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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

I love my owner!

Pet Name: Crystle89
Owner: donna2564
Breed: Elephante

About Crystle89:

Hi my name is Crystle and I am an Elephante and you have already met my owner Donna and sister DMMaggie. Well I would like to share with you how I became to be owned by Donna who is as DMMaggie has already told you the BEST owner in the whole world. Here is my story:

When I was born on the underwater Island of Maraqua my parents were very poor indeed, the only choice for them to make money to feed my little brothers and sisters was to hire me out to a circus located in the Haunted Woods. The owners of the circus were very mean to me and all the other pets they had working for them. They would not feed us all the time and keep us lock in very very small cages when we were not performing, I was very sad and cried most of the time.

One Friday night while I was performing my act for a large gathering I saw a little girl staring at me with big kind eyes, she followed every move I made. When the show was over she snuck backstage to see me, by then I was already locked in my cage for the night, (you see no one was allowed backstage) so no one ever saw the way it really was. Well anyway this little girl with the big kind eyes knelt down by my cage and started to speak softly to me. She had the kindest voice I had ever heard. She petted my trunk and said that she could see while I was performing that I was a very sad Elephante by the sad look in my eyes and that she snuck back here to see if I was alright. When I started to tell her my story we both began to cry. Her name was Alicia, and she was so sweet and so kind that I longed for her to hold me.

We heard a noise behind us and Alicia said she had better go before she got caught but she promised to be back to help me. Although she was kind and sweet I really did not expect her to come back, so I just lay down and cried myself to sleep like I did every night from fear, hunger, and loneliness. About four days later in the middle of the night when I had just about made myself quit thinking of Alicia and her promise to come back all of a sudden there she was in the dark next to my cage. I was so happy to see her that I did not notice someone else was with her. When I looked up I saw an adult and got really frightened. Alicia explained while she was petting me (the best thing I ever felt) that the person next to her was her Aunt Donna and that she would help me and all the other animals being mistreated.

Donna look very kind and caring and I immediatly felt like I knew her. She bent down and kissed my head thru the bars of my cage and whispered "Dont cry little Elephante I will help you." with that she took out bolt cutters and cut the chains on my cage and I was free. She then went and broke open all the other cages as well. She told us all to be very quite as she lead us to a boat that sailed us all to the Island of Neopia the whole time we were traveling she held me tight in her arms hugging me close. She promised no one would ever hurt me again nor would I ever be lonely or hungry ever.

When we got to Neopia she lead us all in to the Neopia pound where she promised the nice people of Neopia would find us all good caring homes. I started to become sad at the idea of Donna and Alicia leaving me but I was very grateful to both of them. When Donna put me down I felt a sadness like I had never felt before, she kissed me and walked away. I stared to cry but I knew I was still better off then before. About an hour later Donna was back I was so happy to see her, she picked me up again and held me tight and whispered now you are legally mine I didn't understand at first until Alicia said I named you Crystle and gave you to my Aunt Donna because I am just a kid and unable to take care of you myself but my Aunt will always take good care of you. I started to cry again but for the first time they were tears of Joy not Sorrow.

You see Donna as DMMaggie has told you is the kindest owner in the whole wide Neopia. She sends my family money every week to feed my brothers and sisters as well and she loves me more then I have ever been loved before, and my sister Maggie is the best sister an Elephante could ever have. I no longer ever feel sad or lonely. That's my story of how I became a pet of Donna and sister of DMMaggie.

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