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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

I love poetry and nature!!!

Pet Name: Zippers_2000
Owner: Emc88
Breed: Kacheek

About Zippers_2000:

Zippers_2000 was my first pet. She was born with great speed and knowledge. She is a caring neopet always thinking about others. She tries to help others in the best that she could do.

"Hi, I'm Zippers_2000! I was born September 1st on the year 2000. I was the first of my mom's pets and of my twin sister. Since my Mom, Emc88 was new to Neopia when I was born, it took us a while to settle into this new world. About 62 seconds after I was born, we found out that I had a twin sister that we named Marburl62. It didn't take us long to get use to Neopets, but we did not have many Neopoints. That was like the Great Depression for us. We took many visits to the Soup Kitchen and asked the faeires to give us quests to get Neopoints. Neopia was still developing to what you see now, which is wonderful.

One day my mom took Marburl62 and me to see a teacher for us to stay for a while. The teacher told us about nature and told us to express nature in our own way. I wrote a poem, while Marburl62 put on some lipstick and said,' This lipstick is not tested on animals.' I said my poem out loud:

The Stars Bright,
And Sun's Light,
Helps Us All See Clearly.

Though things change,
here and there,
The plants will stay alive.

If Nature you see,
Helps Us All,
Then why are we knocking
Down trees?

'Excellent,' said the teacher, then our mom picked us up. That is how I started being interested in learning new things and writing.

We didn't have a house yet for our own, so we lived in an apartment. Time by time my mom would send us both to the Neolodge for a while, while she clears up our money problems. Marburl62 and I were brave and understand about our money problems and the Neolodge wasn't bad at all, she made sure we get into the one of the highest lodges with many activities to do.

Months had passed and we were doing better at last. One day I asked my mom if I could have a website which I could put about my life. She said yes and offered it also to my sister, she said okay. If you looked at my sisters eyes, it really said okay, but I won't have time to do anything. My sister cared always about how she looked. She would always ask,' How do I look? or How does this outfit look on me?' My sister wants to be in the Beauty Contest, but she hasn't found the right look or outfit yet. When I got my website I worked on it for hours. When I finished I click edit, but it wouldn't work. I asked my mother why it wouldn't work. She replied saying that all things on a website are made out of codes that tell the computer to do something, so that it would show up to people if they looked at it. So for a while she taught me lessons and I got back to work. I worked long and hard during the extra time that I have on my website.

We had everything packed in the boxes and was ready to see our new neohome. It was spring and anything could happen. We had spring cleaning to do, a new house, and more new things to see. My mom had already opened a shop and we got to sell things that we didn't want and best of all I was the shopkeeper, so come anytime you want to! We only had two rooms in our neohome, so it was nothing special but soon neohome would be complete! I could imagine it now, a pool in our backyard, Marburl62 and my flower patches filled with our most favorite flowers in the whole world. My room would have a bed and there would be a toy chest with all my toys. It would be colored light purple and a white cabinet with my clothes in it. There would be a poster here and there, oh I couldn't wait! I had already met new friends in the neighborhood.

While I was designing my room on a piece of paper, a strange man came in the house. It seemed that my mother was expecting him. It was one of her neofriends, I guess. There was two packages in his hand and he handed it to us. Mom said that it was a gift to them and then they went into the backyard. Marburl62 looked at me and I looked at her, we had not received gifts from any other person than our mom and each other. There were tags on it. One said,' To Zippers_2000, open it quickly' and the other said,' To Marburl62, open with care.' I opened mine and I was surprised, to my very eyes was a faerie pet floud. I couldn't believe it and I waited for my sister to open hers. She opened it carefully. It was a beautiful negg inside a glass box. This was the first time that Marburl62 ever touched or owned a negg. Mommy would keep her neggs in a glass cabinet that neither of us could touch. I looked back at my gift, my pet. I said,' I'll call you Rachel, how's that?' Rachel smiled at me for the first time and we always let that man in when he comes over.

It was turning into summer and relatives came over. They brought their neopets over so we were never bored. One of my aunts, I guess talked to my mom a lot. I overheard them say, 'Take the paint brush, I can't use it on any of my pets.' No, I couldn't. Fine, but take this in exchange,' it was something valuable my mom gave to my aunt. Then my mom told Marburl62 and me that we are going to get a Usul and color it with a Christmas paint brush. We went the next day and filled everything out. We named her Tie_My_Shoe_2001 because there was a song called Tie My Shoe and it made us all happy, and mostly Usuls are happy everyday.

My life isn't difficult, its just that things happen and it might be bad or it might be good. Remember that no matter where you are just pick yourself up and go to your dream and if you keep believing you will succeed. That is how we got our neohome and shop items. To finish this story up I will leave you a poem that my mom wrote for me and says to me every night in bedtime:

Zippers_2000 is always quite happy,
because she likes who she is.
Her sisters amuse her,
When she's bored or sad.
Zippy you may call her,
That's the nickname she likes.
She has a pet floud,
named Rachel,
that she very much loves indeed.
She has many friends and
hopes one day that she could tell the world,
her wonderful life
that might help others
when they need help.

"I'm guessing tonight the poem might change!"

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