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I love my owner!!!

Pet Name: Arenshuphis
Owner: Nechmetawaj
Breed: Eyrie

About Arenshuphis:

My name...Arenshuphis. My purpose...to protect and be a companion Nechmetawaj. This is my story....

Long before the Neopets we know today walked Neopia, strange and fearsome creatures roamed the lands of Tyrannia. I, was one of them. I was born into a flock of 13 Eyrie brothers, a father, and a mother. I was the youngest, and most favored out of my 13 brothers. My brothers (forgive me, I cannot remember their names) were quite jeaous of me, they worked by cleaning, and hunting, while I looked at slabs of rock with writing on them. I did not like what I was doing, my father had taught me to read and write. Every evening I would try to play a nice game of prehistoric Gormball with my siblings, but they all refused. Even my oldest brother, who I was closest to, turned his back on me.

When I was 19, my brothers tricked me into watching the herd of ancient BaaBaas while they went swimming in the massive pool in Tyrannian Jungles. When I found them, I was very dissapointed. Father found me, and asked what was wrong. "..Ehh...oh....my brothers are swimming in the pool.." I stammered, not believing that I had just told on my brothers. Now I would never be accepted by them! Furious, Father quickly punished my brothers, and I watched as each one gave me a mean glare as they flew up to our tree.

When my brothers punishment was over, I had gotten lost, trying to find a stray BaaBaa who had wandered off from the heard. I glanced around at my surroundings, I soon learned that I was in Tyrannia Plateu. Surely I would die of heat, so I started yelling for my brothers. I shouted each of their names, until they appeared around the corner. "We are right here, Arenshuphis." the second youngest said. Relieved, I ran and embraced him. He stared at me, his eyes full of a unnatural concern. Suddenly, three huge Skeiths dressed in fashionable clothing appeared. Confused, I looked at my brothers, then to the Skeiths. One big blue Skeith grabbed my wings, and pulled me towards them. He had a tight grip over my feathery wings, pain shot up through my back. "600 in gold, as you agreed..", the green Skeith said, tossing my brothers a small sack containing gold. What were they doing?! "Wha....brothers....this is gotta be a joke..?" I said, fear catching up in my throat. "No joke, slave." The blue Skeith said, tying my paws together. "Huh? Brothers!! Help me! Help!" I screamed, in disbelief, my brothers slowly turned around and walked away from me. "I'm your brother! I'm your brother!" I screamed, watching as they dissapeared into the horizon.

It seemed like weeks as we crossed snowy mountains, until finally reaching a hot, desert climate. Rough sands beat up against my weak body, and several times I was kicked to keep going. I was dying of thirst and hunger. Many moons passed, until one dreadful morning. I gazed up at the massive towers of white blocks, each tower covered in strange symbols. Was I in the Sakhmet? Indeed, I was. Several shop owners beckoned the Skeiths to their items, but looked at me in a snotty way. "Where is the Slave Market?" the green Skeith asked a Kyrii clad in white robes. The Kyrii motioned to his left, and I trudged on behind the Skeiths. When we approached the slave market, I was thrown against a wall, as slave owners inspected me. "Looks like he hasn't worked a day in his life!", a brown Lupe said, pinching me in my sides and grabbing my beak. I looked at the ground, trying to believe that this was a dream. "What about this one?" a deep voice of a Elephante asked. Lifting my eyes from the ground, I saw a human girl, about 15 looking at me. She was dressed in white robes, and golden bracelets and accessories adorned her body. Her dark red hair and brown complexion made her seem magical. "He will do." she told the Elephante, waving her hand.

I began my life as a slave for the woman, who I soon learned her name was Nechmetawaj. She was very impressed on how I could read and write. After two years of being a slave, she soon claimed me as her pet. I was taken from the ragged clothes on my body, to beautiful silken clothing, gold bracelets, and a maginficent headdress.

So now I live happily with Nechmetawaj, who is a priestess. I learned valuble skills in healing, she taught me how to make special potions, and remedies for sickness. I do admit that I am finally happy.

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