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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Fruit pets are the best!!!

Pet Name: _Fruity_Tutie_
Owner: xxlilairheadxx
Breed: Chia

About _Fruity_Tutie_:

Hi Im _Fruity_Tutie_ The Chia....

I was once just a plain Chia.. until my owner turned me into a peach! Well here's a story all about me!

I was once just another Peach Chia sitting in the market wishing and wishing someone would come and pick me out of the bunch of us. Every day, day after day people would come and pick out a couple of us, but never me, at nights I'd sit there and cry myself to sleep, hoping that I'd soon be gone out of here. It was torture in here every morning you'd wake up from the annoying noise coming from the loud speaker saying, "Welcome customers we'll be open from 9am until 9pm today thanks for coming and come again!" and also getting sprayed from the employee's that just sit there and read their newspaper while we sit there drowning in the water. Yet, its nice being there with all my friends, many of them leave every day and I just wanted a nice place to live instead of the market so one night when we were closed I got up out of my slot and started walking around the store I was very tired, but I was determined to get out of this mad house. I wondered around all over the store until I finally saw the door I ran toward it hoping it would open.

But when I got up to it nothing had happened I tried to push till I was too weak, I eventually got worn out and fell asleep. Then very next morning I woke up from the loud speaker and hid so that no one would see me a take me back to my slot..

After a few minutes I eventually saw people coming in left and right I tried to run and get through the door but I was always too slow. Then finally toward closing time a little girl was holding the door open for her mother, so I ran and I actually made it out! I was free! Yes, I had missed all of my friends, yet I had to move on, like them.

So I started walking I had no clue where to go, or what to do for I had never been out of the market since I had been born. As I was walking I ran into a Pant Devil he took a big bite out of me I began to run until finally I lost him. Thank god he flew instead of ran or else I would have been a goner as I sat there on the corner of the road I saw a girl walking her pet Bruce. They were so happy skipping down the street singing happy songs and laughing together. They were so happy. I was beginning to get jealous. How I would love to have an owner of my own but with this piece of me missing I'd never find anyone for myself. So, I began to walk. As I started to cry I saw a bottle sitting on the ground it was an Air Faerie captured in a bottle I had heard about these when I was young. They were said to bless you. If you had unleashed them. So I picked the bottle up. I looked inside it as the faerie Fluttered around wishing I'd let her out. I knew how she felt. So I open the bottle and unleashed her. She flew around me, she was so happy to have found someone like me that had unleashed her instead of keeping her trapped in that bottle. She came up to me and said thank you so much for unleashing me now I can go and help all of neopia. I responded your welcome and I started to walk again continuing my crying. She flew over to me and said what happened to you? Why are you crying? I responded I had gotten bitten by the evil Pant Devil, and I'm crying because I'm so ugly now and I'll never find an owner with this. No one wants a fruit like me as a pet. Everyone is happy with their pets. The Air Faerie then whispered into my war "It doesn't matter who you are or what you might look like, it matters what lies inside of all that. Anyone with a heart will know you're a very special pet!" and then she took both of my hands and put them on top of hers and said a couple words.

I felt a tingly feeling inside and I said to her "What was that for?" and she said haven't you ever heard about me if you unleash me I bless you I responded with what did you do for me? She smiled and said you'll know soon as she flew away...

As I was walking I had seen the little girl and her mother from earlier before. She pointed at me and said look mamma it's the peach from earlier! Can I have him please oh please mamma? Her mother thought to herself.. she's too young for a pet even though she deserves one so much and he looks so sad. Then she replied hunny you're a little too young. But mamma look he's sad and he needs a home, well hunny how about we take him and we keep him until we find a good owner for him. The little girl replied, "Thank you mamma I love you so much" so they came over to me and we went to there home. I was so glad to have a family but the fact that I had to leave them was sad, so the next day to there door came a girl named Sarah, she wanted to adopt me so the little girl introduced us I jumped into her arms and we now live happily ever after. Thanks to xxlilairheadxx I am now the luckiest pet ever she feeds my all the time I'm so smart and I get all the toys I want. She even took me to the hospital and got that bite from the Pant Devil fixed and look at me now! I also got taken to the Great Techo Master and I can now beat the Pant Devil. I will always remember the kind little family that had taken me in and saved my life.

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