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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Sally
Owner: suixx
Breed: Kacheek

About Sally:
The more she tried, she more she failed.

That was her motto, she supposed. She never really tried in Neovia, she just snuck treats from the Crumpetmonger and wandered the streets, and it worked for her. But then… but then, she got this stupid idea she was going to visit the Rainbow Fountain and live her life as a faerie in Faerieland, something beautiful and elegant like Fyora herself.

Sally loved the faeries. She loved Faerieland even as it lay in the forest, bits of broken castle still lying around, and she dreamed of helping raise it back into the sky again and live among the clouds. Maybe she just liked the metaphor—if something broken could raise up into the sky again, why couldn’t she?

So, Sally set out a plan, the first great adventure of her life. She was going to win big at the Deserted Fairground, use those Neopoints to buy a beautiful dress, then flee the Haunted Woods. She even knew some tricks to win big at the carnival games—surely it wasn’t cheating if the owners of the games cheated themselves? It was just leveling the playing field? It was when she threw a weighted ball at a coconut at Coconut Shy, knocking the coconut down with force, that she learned the carnival workers did not agree with her on that issue.

She managed to escape, not without a cut to her face, a deep scar that crushed her. Beautiful faeries did not have scars. But she couldn’t turn back now, literally—her home was now filled with people who wanted revenge. So she continued on to the border between Haunted Woods and Faerieland, where some trade was taking place, resulting in some small unofficial markets. She found the perfect dress, a long, flowing purple gown, just like Fyora’s. It was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen, and Sally felt like, finally, she was on the right track.

Until she reached Faerieland and realized, with horror, that the bottom of her dress was darkened with mud and torn from brambles. It was ruined. She didn’t look elegant anymore, she looked haggard. Nearly in tears now, Sally continued to the Rainbow Fountain, desperate to be painted faerie and make this miserable journey worth it.

But Naia had only to hesitate before replying to Sally’s request, and Sally knew it was over. “I’m afraid there is no magic left,” Naia said. “What little magic there is has already been promised to other Neopians who are helping retrieve important items for me, I cannot break my promise to them.”

The more she tried, the more she failed. Sally had thrown away a life of comfort for a dream, something that she should have known was hopeless. It was at the foot of the Rainbow Fountain, alone and full of regret, that she heard a voice. She recognized the voice instantly, but she couldn't believe it...

"What's wrong, little one?" Queen Fyora asked gently. She was standing over Sally, looking more regal and radiant than Sally had imagined.

Sally was silent at first, dumb-struck, but then she began to explain, with tears pouring from her good eye. She was mortified by her own story, but she couldn't help but tell even the worst parts. Fyora listened with patience, and when Sally was done, she contemplated for a moment.

"From where I'm standing, you did not fail at all." Fyora said. "These are all just small roadblocks on your journey. You made it to Faerieland, didn't you? That's no small feat. You bought a beautiful dress that you wanted, and it ripped, because that's what clothes do. Look," Fyora gently raised the bottom of her dress, just enough for Sally to see the small stains and tears along the hem. "This is what happens when I walk the grounds. I take it as a mark that I have done something, that I accomplished something, that I did not just sit still that day."

"But I'm not a beautiful faerie." Sally said.

"You don't need to be a faerie to be welcome here." Fyora said. "But if it's what you truly desire, I think I have some wings you could have."

Sally felt Fyora gently put her hand on Sally's back, and then, suddenly, Sally saw her own shadow change, from something small to something beautiful, two feathered wings spreading out on either side of her. Sally's eyes welled with tears again, but this time out of joy.

"Thank you so much." Sally said. "I swear, I'll use these wings to help Faerieland and everyone within. I will help you raise Faerieland back to the sky, no matter what it takes."

"I know you will." Fyora said. "But there is one thing I need you to do first. Go visit the Faerieland Employment Agency in the castle, and use those wings to complete as many jobs as you can. With those Neopoints, return to Deserted Fairground and pay back the Neopoints you won unfairly from the carnival games."

Sally's smile faltered. "But... they those Neopoints were taken unfairly from other Neopians."

“Then this world needs more fairness.” Fyora said. “After you’ve done that, please come visit me in my castle. I have some ideas of how we can make Faerieland better than ever, with your help. It will be difficult, full of many more roadblocks, but the important thing is to remember that is all they are."

"I will." Sally said, spreading her new wings.

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