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Pet Name: Kaylee6797 or Kaylee and, Superdino856 or Dee and, Terror_Destructor or Ted and, _TheCrouchingTiger_ or Cat
Owner: cdcyco77
Breed: Shoyru, Chomby, Lupe, and Kougra

About Kaylee6797, Superdino856, Terror_Destructor, and _TheCrouchingTiger_:

I want to introduce my four pets
They're the sweetest you've ever met
First there's Kaylee my Rainbow Shoyru
She will do almost anything for you
She was born a blue Kacheek
But she wanted to change, just last week.
Next there is my Superdino
He's the best Chomby that I know
When adopted he was a Grarrl of red
But soon decided he'd be a Chomby instead.
Terror_Destuctor was adopted next
So strong is he, and he likes to flex
Though he arrived all painted yellow
It soon became clear, fire for this fellow.
Last but not least came my great CrouchingTiger
Yep, you guessed it, I adopted yet another
He was a red Kougra who was then painted white
Now he's painted Christmas and that seems just right.
Those are my pets and this poem must end
But keep them in mind if you ever need a friend.

The poem above was written on a cold winter night. I had already tucked in each of my pets and was enjoying the peace and quiet that seems so rare these days. With four pets, plus their four pets, countless friends, and a store to keep stocked sometimes it feels as though things will never slow down. Not to mention that on top of the regular everyday, Christmas is on the way. Sorry, I'm off the subject, well kind of, the Christmas season is what inspired this story...

I had been wondering what I could get for my pets for Christmas without emptying my bank account or seeming terribly cheap. Not to mention the fact that I wanted something meaningful that wouldn't get broken or misplaced before the new year. Ted, the oldest of the four, told me they understood and that as long as we were together it didn't matter what I got them. I knew they were right and that they'd love me no matter what, which made me want to give them something special even more. Like many other Neopians I am in a wonderful guild (Blessed Be Thy Way), and we're doing a Secret Santa gift exchange, as well as some independant food drives and collections for the less fortunate and I have helped out where I can. One day as I was doing some catching up on the message board, I saw that one of the active new members seemed quite upset. She had mistakenly let one of her pets play with a magical toy and it had obviously changed a pet she liked as it was. Normally, I'm not one that would worry too much about that, I'd probably just tell her to go find a Transmaografication Potion and change it back. But this girl and I had talked some and she had posted that she was giving out Christmas gifts to the first 100++ that signed up with her. She was doing all of this out of her own money and Christmas Spirit. That was really cool, but when I asked if I could help, or at least donate, she said no. Not because she wanted the glory, but because she had the funds and wanted to share her good fortune. So, when I say that her prized Acara had turned into a Meerca I knew I had to help. First, I turned straight to my pets and told them the story. Right away they agreed we needed to help this generous girl and her pet. I went to the wizard and tracked down an Acara T-mog potion and quickly bought it. Then I asked to be her neofriend (via Neo-mail). Then sent the potion to her. Now, all of this only took about 15 minutes, but it was late, so she had already signed off for the night. At first my pets were disappointed, they wanted to give it to her right away. But after a few minutes realized that this was even better, she'd be really suprised the next day. My pets could hardly contain their excitment, so none of us got much sleep that night (excited Chombys can not be quiet, no matter how hard they try). The following day she'd found the potion and loved it. She wanted to pay me back but I refused saying it was her early Christmas gift. I told my four how happy and grateful she was and how proud I was that they had been so generous and thoughtful. Ted just looked up at me, with the other three standing next to him and said, "Thanks mom, this was a great Christmas gift." Suddenly, with tears in my eyes and reminded once again how much I love my neopets and Christmas, I pulled them all close for a big group hug. It was then that I knew I had done my job. My pets, my wonderful, generous pets, knew the real spirit of Christmas. It's not how much you get, or even who it's from, it's about what you give. What you can do for others, how you can share your love and happiness and fortune. So, from Kaylee, Dee, Ted, Cat and me to all the other Neopians, Happy Holidays! No matter how you celebrate the season, make sure you share your love and happiness with all those you encounter now and throughout the new year.

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