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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -


Pet Name: Achilles81, MaxKanine, and Moeioe
Owner: Tdyans
Breed: Gelert, Lupe, and Moehog

About Achilles81, MaxKanine, and Moeioe:

Achilles81: Hi, I'm Achilles81 the cloud gelert, and I'm here with my brothers MaxKanine and Moeioe to tell you about...well, about ourselves.

MaxKanine: You see, our owner Tdyans thinks that we're some pretty great and unique Neopets (but then, what owner doesn't feel that way). Anyway, she suggested that we talk to you and see if you agree and let us be on the Pet Spotlight. So, let's get started.

Achilles81: Okay, I was Tdyans' first pet ever, so I've been around for a long time and done a lot of stuff. For instance, I was actually in the Battledome League Knockouts! You can even read about my adventures there in Issue 53 of the Neopian Times (Tdyans helped me write it.) In fact, Tdyans and I like reading and writing so much that we themed my homepage after it, with links to all her stories and articles in the Times as well as writing tips and reading recommendations. I used to be just a plain blue gelert. When the cloud gelert got improved, we got a cloud paint brush as fast as we could and headed over the the Rainbow Pool. I think I look pretty nifty!

MaxKanine: You do. Well, I'm MaxKanine, and I'm not painted like Achi and Moeioe, but that's just because I like my fluffy green coat so much, and Tdyans agrees. In fact, that's one of the first things that attracted her to me. You see, Tdyans didn't create me like she did Achi. Achilles81 was such a great pet that she'd been thinking about creating another. She didn't really think much about adoption, but for some reason she just kept being drawn back to the pound, though she didn't know why. I'd been in the pound a long time and was starting to despair of ever finding a new owner. Then one day, as she was browsing through, she saw me, and as she likes to say, it was love at first sight. Ever since then, Tdyans and I have been big advocates of adoption.

Achilles81: Which is why when she started thinking about another pet, much later, she of course headed straight to the pound. It took a long time, but she knew that eventually she'd find the pet that was meant to be the newest addition to our family just like she found Maxi...and then finally she did. His name is Moeioe. Have you ever seen that many vowels in a row? But Tdyans thinks it's a cute name, and he's grown on us too.

MaxKanine: Yeah, but where is that little moehog?...Oh, here he comes flying in, practicing with his new faerie wings.

Moeioe: Aaaaoooooo...

Achilles81: Oh boy, here we go.

MaxKanine: You see, when Tdyans brought Moeioe home, he was only four hours old. Remembering how scary the pound could be, and also how scary a new home could be at first, I took him under my paw and we became really close. The only problem is, now he likes to act like he's a lupe just like me. He's only just learning to talk, but he's a really good howler--

Moeioe: Hey everybody, I'm Moeioe; that's pronounced Moe-ee-oh in case you didn't know. Aren't I cute? Lots of people don't like Moehogs and think they're ugly, so we don't get much attention, but I hope being in the Pet Spotlight with my big brothers will change all that. Tdyans says Moehogs are some of the cutest pets of all, it just takes a special eye to see it. So, I'd never want to be anything but what I am, a Moehog. Well, except maybe a Lupe like Maxi here. You should see my homepage, it's everything I know about Lupes. Sometimes I think I know more about them than they do themselves. Aa-aaaoooooo, ruff, ruff.

MaxKanine: Ha, you've got that right Moeioe. Hey, that sounds like fun...

Maxi and Moeioe: Aaaaooooooo....

Achilles81: Oh boy, when those two get started, there's no stopping them. Well, we hope we've shown you what great pets both adopted AND created pets can make. Goodbye! Oh well, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em...

All three: Aa-aaaooooooo....

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