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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

I love being in the spotlight!!!

Pet Name: Wyndchyme
Owner: StarsintheSkies
Breed: Aisha

About Wyndchyme:

O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?
Deny thy father and refuse thy name;
Or, if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love,
And I'll no longer be a Capulet.

Hey! Welcome everyone! :: waves a tiny paw :: My name is Wyndchyme, and that strange looking person is Stars. Technically she's my owner, but she doesn't feel like it. Stars is a friend.

She's submitted me for this 'cause I've never won anything before. Can you believe that? I am friendly, sweet, pretty, talented, and obviously not modest! But I am honest, so it is all true.

That picture above. 'S good, isn't it? I look prettier than usual- but it didn't win me the Beauty contest. So I'm trying now.

Even though Aishas are a small species, I'm smaller than usual. I look too skinny and out of proportion- my legs and ears and tail are too long, my body's too short. I've also got half a third set of ears, not properly developed. My eyes are sapphire blue, my fur the colour of sky. My voice is quite high and flute-like, with the merest trace of an English accent- 'cause, well, Stars is English and she's cared for me ever since I was a kitten. And of course, there are my wings. You can't call me beautiful, but I *am* pretty- Stars assures me there is a difference. I'm slim, graceful and elegant, so I look kinda translucent.

I adore singing. And acting. Or more specifically, Shakespeare. 'Romeo and Juliet' is my favourite play, but I also like Macbeth, and I really want to read King Lear. I like reading Stars' Discworld books too- I *always* take them when she's not looking! I am apparently innocent, but I can swear in Dwarfish and Uberwaldean, am a tough Battledome fighter, and I'm much stronger than I look! I can get fiery and quick tempered, I'm outrageously sarcastic and cynical, and I can be bouncy, high and caffeinated without any caffeine- a feat in itself.

I think my most favourite thing ever is my Warf. Stars named him Sam after the Commander of the Ankh-Morpork City Watch, and it was a name I liked so it stuck. I still have my first plushie: a red Blumaroo called Rincewind, and all of my Mystery Island treasures are stored in a safe place in my room. I've also got a Shoyru plushie which I love 'cause it reminds me of someone...

I also like to hang out with my sisters- Embarella, a Rainbow Zafara, and LucyDiamanda, a Silver Kougra. They're great, but in many ways my complete opposite! So we do fight a bit... They always criticise my eating habits, 'cause I have a minor passion for tropical food, and they think I'm a slob, which I can't argue with 'cause it's true! I'm just a *tad* messy! Lucy's a neat freak, but Ella just looks on disdainfully. Although me an' Ella will *always* argue about the garden. She hates instant roses, glass roses, and black roses- the only flowers I *do* like. But they're okay really.

Considering my genetics, it's amazing most people view me as normal. Until they know the truth. then I'm a freak, a no-one, a weirdo. Someone who doesn't matter, shouldn't exist. But I remain proud of who I am. I know that whatever happens, Stars, who takes care of us, Ella and Lucy, my sisters, and :: blushes topaz :: Face_the_darkness, a... um... :: looks embarrassed :: friend, will always be there for me when I need them. The SoDWers are great to rely on too- I love my guild friends!

So, now you will know. And to fit it all in, this is the condensed version of the story!

Stars found me on a Mystery Island beach, early on in her Neopian life. After threatening an attacking Skeith, she picked up a tiny, blue, rain-sodden Aisha kitten, i.e. me, and took her home. Around my neck was a large key. Inscribed on it was 'Box 996324963, Mystery Island Bank.' . So Stars went, and opened it. Inside was a few miscellaneous Island items, and a note. it was signed Rhioyliana XXI and Renegaede- my parents.

Well, Stars took me home and named me. But she seemed a bit confused about who I was- my powers were stronger than that of a normal Aisha. So she smuggled me in to a huge library, with records in it of all the neopets who had ever lived. We sat there for hours. Eventually, Stars had managed to trace my family back. to its roots.

Rhioyliana XXI was Alien Aisha nobility. She was a tough and strong warrior, and, like the rest of her family, always fought by the side of the Faerie Queen. Renegaede had been an Aisha thief. Just a normal shadowed Aisha? No. Many generations ago, his family included an Air Faerie and a Fire Faerie. This is why I was so good at magic. This is why I'm so fast. This I why I've always been different. This is the truth.

Well, thanks for listening to my story! I love to make friends who're about my age and I love the Battledome, so feel free to Neomail me!

That was me in a nutshell, and this is me signing off:

Wyndchyme xxx ^_^

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