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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

I like being a neopian!!!

Pet Name: Emowhen
Owner: sakuko
Breed: Wocky

About Emowhen:

Have you ever realized that a beginning is the hardest thing to describe? Me, well, I've always had trouble with them, often skipping around to one subject and then to another! Why, I suppose that makes me unique...of course I am a very different neopet, called a wocky. Oh yeah, and my name is Emowhen, and I live with my owner Sakuko.

I've often been told that wocky's are feisty and snobbish. If you think so, you are totally clueless (I mean that in the best possible way of course). Like any other neopet, we wockys enjoy a dedicated owner, and food everyday. Of course, Im not really here to stand up for wocky rights today, am I?

Well, unlike most other wockys today, I've been here since before Mystery Island was discovered, before pet-pets, expensive paintbrushes, and cheaters that often get frozen. Wouldn't it suck to be frozen? Cold, freezing, blue and numb, forever? Where's a match when you need oneoops, sorry off subject again. My owner often says history is one of the most interesting subjects you can come across, so I guess I might want to go into my past.

I remember to this day how horrible it was out in the bitter cold. At the time, Terror Mountain, my home, wasn't charted on a map. I was a tiny young bundle of blue fur, with a pink fuzzy neck-hair, and the funniest thing in the world! White stripes across my back and head! Of course, it wasnt always so cold, often in the spring it was quite lovely. Until my mum said that the rulers of the land were fed up with a beast called the Snowager, and when passed away, a terrible curse set upon them, making it always winter, to kill the beast. Instead it froze the creature over, making him more devastating. Some fools decided to give up all their precious items to it, and now the large reptile lies there, greedily protecting its riches.

That's when the disaster struck. Many neopian's couldn't adapt to the weather quickly enough, including my mother. Mum was smart, though, she did the best possible thing she could think of: get away. So we set out. I was so small; she could hold me by the scruff of the neck and carry me without trouble. Unfortunately, it was too much of a struggle to survive, so quickly thinking she dropped me on a cabin down in what is now Happy Valley, and fled. I never saw her again. The events in which followed were quite strange. It seemed the cabin was abandoned; no one lived there though I scratched and mewed at the door.

Mommy I choked weakly, holding back tears. I looked into the night, the sky red like in the wintertime; the soft beginnings of a blizzard fell from the sky peacefully. I nodded to myself, going out to find my mother. I knew it was the worst mistake of my life, because about 2 hours later, my legs began to buckle under me, I wouldnt be able to walk much longer. I dont remember much after that, but what I do remember was a warm fireplace, and a fuzzy blanket over me. It was soft, and warm. I wondered, what happened to me? Was I in Neoheaven? I began to reach for a halo when, fortunately I was startled by a soft voice.

Young one, whom I rescued from the snow, it began. An adult wocky strode up next to me and sat down. She was dark blue, covered in white stripes, and had purple neck hair. She smiled, a secretive look in her eye, You must be my daughters kit, I can tell. She murmured.

Huh? I asked blankly. How could this seemingly young wocky be my grandma? Of course, she did have a point; my fur was striped oddly like her own. She explained to me about how she came to rescue me from freezing to death in a blizzard. She also asked where my mom had gone, and when I answered that I didn't know she began to cry.

She's dead, by now she said, sniffing, trying to keep the tears away. I didn't bother crying, though. I just comforted my heroine.

She was taking us to a warmer climate, would you mind taking me, grand-

Don't call me grandma. My name is Tyrela Softpaw,she murmured. I nodded.

Okay, Tyrela, would you-

Of course dear! She answered, whipping off the tears.

After that we ventured away from Terror Mountain, going through a prehistoric land, to a strange island, then to a hot desert, but finally, she took me home. Or, that's what I call it now. The art center, it was large and beautiful. Works of arts hung all over, rough drafts of poetry and story segments littered the ground. It was a creative genius' dream! One day, I saw a human (that's actually a homosapian, I think it's related to a mynci? Sakuko: o_O Emowhen: SHH!) He was walking around, with another neopet! I asked Tyrela why that was, and she didn't answer. Soon, she left back for Terror Mountain, leaving me to ponder what these antics of human and neopet were. Fortunately, I didn't have to wonder for very long. For it just so happened, I saw a lonely girl, staring at an image of a beautiful wocky!

Why are you all alone? I asked her, jumping up beside her. She looked at me, her eyes glistening.

Me? I don't have a neopet she sighed. I frowned, and asked her why neopets were with humans. She laughed ( Sakuko: Yes, yes I did. Emowhen: Cool it Saku, why didnt you do this before when I was in my history part? Sakuko: I was listening.) Well you see, people sign up to become neopians. They adopt the creatures that live here to become their pets, or friends I believe.

That's all this is about? I demanded, eyes widening. Of course. She mumbled, looking back to the picture. Wait! I have an ideayou, you please? She pleaded. I wondered what she wanted.

You want me to be yourpet? She nodded, and explained that she'd been on neopets for a while and still had no pet at all. I'd be the first. That privilege intrigued me, and I gladly accepted.

So, now you know my story. Now, I live with my owner as we travel around neopia in search of faeires, codestones, and neopoints. We all have fun, including my baby sister Netsuko, Aparry, and Ketaka. Sometimes, when we come home, I indulge myself with a few minutes of NeoQuest, before heading off to bed. Enjoy being a neopian; it's the best life for me!

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