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Back in the Desert!!!

Pet Name: mnupti
Owner: smenkhkapep
Breed: Blumaroo

About mnupti:

My name is mnupti, I am a Blumaroo of the Lost Desert. This is my story.

I was not always a Blumaroo. I was formerly an Acara, a denizen of the sea. But that was not my true form and my owner, smenkhkapep, knew this. My master is an ageless wanderer from BN (Before Neopia), and I was his pet during his days as a warrior and artificer of the sandy dunes of the ancient lands. When my old form died, Smenkhkapep did not replace me with a new pet. Instead, he waited for the time when I would be reborn into Neopia.

When that time came, I was reincarnated in the form of an Acara, an aquatic pet! Smenkhkapep was disappointed, but he adopted me and cared for me as he had millenia ago. He promised that one day, I would return to my true form. Thus began his quest for magic items and the homeland where I truly belonged.

For a time, Smenkhkapep disappeared from Neopia. He was gone for many moons, and I was left on the verge of dying from thrist and hunger. But my owner returned, as he promised, bringing with him news of the discovery of the Lost Desert and strange magical items which he said would restore me to my former self.

The first of these items was a Blue Blumaroo Morphing Potion. Smenkhkapep told me to imbibe the mysterious blue liquid, and told me not to be afraid.

I had faith in my master, thus I bravely opened the potion and drank it straight up. It had a mildly bitter taste, but was not unpleasant.

After a few moments, my body began to tingle, and I felt a burning sensation from within me... my insides began to swirl, and strange bumps began to push from inside my body as though something wanted to get out! But instead of being frightened by this, I found myself getting more excited. And the burning sensation transformed into a feeling of calm and joy! I was turning into a Blumaroo!

My rich, green fur began to disappear. In its place grew a smooth, shiny coat of blue. My horns shrank into bulbous ears, and I felt my small Acara tail balloon into a strong and springy Blumaroo one! While all this might have seemed new, I felt that it was all so familiar.

Smenkhkapep had restored me to my form when I was his pet from the first days of Neopia!

But my excitement would only double with what Smenkhkapep had in store. We journeyed from the shores off Maraqua and wandered deep into the Haunted Forest (I wasn't frightened by this. I have helped the Brain Tree find many answers). We walked for days until we found the edge of the forest that led to... sand dunes!

One glance at the golden sands and I knew my master had found his ancient homeland! It was the Lost Desert! Perhaps I would once again see the old City of Sakhmet!

In my excitement, I had almost forgotten my hunger! Smenkhkapep treated me to a feast of refreshingly familiar Desert Foods! Mummified Peppers, Baggusses, Cheops Plants, and my favorite (in my past life, anyway) Sutek Muffins!

After I had my fill, Smenkhkapep beckoned me to come closer. He told me that my transformation was not complete. As he said this, he drew from his weathered pouch a magnificent object with magical swirls of gold and purple! It was one of the most beautiful artifacts I had ever seen!

It was the Lost Desert Paintbrush! My rebirth into Neopia had at last reached its completion!

Smenkhkapep waved the beautiful brush in the air and golden sparks appeared. Glowing blobs of magical gold and purple paint flew into the air and floated towards me, enveloping me in an entrancing barrage of colored light! Every part of me that the paint blobs touched transformed magically! My skin changed from blue to the sun-kissed tan of the Sakhmet natives, my head was covered with a likeness of a local deity, and I was clothed in the finest Sakhmet linens and leathers!

Night had fallen by then, and when the transformation was complete, I bathed in the golden glow of moonlight bouncing off Lost Desert sands.

I was finally home.

During our first night in the Lost Desert, we camped outside the walls of Sakhmet City. It was then that I caught a glimpse of the beautiful Princess Sankara as she studied her curses with her pet Geb on a tower balcony. I was smitten.

She was familiar in a way I could not place. I heard that she was trying to raise an army to reclaim her kingdom. I would give my life for her cause.

I have heard whispers that she murdered King Coltzan. Even my master has surmised as much, but this I cannot believe. Recently, she has been implicated in the theft of Coltzan's crown! I am saddened by this news.

These days Smenkhkapep devotes his time and energy to teaching me the ways of old, royal Sakhmet. He reads many books to me, specially Sakhmet scrolls, and feeds me only Desert Foods (and special Neggs, of course!). He has recently bought a neohome in the Lost Desert and we've begun construction on our Gold pyramid. He has put up a shop filled with the many wonderful things found in the Lost Desert.

I busy myself training in the Neofu school in order to become more formidable in the BattleDome. Smenkhkapep works very hard to raise funds for a better arsenal for me. I dream of owning Battle Scarabs, but my owner can't afford them just yet. One day, I will lead Princess Sankara's army to reclaim her kingdom.

I will make my master Smenkhkapep proud of me as I did generations past.

READ MNUPTI'S STORY WITH PICTURES AT http://www.neopets.com/~mnupti.

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