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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Yaniem!!! Skyanika!!!

Pet Name: Yaniem and Skyanika
Owner: kelandra
Breed: Korbat and Wocky

About Yaniem and Skyanika:

After I created my first pet on Neopets, I knew that for my second pet I should go to the adoption agency. I brought my first pet Ashiki to the Neolodge and told him when I returned, he'd have a new little brother or sister. I gave him a hug goodbye and set off for the Neopian Pound.

The adoption agency was gigantic. I felt like I was being swallowed whole by a monster when I walked through the heavy iron double doors and into the bowels of the brick building. I walked up to the front desk and my stomach settled slightly when I was greeted by a friendly looking pink Uni. I shook her hoof and I noticed the strain in her blue eyes, I realized how difficult it must be for her to take care of so many abandoned Neopian babies.

She lead me through the various corridors down to the different wards. On the way down we passed a dark room with a sign in huge black letters over it that said "ABANDON". I risked a glance inside and saw a shamefaced owner standing with their head-down while a crying baby Poogle was lead away by a grizzled old Techo. My heart caught in my throat but I looked away and continued to follow the Uni.

I was led through many differet areas, past many pets. I saw frightened Kikos floating warily at the tops of their tanks, little Blumaroos huddled in the corners of cages with their tails twisted together for comfort. On and on the brick corridors stretched, and I saw one tear-drenched face after another. But I couldn't stop, I had to see every pet before I made my decision, because sadly enough, I knew that I couldn't take all of them home.

After going through all of the different sections, listening to the Uni pointing out the advantages of this type of pet and that type of pet, it was time to backtrack and make my decision. It made me sad to know only one would get to go home with me, but I was glad knowing that I'd rescue at least one pet from this place.

We walked through the Korbat wing where Korbats of all sizes and colors hung chained by tiny manacles to perches near the ceiling. They were huddled in groups, mostly crying and shivering. But out of the corner of my eye I noticed a tiny red Korbat hanging apart from the other groups. I walked up to her and realized that she was singing softly to herself while she swung back and forth on her perch. When she noticed I was looking at her, her eyes opened and she grinned at me with an upside-down smile and waved her little paw. I knew then that a Korbat so full of happiness and cheer even in this terrible place, deserved to be outside and free. The Uni took a tiny key from her purse and unlocked the small leg manacle. A tag clipped onto her wing read "Yaniem". I smiled at her and she flew from her perch and landed on my shoulder where she sat and sang happily.

We were nearly out of the pound and ready to sign the adoption papers when we went through the Wocky Ward. There was a scuffle going on between some of the younger Wocky's and the Uni ran over and tried to sort out what was going on. A tiny yellow Wocky was fighting to keep his ball of yarn toy away from two larger red Wockys who were growling and bristling their fur at him. The littlest Wocky was backed into a corner while the others snapped at him. The Uni was about to call security for help, when suddenly a bright blue Wocky lept over the mean Wockys' heads and landed in front of the scared little Wocky. She faced the red Wockys head-on, showing no signs of fear. Her fur stood on end as she arched her back and growled deep down in her throat. The two Wockys were surprised and immediately started backing away, intimidated by the look in her eyes. She barked and lept towards them and they immediately turned and ran with their ears down. After the red Wockys had gone she turned and licked the tears from the face of the little Wocky, and gestured for him to go play with his yarn ball.

I glanced at my shoulder where Yaniem was sitting, and I could tell she was thinking the same thing I was. I felt in my pocket to see if I had enough neopoints, and told the Uni that I would take that fearless little Wocky too. After such a display of courage and compassion, I knew I couldn't leave her either. I walked over to her and scratched her behind the ears, reading the tag that said, "Skyanika".

So Yaniem and Skyanika became a part of my family. Yaniem still loves to sing, only now she does it in the skies above our home. Skyanika is still just as tough and loyal as she showed herself to be in the pound and she's ecstatic about her new striped fur, but she surprised both me and Yaniem by loving flowers and makeup too! I guess there's more than one dimension to everyone. But I couldn't have asked for two more wonderful pets, and I think everyone should consider going to the pound for their pets, because you're sure to find a wonderful pet that's deserving of your love.

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