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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

I hated being a mutant!!!

Pet Name: Shmaly
Owner: Shmal_me
Breed: Kyrii

About Shmaly:

"Mummy, mummy!" Shmaly called from outside the bakery.
"Shmaly, what's wrong?" I asked eagerly, as I ran outside to her. "Are you alright?"
Shmaly huddled into a ball, trying to hold her tears back.
"Shmaly, please tell me what's wrong" I insisted.
She then looked up at me with her beautiful big brown eyes, which were now black and looked evil.
"Oh my god! What has happened to you!?" I gushed
"Sloth!" Shmaly cried. "Dr. Sloth did this to me!".
"But- but...how?" I stammered "He sprayed a weird transformation potion on me, and now I'm an ugly looking beast!" Shmaly screamed.
Then, I realised who this Dr. Sloth was, but why did he do this to an innocent pet? How could he? All I knew was that Shmaly was going to need alot of makeup. I cuddled her in my arms and walked home, praying that I would find the money to buy a potion to turn her back to normal again.
"Mummy! Look over there!" Shmaly said, as she pointed to the muddy ground. "It's a codestone! It's a codestone!"
I picked it up and we were so happy because now we could auction it and be able to afford a potion.

Three days later, we got a call from the Auction house saying that our auction was successful and that we now had 7,000 neopoints- was it enough? That day, we visited every shop in Neopia, but couldn't find a transformation potion. Was there such thing as a kyrii transformation potion in the first place? We didn't know, yet we kept searching for hope.

It took us another three days in pain, surrow, disapointment of Shmaly. By every day, she was getting more uglier than ever, she was like an "evil-mutant" even her personality was getting horrible- and we were both terrified.
"Shmaly" I whispered in her ear, "I loved you, and I just want you to know that I always will no matter what you look like".
We were both sitting on the edge of her bed, crying, wishing there could be a possible way to get the old Shmaly back, but we doubting that there ever would be.

I knew Shmaly was sad, and would never be happy again. And whenever she is sad, I am too, when she's happy that's when I am, so at the moment- I was in more pain then ever! I stumbled out the front door to check if there was any mail. There was one large parcel addressed to Shmaly, so I quickly opened it for her. She peered into the box and pulled out a painbrush.
"Huh?" Shmaly murmured, "what's this for?"
We read the letter that came with it, it had "RANDOM EVENT" printed at the top of the page in large, bold letters and below it had: "Shmaly, This is just a quick note to say that you should go to the Rainbow Pool and use the paintbrush to turn into a faerie."

"Wow!" we both gasped. "This is gunna be great!"
We both laughed and laughed on the bed. I then realised we had to go to the Rainbow Pool, so we rode on our pink racing bike there as fast as we could. I jumped off the bike and started painting Shmaly. By every strock, she was getting prettier, and started to form into a faerie. I then finished, and she was the most beautiful pet I had ever laid eyes on.
"I can fly mummy!" Shmaly cheered as she flew up into the air above my head. "And I no longer have yucky scales or slime or my body- I'm a pretty faerie, YAY!"
We started playing games, laughing, and had the best day EVER! From this day forward, I have learned to make sure I stay with Shmaly all of the time, and she and I are always happy together.

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