she's really a handfull, running off and always starting new things....and making trouble!

Hope you had a good time reading Razypus (LONG, BORING) life story!! ^^ *Sees Razypu's evil glare* heh....

Well, BYE!!! =3

~Seel~ & RaZyPu

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