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Pet Name: ChrisWeise
Owner: chunkie_weise
Breed: Kacheek

About ChrisWeise:
Hi Neopia! I'd like to tell you all a story about my Kacheek, Chris Weise, who is a band director. He is dressed as and modeled after my actual director (but with a different personality). Now I know most of you aren't band geeks, but this is a nice (ENTIRELY FICTIONAL) story about a musical Kacheek that anyone can get behind.

Chris was born with prodigious musical talent. He started learning French horn from age seven and quickly became one of the top young horn players in Neopia. Everyone agreed that he was destined to be the principal horn player in the Neopian Philharmonic. Chris's main talent was hitting partials-- he was always ridiculously accurate and never cracked any notes.

However, Chris was aware of his talent and became proud and arrogant. In middle school and high school he constantly showed off and humiliated other neopets who weren't as good at horn. While he was being cruel to others, Chris was also cruel to himself. He started holding himself to unrealistic expectations and became extremely upset if he made even the slightest mistake.

By the time Chris was in high school, he had forgotten the joy of playing music. The Kacheek was so focused on being PERFECT and FLAWLESS that he didn't care about WHY he was playing music in the first place. A lot of his teachers commented that his technical skills on horn were unbeatable, but that he lacked artistic depth and musical expressiveness.

These comments made Chris irritated and angry, and he just became meaner to everyone around him. But it also made him work harder, so near the end of his senior year of high school, Chris got accepted to the best music college in Neopia.

However, everything changed one day when the neopets that Chris bullied in high school decided to finally stand up to him-- they challenged him to a fight. Chris was so arrogant that he accepted the match, even though his stats weren't that high because he'd only been focusing on horn practice.

After a huge fight in the Battledome, Chris was injured so badly that he could never play the French horn again. And it was all because of his own arrogance... Still, he had already been accepted to the music school. He had to go. So Chris could only study music education instead of music performance.

At first Chris HATED studying to be a music teacher. He was only doing it so he could have a job. He believed he was way better than all the other losers who were in his classes. "Only people who don't have musical talent become teachers instead of performers," thought Chris. "If I wasn't injured, I'd be way better than any of them."

But then the music education professor assigned every single one of them a young petpet to teach lessons to, as practice. Chris got assigned a small Narwhool. "This is gonna be easy," Chris thought. "I'll be the best at this."

Except... everything he said in the lessons only hurt the Narwhool's feelings. One day the petpet burst into tears and Chris suddenly felt terribly ashamed. For the first time in his life, Chris didn't know what to do. He put away his pride and went to other people in his college for help. He asked what he could do to be a better teacher. And he learned that when you teach, IT'S NOT ABOUT YOU. And when you teach music, the goal isn't to make the petpet play PERFECTLY. The goal is to make them LOVE MUSIC.

After Chris realized this, he became a better teacher. He stopped focusing on making himself BE THE BEST TEACHER, and instead focused on helping the Narwhool BECOME THE BEST STUDENT. The Narwhool started to like him more, and by the time he graduated, Chris and the petpet had a good relationship.

Now, Chris is conducting a high school band in Brightvale. People who knew him from the past almost don't even recognized him anymore. He's no longer mean and arrogant. Now Chris is patient, caring, and encouraging. His band students were the best in Neopia, and many of them went on to join the Neopian Philharmonic. Some of them even became court musicians for King Hagan the Wise.

By letting go of his arrogance and not being obsessed with being the best musician... Chris has really become the best teacher. Now he just hopes that all of his students can learn the same lessons he learned himself... without injuring themselves!

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