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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Dendres
Owner: boriboring
Breed: Bori

About Dendres:
It's a cold day in The Neopian Plaza when you spot a figure leaning on the wall of the Pound, glancing down at their feet with their paws shoved into the pockets of their hoodie that, currently, hides their face from view. It seems that they're deep in thought, which gives you a chance to look them over properly.

Quite obviously the figure is a Bori, if the two large ears popping out of the top of the hood, the tail curled at their side, and the three claws on each foot are any indication. From what you can see, they're just plain blue and look fairly masculine.

With a shrug, you get ready to leave the strange Bori alone to his thoughts when you see one of those large ears twitch and turn, twisting in a way that lets you know that he knows you're there. He slowly lifts his head, the hood falling back just a bit, and glances at you from the corner of his narrow eyes. He doesn't seem to be glaring, though. Instead, he appears to just be smiling at you.

Taking a paw from his pocket, he uses one claw to beckon you over silently and you, deciding that you have nothing better to do, join him and lean your back against the wall beside him. The Bori promptly presses his paw back into his pocket and turns his head just slightly to look at you a bit better.

"Hey," is all he says, blinking his golden eyes.

"Hey," you reply and he gives a soft chuckle, as though you'd just told an amusing joke.

"I'm Dendres, Denny for short. If you're wondering what I'm doing, well, I'm just considering whether to go inside and pick up a new family member. See, it's just me and my owner at the moment, and they say that they want to wait until they can paint me before getting another 'pet. They want to paint me Halloween eventually, but... I don't know, I guess I'm just a bit lonely. I think I'd prefer a friend, to be honest," he explains, answering the question you'd had on the tip of your tongue since you saw him there.

Taking your silence as permission to carry on, he takes a deep breath and starts to tell you more about himself.

"It's cold today, isn't it?" He tugs his jacket a bit tighter around his thin form. "You think I'd be used to it, y'know, since I like exploring and such, but... I haven't had the chance to do that in a while. I really wouldn't mind visiting the Haunted Woods or the Lost Desert, but I think I'd prefer a travel partner if I was going to do that."

Soon, though, the two of you hear somebody calling him, and he turns to you with an apologetic smile. "That's my owner. I think it's time to go home... they were just in the Plushie Shop buying some new toys. Ooooh, is that a Red Gelert Plushie they've got?" he asks excitedly, his tail flicking side to side as he pushes himself off the wall and bounces on his claws.

"Me and my owner are going to Kiko Lake after this, too. It's a shame I didn't decide whether to go and adopt a friend or not, but... ahh, well... we're going on a glass-bottom boat tour. It'll be my first time going on one and, actually... I don't mind not having any other 'pets around just yet. I like the attention too much." Denny's grinning now, and he turns to face you properly.

He extends his paw and takes your hand, giving it a quick shake and muttering a quick "thank you for the company" before he's darting off to go and see his owner.

It's when he's out of sight that you glance down into your palm and spot the piece of paper he left. On it is his owner's contact information, in case you ever want to talk to him again. Secretly he hopes that you will.

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